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Meet The Two Loves of My Life: Pixy & Boone

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

Ohhhh I’m soooooo excited for this post ( even though it took me 2345872435987 hours ).



Fur babies, specifically.

They both believe I actually birthed them ( also, they seriously think Michael breast fed them. Weird? I guess ):

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

Do you guys know how obsessed I am with dogs?!!! It’s stupid how much I love dogs. They can do no wrong. They’re vulnerable, lovable, & oh SO intuitive.

Anyway, today I wanted to give you a peek at my two chihuahuas who enhance my life in every way…& I want to share some tips/tricks for keeping your pup as healthy as possible.

Last week you guys met one of the loves of my life so this week it seems totally fitting that you meet the other two lovers.

So drumroll pleeeassseee…meet my two favorite bugs: Pixy Bean & T.Boone Pickens:

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

Pixy’s story:

gender: female || age: 9 || color: dirty blonde

I got Pixy in high school. I was graduating, confused, & wanted a little friend. She was super shy at first and then she came out of her shell. She has a very charmed life. Lots of comfortable beds, play dates with other chihuahuas, & a lot of love. Also her favorite pastime is sleeping in till noon, model life can be stressful. Pixy’s my side kick, ride or die, best friend on earth. I am so obsessed with her it hurts. My tiny chihuahua has been there for every sad, happy, depressing, romantic, upsetting, exciting moment for the past 9 years. Even when Michael proposed, Pixy was by my side! I could go on & on…

Hobbies include: hiding under see through curtains, snoring, laying on top of her dad’s face, following me around like a stage 5 clinger, playing with her ball AKA her POM POM, sun bathing, sighing heavily when she doesn’t get her way, dressing up for specific occasions, rolling her eyes, going by 65 million nicknames, spooning Michael & I at the same time, making odd faces like the above, wearing a top hat, growling at Boone if he comes near her dad, hanging out at her grandparent’s house, listening to Brazilian lounge music, & eating ice cream/cucumber/kale/strawberries/carrots.

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

Boone’s story:

gender: male || age: 1 || color: winter white

We went to buy another chihuahua recently & ended up adopting T.Boone Pickens instead. The best decision EVER. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend adopting. Boone is so grateful. He was kept in a kennel for a year of his life so he’s quite the free spirit who’s also a little timid. The other day we were all laying in bed and out of nowhere, for no reason at all, he started wagging his tail…really it’s just because he’s very, very appreciative to be loved. I melted. He’s a very kind, sweet creature. Boone can be a little dirty ( BOYS! ) but we’re working on it. Also, his chocolate incident was a real hoot. Regardless, we’ve welcomed him into our family & we can’t believe how in love we are!

Hobbies include: eating his own poo ( like I said work in progress ), laying on top of Pixy while she growls, barking at doorbells in commercials, listening to the American Psycho soundtrack, hopping in the shower with me, sitting on our heat-up mattress for hours, peeing on all his clothes ( he has a HUGGGE you know what, I mean it’s ridiculous ), eating my Nippies ( this happened ), burrowing deeppppp under the covers, staring wide-eyed at Michael one inch from his face while he’s sleeping, eating everything ( including an attempt to eat nails, yes nails like the tool ), & he lovessss watermelon!

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

♡ Food/diet:

Pixy and Boone have been eating Paleo Paw for the past year & it’s awesome! It’s gluten-free, non-GMO, organic dog food. Their food contains beef, quinoa, sweet potatoes, turmeric, eggs, safflower oil, apple cider vinegar, bone meal, nutritional yeast, kale, spinach, parsley, & sardines. I mean, I would eat all these things!! Their almond dog treats are GREAT too.

Use TSCPIXY for 15% off. You can find Pixy & Boone’s exact food here. Note: the one they eat is actually called ‘the Pixy’ ; ). Paleo Paw will include a mini treat sample with all orders too!

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

Boone & Pixy eat out of special bowls that my friend, Jacqueline got them both for Christmas. These bowls are seriously bowls I want to eat out of. Like, I’m jealous of the dogs. How cute, right?!

Obsessed with the black & white detail.

 Also, we bought them bone shaped place mats from FOREVER 21!! Who knew Forever had dog swag?

