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Get to know Lauryn Bosstick

Lauryn Bosstick has turned her passion for beauty, wellness and no-censor advice into one of the most distinctive blogs online today, The Skinny Confidential. Along with her husband Michael, she hosts HIM & HER SHOW, a podcast with over 160 million unique downloads, featuring world class leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, celebrities, athletes, best selling authors, experts, thought leaders and more. With the mindset of constantly leveling up and being the best version of themselves, they inspire listeners all over the world to be happy, healthy and forever evolving. Lauryn has also authored two books, The Skinny Confidential: A Babe’s Sexy, Sassy Fitness and Lifestyle Guide and GET THE F*CK OUT OF THE SUN, and has an ever-growing skincare brand featuring the award-winning ICE ROLLER and the first ever razor and shave cream designed specifically for women’s faces.

The Skinny Confidential has been featured in Marie Claire, SHAPE, Women’s Health Magazine, SELF Magazine, The Gary Vee Show, People Magazine, School of Greatness, E! News, W Magazine, The Lady Gang, Juicy Scoop, Who What Wear, WWD, Allure, US Weekly and she was one of Create & Cultivate’s top 100 beauty bloggers. The HIM & HER Podcast is a top 100 podcast in the world.

She lives in Austin, TX with her husband, daughter, son, and her Chihuahuas, Slim and Boone. You can find her habit stacking with a sheet mask, and hot ginger tea.

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