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So I Totally Interviewed My Fiancé <3

The Skinny Confidential talks relationships.The Skinny Confidential talks relationships.

As you guys know I’m engaged to my best friend ( cliche? Sorry it’s true! ), Michael. I am VERY, VERY private about my relationship in many ways, but in other ways I’m happy to share. SOOOOO since V-Day was last week I decided I’d interview Mr. MB.

Oh, & I included my own commentary ( that he hasn’t read ) in italics under his answers too ; ).

Ok, here you go…& just saying, he’s pretty cute- he mighta made me blush a little:

1.) What’s your favorite thing I do for you in our relationship?

Michael: You constantly support me in any decision I make with business and in my personal life. It is nice to know someone has your back no matter what. There is no material thing that could compare.

( My take on Michael: A little thing Michael does is make me a hemp milk cappuccino every morning. A big thing is, he’s constantly challenging me. If you know me, you know I need constant stimulation so to have someone who stimulates my mind on a daily basis is really special/important to me ).

2.) My worst quality ( be nice ):

M: Your worst quality is your punctuality. It is absurd! If you tell me you will be somewhere in one hour I plan for three!

( Me on M: His worst quality is when I’m late, he’s rude/mean. LOL. Joking. Kind of. Michael’s worst quality is he can be impatient!! COUGH, COUGH #potentialresolutionfor2016 ).

3.) What’s my best quality ( be nicer ):

M: The best quality I see in you is your constant drive for success. It has been really impressive and inspiring for me to watch you grow your brand over the years. I have had a front row seat for the entire time and it’s been really amazing to watch. You’re also not too shabby to look at ;).

( Me on M: Michael loves to read. I find it super sexy. He’s always reading & knows facts about so many random, different things. I have never met someone who’s so informed with what’s going on in the world. He is also a wiz with history! Another thing is, I’ve never seen a man who’s so young & so business savvy. He’s a financial wiz! Numbers are SOOOO not me so thank God ).

The Skinny Confidential talks relationships.

4.) THANKS HUNNY! So what’s the most important thing to focus on in a relationship?

M: Integrity. If the relationship has integrity everything else will fall into place. You can’t have any kind of relationship, whether it’s a friendship, a business partnership, a romantic relationship, etc. if there is no integrity.

( Me on M: I absolutely agree with the above. And let’s face it: no one likes a loser cheat. Also, focus on positives not negatives ). 

5.) Why is our relationship strong?

M: I believe our relationship is so strong because we both completely trust each other. Not in the way where we trust each other not to cheat ( even though we have that trust as well ). I’m talking about the way that we both know we have each other’s backs, we have each other’s best interests. We both put the relationship before the individual. It comes from a place of deep love and respect for one another which makes the relationship so strong.

( Me on M: our relationship is strong because we both have our own thing. I have my business & he has his. When the night is winding down we both have a lot to discuss. We also have many common interests like chihuahuas, traveling, reading, cooking, & home decor ). 

The Skinny Confidential talks relationships.

6.) What do we not see eye to eye on?

M: I think we see eye to eye on a lot which is probably why we have lasted this long. If I had to pick something we don’t see eye to eye on it would probably be our closet space. I don’t get women & their closets.

( Me on M: We don’t see eye to eye on what a psycho I can be when my space is messed up. LOOOOOOK OUT IF MY SPACE IS A MESS. I am a grump x a million!! Also, we’ve had a few AKA a thousand tiffs over the computer in the bed ). 

7.) Favorite thing to do with me?

M: Hmmmm….there is one thing…not sure if it’s blog friendly… 😉 other than that…I love to travel with you and explore places and things that neither of us have seen/done before.

( Me on M: SICKO!! HAHA. Definitely favorite thing to do with him: lay in bed, watch “Shark Tank”, read a little, hang with Pixy & Boone, & spend quality time together. Usually we will order Postmates too. Our life is very go-go-go so any second to ourself counts! ).

