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How To Put The Spice Back In Your Marriage

If your marriage is anything like Lauryn and Michael’s, then you’ve known each other for a long time. They’ve literally

Memorial Day Essentials For The Best Long Weekend Ever

Memorial Day weekend is almost here and we want you to be all set up and the most prepared you

How To Throw A Great Birthday Party For Adults

One thing we don’t do enough of as adults: celebrate our birthdays.  Think about it. Our birthdays are a huge

How Naomie From Southern Charm Lost Weight, Toned Up and Her Body Transformation

This post is everything all TSC readers want more & more of. The details, the specifics, the nitty gritty, on how Naomie

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

We’re not quite in ‘last minute’ territory yet but boy oh boy are we getting there. In this post we’re

5 Reasons You Should Get to Know Your Human Design Chart

HUMAN DESIGN !! Ever heard of it? It’s such an interesting topic & something that some people swear by. It

5 Ways to Hack Thanksgiving

If you’re like me, next week you’re gonna be running around like a chicken ( or a turkey ) with

9 Double Chin Causes and Solutions to Keep You SNATCHED

Tired of having more than one chin? It’s one of the few things we all want LESS of.  It’s time

Lake Como Travel Guide

Leave it to Michael Bosstick (and most likely his assistant Katie) if you want the most iconic, concise travel guide

Skin Care Tips: Let’s Talk About Peels!

Staci Christie & I have known each other for years and every.single.time. we see each other, I comment on her

France Outfits: What I Wore & Fun Ideas For Summer

Michael and I just got home from Cannes, France and it was such a fun trip, but my god was

The Best Iced Tea on The Planet

Alright guys, this tea is blog post worthy & something that has been on my mind for SO SO SO

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