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Mini DeLites: LA x Boone Pickens

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ rainy day, shooting a Valentine’s post | wearing this kimono }

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ V-day cookies on a vintage cake stand }

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ this AM’s Beaming shot x coconut juice }

Well hello.

How ya guys doing?

All’s well over here…just unpacking after a full work day & a Pilates/spin class ( << don’t you love it when studios mix it up like that? Keeps it fun/fresh! ).

Soooo, this past week has been FULL.

On Thursday, the day before we were leaving to LA, Boone, our boisterous chihuahua decided that he would use his long, black claw to carefully move a bar of white chocolate from the pantry’s bottom shelf.


And while Michael & I were out of the house, he mischievously ate the ENTIRE KING SIZE CHOCOLATE BAR, plus the wrapper…as innocent, angel Pixy watched.

Needless to say, I came home to an effing SHIT SHOW.

Let’s just say he threw up. A lot.

Boone was fine ( apparently white chocolate isn’t nearly as bad as dark/regular according to his vet )— THANK GOD.

I spent my day on my hands & knees cleaning, scrubbing, washing, etc. I even begged a carpet cleaner/tile cleaner to come out to our house at 8 pm at night.

Poor T.Boone Pickens.

I felt so bad for the little guy. He’s so much better now but GEESH.

Ok so, we drove up to LA this weekend to work & to finish moving our stuff in to our new casa. Can’t wait to share when it’s done!

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ LA recap }

Also, Sunday we went to a vegan restaurant called Gracias Madre ( if you follow TSC on Insta, you know this )— it’s such a MUST-TRY if you’re in LA. Think: delicious guacamole, amazing plant-based tacos, & boozy snow cones.

Since the food/decor is so to-die for, basically every girl in the restaurant is actively Instagramming/filtering/etc.

Surprise, surprise.

How was your weekend?

– Lauryn x

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ Conversation hearts }

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ lip gloss that lights up in the dark!! }

  1. Aww poor baby mine get anxiety when my husband leaves and barf all over ugh! I went to gracias madre when I was in LA last and loved it! I sometimes dream of there margaritas 🙂 enjoy decorating! Xo C

  2. Poor pup! My cousin’s dog once ate an entire pan of brownies…not the regular kind of brownies…ahem. He had to get his stomach pumped! It’s good your pooch could throw it all up. Too bad chocolate doesn’t work for dogs, they are missing out!

  3. Loved your top in the first pic! I must say it’s ON POINT. Also, loved the decor of the restaurant! #trendy. After having kind of a shitty weekend, I was pretty excited for a new post… Much love.

  4. I saw the pics of Gracias Madre on Insta and are planning on hitting it up when we are in LA for a wedding next month. Don’t you love coming home to those “surprises” from your fur babies? I came home to our pup with a fluorescent blue tongue last week (check it out on my Insta) as he ate my daughters marker!

  5. Hey Lauryn! Ordered TSC book and it’s scheduled to arrive today! I seriously cannot wait. I’ve been wanting to read it for months!

  6. Aww poor pup! That Vegan restaurant sounds and looks amazing.. Now I just need to make my way across California 😛

    can’t wait to see your new place!

  7. I’m glad your little guy is feeling better! That’s such a scary feeling! Mine found part of a Kit Kat bar outside after Halloween and got sick from eating it too.

    Also, I’m beyond jealous of your boozy snow cones! They sound delicious!

  8. Poor little guy!! If you love coconut you should check out this amazing coconut smoothie recipe on my blog

  9. Small dogs are the sneakiest but the most clever – i know mine are when it comes to sniffing out chocolate! Excited to see your new home xx

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