8.) Sweetest thing I’ve done for you?

M: Introduced me to my life with my appendages…also known as the chihuahuas. I never in a million years thought I would be so close to such weird creatures. I love them more than anything.

( Me on M: He told me to stop talking about blogging & DO IT three years ago. Michael is the person that basically said SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT! Lol. Also I think it’s sweet how he proposed. The Flaming Hot Cheetos & rosé were very appropriate & thoughtful ). 

9.) Describe the best date night ever?

M: Best date night for me…hmmm…I am very simple. We both get so busy that when we get a chance to sit at home with our dogs and watch a show or read next to each other in bed, to me that is the best date night. I don’t need much more.

( Me on M: Best date night would be anything in Cabo. It’s one of our favorite spots on earth & is so romantic. We have this place we go to eat popcorn souffle ( IT’S AS AMAZING AS IT SOUNDS ) that’s on the ocean & ohhhh soooo peaceful in Cabo. I LOVE IT! ). 

The Skinny Confidential talks relationships.

10.) Advice on relationships in general?

M: I already told you I think you need to build any relationship on integrity but I think it goes further. If you decide you are going to be in a relationship with someone, I think you need to really decide that’s what you’re going to do.

For example, there are a lot of things that I may have done while I was not in a relationship that I now need to be ok not doing. I think you should still be able to have fun and keep your individuality while in a relationship but maybe it’s not ok to go on a Vegas bender for five days without checking in.

A lot of guys ( and girls ) think they should still be able to get away with stuff like that. If you want to do stuff like that, it’s completely fine but you are probably not ready for a serious relationship ( which is also fine ).

I think couples get in trouble when one or both of the people in a relationship think it’s ok to put the other person in the relationship in a position they themselves would not be comfortable with. I am not saying you can’t go out with your friends or can’t go to Vegas for a couple nights, just don’t take advantage of the other person.

( Me: DON’T SETTLE. I wrote a full blog post on settling for less than you deserve & I really believe you are what you attract…sooooo ATTRACT GREATNESS! You are great! Settling is boring anyway— find someone who kicks ass ).


X lauryn

{ pictures by: Jeff Thibodeau }

+ Michael’s outfit: black top || white top || jeans || sunglasses || shoes ( << sold out, similar )
+ Lauryn: kimono ( another very similar here ) || flared pants || sunglasses || white flats ||

The Skinny Confidential talks relationships.



  1. I really really well and truly loved reading this post. I have been with the same guy for four years, but we have had the rockiest and most turmoil relationship. I blamed a lot of it on him but when we broke up for what I thought was good, I realised I actually could not ever be without him and we have now got the best relationship ever. I had to change to make it work 🙂 You guys sound adorable x x x x

    Zoe Newlove Beauty Blogger & MUA

  2. I loved this post! I enjoyed the honesty about the ways you change when in a relationship. Thanks! xxx

  3. Girl, you guys are far beyond your years! I’ve been with my man almost seven years, married 2 and a half and all of this is SO true. Relationships, and especially marriage, is based on respect! And 100% trust on both sides. You two are adorable <3

  4. Love this post! I think the most important thing for both people in a relationship is to treat the other how they want to be treated. Golden Rule. Don’t expect something of your significant other if you wouldn’t be willing to do the same thing. Just like don’t do something that you know you’d be ripped if they did. Its about balance and appreciating the good that the other has to offer.