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

♡ Cleaning:

We found this amazing lady who comes to our house in a HUGE doggie trailer. She cleans the babies with all-natural soaps, dries them, & even gives them a little robe!! Both of the dogs love this. We do this once a month because Pixy & Boone love to go on walks & nasty-ass crap gets on their paws. Or maybe they just love #robelife.

Sometimes we bathe them in our bathtub but we always use soft dog soaps, nothing too harsh. I like this lavender one & this mango one. I loveeee when they smell like lavender especially. True life: I spray essential oils on their coat too. Like lavender when they’re tired & eucalyptus in the AM for energy. LOL. I actually bought one made for dogs. I know, I know I’m psycho.

♡ Exercise:

We try to walk the Burrow Twins ( LOL, such burrowers ) once a day but Pixy has bad knees : (. They LOVE their walks. We even have a song we sing before they go so they associate the song with the walks.

We also go on a thing called “SMALKS” which is a smelling walk so we’re really technically not moving…just smelling the smells in the grass.

Also, we have tons of toys for them & try to play fetch. Surprisingly small dogs are VERY VERY VERY good retrievers. Pixy is obsessed with her POM POMS that can only be found on eBay & are actually cat toys. Finding her POM POMS on eBay is like doing a drug deal, it’s that gnarly. I can rarely find them but when I do I buy tons!

Every time we walk them outside we wipe their paws off when they come inside ( if we don’t they both bite their paws from allergens ). I love using natural wipes like these ones.

Another weirdo thing I do: stretch them. I stretch out their legs & arms regularly. This may sound odd but they love it! I call it their “yoga.” When I say “do your yoga!” they lay on their backs ready to get stretched. Haha. This also includes a full body lymph deep tissue massage by yours truly. I mean I can’t make this up!

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

♡ Sleep:

They sleep on our face.

But really.

Both the dogs sleep in the bed with us. Michael has to sleep like a corpse because they literally harass him all night while I sleep like Sleeping Beauty on my own huge side.

Also, they love sleeping during the day in the sun. Lazy ass! I just heard about a doggie sun vest from a sweet reader so I might look in to getting Boone & P one.

Their day beds & my favorite ones can be found here ( <<< how CUTE!! ).

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

♡ Water:

We don’t give them ice in their water. It can give dogs stomach spasms.

Also, I always try to give our pups bottled water because the faucet water has fluoride in it, which is NO bueno for dogs. Read why here.

♡ Vet:

We get their anal gland expelled ( gross, but it has to be done in small dogs ) & their nails trimmed once a month. We also try to weigh them because Pixy can sometimes get a little hefty…let’s just say she’s bigger boned. She won’t be skinnista of the month anytime soon.

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

♡ Miscellaneous:

PUMPKIN ( ORGANIC REAL PUMPKIN ) is our best friend. Every morning each dog has a scoop on their food. They LOVEEEE it. Literally though, they live for their pumpkin.

When the dogs smell & I don’t have time to bathe them, I’ll use Real Shine Canine which an amazing reader sent me! It’s all natural cleaning spray that gives dogs a shiny, pretty coat without an overwhelming smell. Plus it has unrefined, organic coconut oil & helps with rashes, dandruff, & coat color.

I know this sounds weird but I love to set the energy of the room for our dogs. I put on music, light a candle, dim the lights, & make it comfortable for them every night. Also, if the house is warm, they’re happy! I want them as relaxed as possible because chihuahuas can be overly anxious.

♡ Clothes/teepees/closet life/etc.:

Pixy has a full blown closet. Like really though. A full.blown.closet. This was a gift from her “grandma,” our friend, Jen, who Pixy adores! Jen bought Pixy tons of little outfits with hangers. Some of these outfits include: a raincoat, a Snuggie, boots ( knee high ), socks, & a parka. Boone has decided he only likes black & white. So we are keeping his wardrobe more simple, lol.

Also, Pixy LOVESSSS her clothes. Every time I put clothing on her she tries to put her arms and legs in herself because she associates the clothing with hanging out with mom & dad outside of the house. She HATES to be left alone,  so clothes equal hanging with her parents!

Both dogs are OBSESSED with their teepee. If you follow me on Instagram you know all about the dog teepee. They literally think they’re Peter Pan & Tiger Lily. I can’t.

