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Meditation Tips For Beginners

Meditation is all the rage right now. Even though it’s one of the most ancient wellness practices, the hold it’s

Behind the Scenes of The Medical System with Dr. John Lawrence

Today we have Dr. John Lawrence on the blog for a little q&a. If you have yet to meet Dr.

Tips for the Best Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lauryn is obsessed with all things lymphatic drainage, so the fact that we have THE Josie Rushing on the blog

Bryony Deery’s AM and PM Routine for a Chill, Productive Day

Bryony Deery, the founder of Pilates by Bryony (use code LAURYN for 2 months free) and host of Beyond the

The Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Today on the blog we’re welcoming Kasey Ennis, a dual therapist specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine and esthetics. As you

How To Recover From Surgery with Radiant Recovery

When Lauryn had her breast implants removed, her aftercare was of the utmost importance. As it is with all surgeries.

The Difference Between Nose and Mouth Breathing

Okay, we’ve all heard the term “mouth breather” . . . and we know it’s an insult. But, why? What

Catching Zzzz’s: 15 Benefits Of A Good Night’s Sleep

Let’s talk about sleep.  Lauryn’s said it before: her first beauty tip (even before sunscreen) is to get enough sleep.

How To Make An Oatmeal Bath For Sunburn

Obviously, you need to give it your all when it comes to sun protection, but hey, shit happens. No matter

Give Yourself a Total Mouth Makeover

Have you heard? Oral care is all the rage. From taking care of your mouth’s microbiome by properly flossing and

10 Self-Care Habits To Upgrade Your Life

My recent solo episode went live and keeping on theme with my last solo, tips to upgrade your morning, I

Hanging Eucalyptus in the Shower For The Lazy Girl

Hanging Eucalyptus In The Shower THERE’S NOTHING BETTER THAN A LIFE HACK. Personally, I love myself a life hack. Not

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