  5. I absolutely loved reading this, sounds like you guys have such a great relationship :).
    Your blog is the best Lauryn – it’s my daily lunchtime read!
    Thank you for the constant giggles, realness and great girly tips!
    xo Jade

  6. I love you guys’s (not sure that’s a word) answers – and that his favourite date would be at home with you + the dogs reading next to each other – because that is my fav thing to do with my fiancé also, and even tho it’s a little corny I would’ve answered the same! Xxx

  7. This was so sweet to read! I very much agree that you both need your own hobbies/interests as well as common ones, it means you still have something different to discuss and learn from each other as well as having the same appreciation for something. 🙂

  8. I love this! So nice to learn a little about the mister. My boyfriend is also super supportive of my blogging and even does a guest post once a month – he gets really into it and it’s awesome! I’d say my number one tip for relationships is to support each other’s dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem 🙂

  9. Well this might go down as my favorite post you’ve ever done. I LOVE that Michael is your best friend and is well-read. I must say, he sounds like a stand-up guy, one deserving of you. My husband is also my best friend, and I’d LOVEEEE for us to go back to Cabo again. We went for the first time last year and loved it. GREAT interview!!

  10. Love this post! Ya’ll are super cute and I love your added comments. My husband and I have been together for going on 10 years. I think the best advice I could give would be to laugh with each other. Something about being able to be silly and weird with each other makes our relationship so much better!

  11. This is so sweet! Love hearing a guys perspective on things especially the relationship stuff 🙂

  12. I loved this post! Trust is so important in any relationship. It’s so sweet to read Michael’s take on your relationship. I completely agree with both of your relationship advice: don’t settle and be conscious of the other person’s feelings; don’t take advantage. I will definitely keep this advice in mind in the future 🙂

  13. Aw, I really enjoyed reading this post! I agree with Michael that having a partner who respects you and always has your back is extremely important. I have been with my man for over 6 years now, and I think that we have made it work because we support each other but also have our own lives going on. I feel as if relationships fail the moment someone becomes too dependent on the other and drifts away from the person they were when they initially met their partner.

  14. Love this. I know that you don’t like to share too much personal info on the blog, but I think you have great advice and insight!

  15. Such a fun way to show an inside glimpse into life with your fiance! I completely agree that a MUST for every relationship is a supportive partner, someone who is there to cheer you on and lift you up when you fall down no matter what. That outlasts all of the lust and it just won’t work without it. I wish I could tell my 22 year old self that :/ xox

  16. So proud to call this guy my brother, great answers Michael! You and Lauryn are so perfect for each other. Lauryn, I am so glad my brother has you! You two support each other and compliment each other so well. Love you both and love this post!! <3

  17. Aww, sounds like your love has his head on straight! Great advice!

    I think the biggest relationship tip I can offer is to take someone for what they are. If you can’t see who someone truly is, or if you can’t accept who they truly are, even if you love them, it’s not gonna work. You have to be honest and fair to yourself and to them if it’s gonna work out.


  18. I loved this! You two are a great couple. I think the key to a lasting, exciting, and intimate relationship is thinking your partner is the total shit. You wake up feeling lucky every day, want to do things for them, and never take the magic for granted. Plus, no matter what life throws your way, you know you get to go through it with the coolest person ever! 🙂

  19. This is a sweet post to change things up a bit! It’s nice to hear this more personal side of you and Michael. Posts like this one are very interesting to read and also offer a bit of advice which is awesome for readers like myself 🙂 Do I see a post on wedding planning in the future? Maybe not the typical here’s what to do/what I’ve done but more like the low down, reality on wedding planning. XO

  20. Can I just say I’m OBSESSED with you two? I get a little excited (…okay, kind of a lot) when you post about your relationship! My boyfriend & I are going on 7 years strong (time flies!) & I find that we have very similar views on our relationship goals. Can’t wait to read more if you decide to share! Kinda creepy but I totally followed Michael on Insta… lol, for the full TSC experience right?!

  21. You two have such a beautiful and healthy relationship, and marriage will be relatively easy for such a level-headed pair. I wish you both an amazing and fulfilling life together!

  22. Honestly you guys said it all.. Some people just are “relationship people” while others aren’t. I 100% agree on the integrity but i think you hit the nail on the head when you said about settling. Don’t be with someone simply because he or she is good looking or because its easy. Find someone awesome and amazing and be with that person!

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