And don’t think Michael and I are weird ( maybe you already do? You do, huh? ) but we have car seats for them. They sit up in these seats just to be safe in the car.

P.S. Pixy is definitely wearing a wedding dress in the above pic.

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

♡ Stores in San Diego:

My favorite store to shop for the fur babes is Dirty Dogs in San Diego. My friend, Elias is the owner & only has the BEST of the BEST foods, milks, toys, etc. He really does an unbelievable job of supplying San Diego with a bunch of natural options.

I also like Muttropolis for clothes. Pixy loves to swipe that credit card ( like mother, like daughter ). Boone just likes food. That’s it.


♡ Doggie charities/get involved:

As you guys know I’m big on charities for dogs. There are two that are important to me. One of them is with The Rancho Coastal Humane Society. You can read more about that here. And the other one is a doggie charity that I was just introduced to. It’s called Operation ResCUTE. This one is super cool because it gives 100 percent of profits to animal shelters in support of their adoption efforts. I can’t wait to become more involved in this charity!

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

♡ Favorite tips:

COCONUT OIL!! We give each of our dogs a little coconut oil every day. It’s so good for their skin, nails and health. Also, it improves their immune system & helps with digestion. More here.

And my last & favorite dog tip: RAW GOAT’S MILK. I add a little raw goat’s milk on the dog’s food a couple times a week for some probiotics. They love it! It’s SO great for dogs— it helps with liver disease, poor digestion, & diarrhea. You can read about all the benefits here.

Ok so am I a psycho dog mom? I knowwwwwww. I can’t help it. I’m like Dance Moms but not.

What are your doggie tips/tricks? I would love to hear anything & everything about your dogs!! Spill!

If you’re looking to adopt a chihuahua, PLEASEEE E-MAIL ME!! I will help you!!

– Lauryn, xx

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The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

  1. “Smalks” made me laugh out loud, I think of my bengal when I take her camping. It’s like she get’s a high on the grass smells! Pixy & T.Boone Pickens are too cute and I love the coconut tip – going to try this with my little babies.

  2. Girl, you are not crazy! I am obsessssssed with my pup too! She got a bit too big to sleep in our bed (read: we took up too much of “her” space) so now every night my husband says “go to bed” and she prances to her bed, plops down and he wraps her up in her blanket. Such a princess! We also feed her only the best dog food (Orijen Six Fish) because I did some research on cheaper brands and low and behold what I read was true:

    Debating building her a teepee this weekend….hehe

    1. Omg their space is so funny in bed. They think they own the bed! I will check out the food you’re talking about!

  3. I LOVED this post, and it makes me feel a lot less crazy. We have a 10ish year old chihuahua and a chihuahua/yorkie mix that’s just over a year, and I’m aggressively obsessed with both of them…and sometimes I feel more than a little kooky about how much I love them, but I can’t help myself!

  4. I’m so excited for this post. I’m going to be getting my first puppy in 5 weeks and can’t wait to check out all your recommendations 🙂 Your dogs are the cutest!!

  5. If I wasn’t already obsessed with TSC, then after reading this post I most definitely am! I love hearing about other people who treat their dogs like their babies, my four (yes four!!) sleep in the bed with us every night too! Dogs seriously are the best & sounds like your gorgeous 2 have a life of luxury :D.
    I especially loved reading about T Boone wagging his tail for no particular reason, rescue dogs are amazing! My friend who recently rescued a dog from a shelter wrote a guest post on my blog about her experience and reading it makes me so emotional! It’s so sweet how much rescue dogs just appreciate being loved.
    Thanks for sharing this post Lauryn,
    xo Jade

  6. I don’t know what this says about me, but this may be my favorite post of yours ever! haha. I recently got my dog Kemba and now I’m a full blown animal lover. Pets are the best!

  7. I love this post about your doggies, they are too cute! I am so happy you rescued T. Boone from the shelter. I have two rescue kitties myself and they are two of the best things in my life! 🙂

  8. I am not judging! My fur kids are my life, I am glad someone put an honest post with a lot of effort on tips/charities/ and style for them! Great post 🙂

  9. love this! quick question – we have a baby boy chihuahua who is 8 1/2 months old and he goes NUTS everytime I leave the house…like hear him from the street, I don’t know how he has any voice left to bark crazy. It absolutely breaks my heart and I’m sure it can’t be good for him either…any advice?

