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It’s Lauryn’s Birthday!

It’s Lauryn’s Birthday! Well, it WAS Lauryn’s birthday. On May 21st to be exact. For today’s post, we ( The Skinny Confidential team ) decided to hack the blog to share all our birthday wishes that we sent to the one, the only… Lauryn Evarts Bosstick. Let’s get right to it. ♡♡♡ Without you I …

The Skinny Confidential Merch

I WANT IT ALL & I WANT IT DELIVERED: The Skinny Confidential Merch Is Live

AT LAST !  The Skinny Confidential (BUTTERY SOFT MY GOD) merch has arrived. After MANY MONTHS of back & forth, we can finally present you with: THE OBNOXIOUS COLLECTION. Each product we create is with you guys in mind so we wanted to make sure to deliver you the MOST dreamy & OBNOXIOUS sweatshirts ever, …

Face Shaving Tips for Women

9 Face Shaving Tips for Women

Skin is in. Know what else is in? Face shaving. For women. It’s time to hop aboard the train & start taking advantage of this beauty trend.  First of all, for females, there are just too many benefits for you to NOT be doing this.  Benefits include: ♡ Gets rid of unwanted hair (AKA vellus …

Stalk Lauryn

Stalk Lauryn

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick has turned her passion for beauty, wellness and no-censor advice into one of the most distinctive blogs online today, The Skinny Confidential.  Along with the blog Lauryn released her own book, The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide and a BODY GUIDE, which is a monthly subscription service that includes new workouts and meal plans.

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