    1. OOOH Pixy was the SAME way before we got Boone. I would leave her on playdates. If you have someone else who has a chihuahua it makes all the difference. Chihuahuas HATE being left alone. They hatttte it. I would love for doggie day care or a friend for your chi : ).

  10. love this! quick question…any advice on the separation anxiety issue? I have an 8 1/2 month old boy chihuahua & he absolutely loses it every time I leave the house 🙁

  11. Lauryn, try sprinkling ForBid powder on your dog’s food to get him to stop eating his poop! I got it on Amazon and it worked wonders!! Also, for Revitamal serum is great for your older pup-it’s a wonderful preventative vitamin for senior dogs and works like an anti-ager! My dog’s 16 and doing great with it!

    1. haha I hope the ForBid works! I’ve been giving my older guy some of your beef broth recipe as well and he seems super peppy after it!!

  12. Your best post yet! My boyfriend and I have a 4yr old boxer together and sometimes I feel like he is the glue to our relationship (lol). He sleeps in between in us every night (yes, all 75lbs of him!) with his precious head sharing our pillows. The joy that these creatures bring us is unmatchable.
    I love your tip about coconut oil! Since starting my guy on it, all of his skin irritations have cleared up & he’s super regular (if ya know what I mean)! Plus he’s a picky eater and he looooves the taste 🙂
    Thanks for the introductions to your sweet Pixy & T. Boone!!

  13. Such cute pups! It is so funny that you say they bother Michael all night and not you, my cat does the same thing to my fiance! If he moves an inch she is all over him trying to wake him up.

  14. i’m a huge dog lover and will give give give to rescue charities all the time. my heart breaks for them and want to take them all home and show them what love is.
    i dont get why people get a dog only to lock them up 24/7 or tie them outside. people are cruel. dogs aren’t. they just want to make you happy

    1. been a long time follower, love your blog. I am going to give my pups pumpkin and see if they like it. Then I will try your other ideas/tips too.
      All my dogs have been rescues. I wish instead of just rescuing these dogs, that people are punished for abusing dogs/animals. I feel like they just get the animal taken away. Barely a slap on the wrist.
      Let’s get to the source of the problem, the people who create puppy mills, dog fights, etc. As wonderful as rescues are, they are just the bandaid to the problem. how many rescues can be done to eliminate the problem? it doesn’t. they just rehome these traumatized love bugs. That doesn’t solve anything long term. I wish we could get a celebrity to not only promote Adoption/spaying/neutering but have people create laws and other proactive instead of reactive measures. Let’s not wait till the animal is abused to save it. LETS PREVENT the animal abuse altogether.
      This is definitely one of my fave posts of yours!

  15. I love that you have two of them now so that they can play with each other. When my brother moved out of my parents and took his dog, my parents dog was so sad! Its precious to see how much they care!

  16. I love love love your blog & especially your fur babes! I too am an obsessive dog momma! I have a chihuahua too & treat him like I birthed him! I’m so glad you shared all about your pups I got some great tips!

  17. I have 2 adopted chihuahuas!!! A lot of people don’t understand my love for chi’s but they are the sweetest and most loyal little fur babies! I call them my little space heaters during the winter ; ) great post!

  18. I love this! I have such puppy fever, I don’t want a baby, but I definitely want a dog. Too bad my landlord isn’t in agreement with me.

    I would totally be a psycho dog mom if I could. Love it.

  19. I loved this post so much! I was dying when I was reading their bios because my Chihuahua Cooper is seriously a twin of both of your dogs. Like a little mix of both. Cooper eats her own poop too. DIE! I tell her (Coop is a girl) that she disappoints me as a mother when she chooses to do that, but I still love her to death!! She loves to sunbathe too…DIVA. I was laughing out loud when you said Boone hops in the shower with you. One time my chihuahua did this out of the blue and scared me half to death. Thanks for sharing all about your fur babies 🙂 Such a fun read… I’m definitely going to use some of the tips like the bottled water, coconut oil and pumpkin!

  20. This post is too cute. I can totally relate. My dog, Chloe, is my child [I say I practically birthed her because I delivered her from her mom and tied off her little umbilical cord]. Her brother passed away unexpectedly last year and it was the absolute worst experience of my life. We have to soak up every second with them and spoil them as much as possible! It sounds like these two have a WONDERFUL life. What a great doggy mom you are! 🙂

    Because I’m Obsessed

  21. Loooved this post!! I miss having a dog!!! We are a cat family now. However, one loves to play fetch and follows me around all day, like a puppy would. Our “oldest” (haha), has to sleep in between us everynight too. Its basically his bed, and we share it with him. 🙂

  22. I love this article! I have a Yorkie {who has had two chihuahua room mates!} and a German Shepherd, they are my life! Thanks for all of the good advice!

    1. My fur baby is a german shepherd, husky mix <3 LOVE. And I've always wanted a yorkie! Maybe that will be our next lol

  23. I read your blog quite often and really enjoy it, but as a fellow crazed dog mama (hey, I’ll admit I am) I really enjoyed this awesome article and getting to meet the pups. My babe, a mini dachshund, has some skin allergies/dryness so I am going to research more on coconut oil and start supplementing with that -plz unrefined organic only bc I am a nut about what he eats 🙂 great article and tips!

  24. Awww fur babies are the best! Seriously, people who don’t like dogs are so strange to me. They bring so much freaking joy to the world <3 Thanks for sharing your doggie food tips! I give my fur baby pumpkin on his dry food too. He goes crazy for it!

  25. I just found you blog! You are not crazy for treating your doggies like they are your children. My husband and I opted for non-human children too. We have three beautiful dogs that would not at all tolerate being dressed up in cute clothes (sniff–I so want to dress my Anatolian Shepherd up like Cinderella).

  26. Oh! I almost forgot! If you are looking for another great dog charity to support, check out Best Friends Animal Society. They are amazing. One of my dogs came from them, and she was rescued from a war zone in Beirut. They chartered a plane and rescued over 300 dogs and cats from absolutely horrible conditions.

  27. Omg lol the car seats… that was the icing on the cake, you’re too funny.
    I agree about goat milk but every time I buy it for my dog, I end up drinking it myself – it’s so good.
    We sometimes give our little one some of our leftovers of kale+fruit smoothies, it clears her system and then all she wants to run around and play all day.

  28. This post is too cute. I just wanted to let you know, all that nasty stuff about Fluoride applies to humans as well! It is seriously toxic to every system in the body. (Obviously we are larger and not as sensitive) but really, it’s some scary shit. I have a hard core filter system under my kitchen sink b/c honestly, it’s in bottled water too, unless you buy reverse osmosis filtered water. And to continue my tangent, bottled water has it’s own set if problems, from being super wasteful and harmful for the environment, to the nasty plastics breaking down onto the water itself, wreaking havoc on your hormones!! Those plastics mimic estrogen in the body and can REALLY mess. You. Up. Ok… Not to go off, but I love how you gravitate towards natural healthy ways and I think you deserve to know!

  29. I have an 80 lbs doberman that thinks she’s a min pin and sleeps right in between me and my husband. As I type right now she is sleeping next to me on the couch her head on my stomach snoring her lovely little face off! She is so spoiled my parents think we are crazy! She was in all our weddig pics and we had a monogram made with her silhouette. We just switched her to a similar paleo frozen food and it has made a huge difference!! Try giving your dogs bone broth! Our dog loves it and helps keep their joints and stomach healthy 🙂 xoxo

  30. been a long time follower, love your blog. I am going to give my pups pumpkin and see if they like it. Then I will try your other ideas/tips too.
    All my dogs have been rescues. I wish instead of just rescuing these dogs, that people are punished for abusing dogs/animals. I feel like they just get the animal taken away. Barely a slap on the wrist.
    Let’s get to the source of the problem, the people who create puppy mills, dog fights, etc. As wonderful as rescues are, they are just the bandaid to the problem. how many rescues can be done to eliminate the problem? it doesn’t. they just rehome these traumatized love bugs. That doesn’t solve anything long term. I wish we could get a celebrity to not only promote Adoption/spaying/neutering but have people create laws and other proactive instead of reactive measures. Let’s not wait till the animal is abused to save it. LETS PREVENT the animal abuse altogether.
    This is definitely one of my fave posts of yours!
    *have you thought about being some type of voice for these rescued animals? or promoting change with your blog?

  31. Hi! Do you do anything for your dog’s teeth? Im trying to train my pup to endure a daily tooth brushing & I’m just wondering if you have any doggy dental products/tips you like? Thanks!

  32. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I also have two Chihuahua fur babies and I am ridiculously obsessed. Love that you adopted Boone! I rescued both of mine and feel like its more they rescued me lol! Thanks for all the great puppy tips!

  33. Haha oh wow Lauryn you’re awesome! I’ve never seen anyone (or read anything) be so parental with their dogs! Love it!
    I definitely want to be getting a baby (read, doggy) soon as well, but since I’m still traveling for another year or so I’ll have to wait quite a bit. Saving this though, as I swear most of the stuff I had no idea about! Goats milk? Coconut oil for them? Pumpkin? All awesome stuff I had no idea of!

    Oh, and love their names!

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  34. Ahh this is so cute and makes me miss LA so much because when we lived there I was super anal about Bugsey and Gigis food and only made organic chicken with coconut oil and organic kale with brown rice but now that we live out here I have to use dog food which I hate to do but it is hard to get organic food out here and I only want to give them the best! I think it is so cute you and your love share the same passion for your pups its so nice to see! I love it! xo C

  35. This was an amazing post! I just got my first pup, Oskar, on NYE and have dove head first into the crazy obsessiveness. I’m 100% all about natural products & foods. I was wondering if you have any advice on toothpaste? Super random.. But literally every “natural” product has 3+ carcinogen laden, toxic ingredients. Any advice there?

    Thank you for sharing! I’m placing a large Amazon order based on this post tomorrow 🙂

  36. Awwww! I love your furbabies. I have two cardigan welsh corgis and my boy is my little canine soul mate. My girl is my house manager and she helps me with everything. Our girl has some food allergies and has to stick with duck protein only, but I love the suggestion of the pumpkin. We sometimes pour a little organic broth on their dinners. Thank you for this post!

  37. Awww, Lauryn. This post actually made me tear up when you mentioned how your fur baby that you adopted would randomly start wagging his tail. He is just so happy to be in a loving home, finally! Dogs really are the best animals. My two babies are my life…maybe even more important than my hubby. lol.

  38. First time I’ve been to your sight,what a treat! I have a long haired chihuahua that was abandoned when some people down the street moved. They just left him! No worries for him now though ,we took him in and he is thriving:)we named him mr.picnic. He has a little brother named monkey ( a minpin) the shenanagins have no limits with these two!

  39. Love this post!! This is my first time commenting, but I just had to. My dog is like Pixy, my ride or die, been through it all, sidekick! The part about Michael sleeping like a corpse had me lol hahah I have enjoyed hearing more about your relationship recently.

  40. I know this post is old, but I stumbled across it, and I love it! I baby my dog too. She’s 9 years old, like Pixy, and I read that Pixy has bad knees… my Bree has hip problems, and Dasuquin has helped her a bunch! You might be able to find a similar all-natural product, but this is what my vet recommended. It does wonders and there’s been a HUGE difference.

    Those dog car seats are amazing. I’m a psycho and I harness my cat into one for car trips. My pets are basically my children!

  41. I’m also excited to read your this post. I like your emotion towards your Babies, Oh Fur Babies, Especially!! I also believe
    They can do no wrong. They’re vulnerable, lovable, SO intuitive. Your Little friend Pixy is just looked gorgeous. I love her attitude. just WOW.
    I can think, how well maintain you do for your babies, Especially in their Diet food. I definitely follow your diet to my dogs. very good post.thanks for sharing.

  42. Well your dogs are adorable and you guys are all so cute!!!. And oh my God the white bed is simply love. This article was a very heartwarming read to lift up anyone’s day. It is very nice of you to share some of the stuff that you actually follow for your dog. Great article any day. Cheers.

  43. I just Love the post. It really feels my crazy. Love your pups 🙂 🙂 your dog is really very cute. Thanks for sharing with us!!!

  44. This post is the best! I’d forgotten about it and loved reading it again. Thank you for adopting Boone <3 #adoptionrocks

  45. It looks like they both live very interesting lives, keep us updated as they grow up. I would love to see them get more responsible and grow up.

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