Updated: March 26, 2017

Like I said, nothing with #BEAUTYJUNKIEWEEK is sponsored- it’s all BADASS products. I mean at this point I may just be a human guinea pig because I feel like I’ve tried 27171718 products. And when I love something I COMMIT TO IT. It becomes a staple.

And boyyyy oh boy when it comes to a mask, I commit.

Especially my latest fav.

Full disclosure: the ingredients in this mask aren’t amazing. They’re not organic BUT the efficiency of the mask balances it out. Like I’ve always said, balance your life like a bank account. Sometimes you get pure almond milk, but you wear a non-organic face mask because of its magical powers. You gotta live you know?

You should also know it IS formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, & Phthalates- which is cool.

Ok let’s break down my favorite mask of the moment: first of all, it’s peel-off. There’s something incredibly therapeutic about peeling off a mask. Especially when it peels off in one pull. Like OMG YES ORGASMIC KIND OF YES PLZ. A single sheet style, one pull.
ANOTHER plus, is it is silver.

Ok so I have a few comments here on the perfect silver color. It brightens your …


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shave your face | by the skinny confidential


Updated: March 24, 2017

shave your face | by the skinny confidential

…& no it doesn’t grow back darker & thicker.

At least for me.

Had to start off with that because it’s the first question EVERYONE asks.

Some of you may already know this fun fact because I sort of broke it down in 2014.

In 2014 I was still hesitant though.

…Fast forward to 2017 & I’m a full-on, die-hard face shaver.

And before you judge hear me out.

First you should know the hair on my face is pretty much blonde. Like I don’t have a beard. Not that there’s anything wrong with this- my point is that I still shave my face even though the hair isn’t super prominent. ( Although Michael sometimes points out a black hair on my upper lips when the sunlight is shining directly on my face…& then I tell him to MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS ).

You should also know I’ve tried every single thing on the planet.

Nair? Doesn’t work on my face & it smells too strong for the face.

Waxing strips? OH HELL NO. IT MAKES HYPER PIGMENTATION aka my sun mustache WAY worse. Really brings those brown spots to the surface.

Plucking? Who has time?

Threading? Meh.

Anyway, …


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tsc him and her podcast him and her episode 55 | by the skinny confidential

TSC Him & Her Podcast Episode 55: Email Etiquette

Updated: March 23, 2017

tsc him and her podcast him and her episode 55 | by the skinny confidential This week on THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HIM & HER PODCAST...

( 1:35 ): Michael is on timeout from introducing the podcast. He’s not doing so well on coming up with a great intro. Also, we’re back with Taylor aka The Bare Naked Cucumber. The razor burn master ( ep. 26 )!

( 3:20 ): Michael claims he’s rattled from last week’s podcast with The LadyGang. But let’s be real. He loves being around women who talk about real shit.

( 4:35 ): You guys ask LOTS of great questions. Before you send us your question check our past episodes. We might have answered it already for you & this will provide an answer to you right away!

( 5:30 ): Taylor asked Annabelle from Adderall & Compliments ( ep. 33 ) out on a date. They went to Dave & Buster’s and Taylor made sure he won.


( 21:30 ): HER TIP OF THE WEEK: life is hectic enough. let everything have a place & organize. 

( 24:00 ): HIM TIP OF THE WEEK: trouble sleeping? move your devices out of the bedroom.


( 28:20 ):


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Mini DeLites: Beauty Junkie Week

Updated: March 21, 2017


{ Caboodles life }


{ favorite chapsticks because they’re pink tinted }

Switching it up over here & for one straight week, all day, everyday we are going to do #beautyjunkieweek. Make sure you’re following along on Snapchat ( BEAUTY GIVEAWAYS ) AND Instagram ( going to do INSTA LIVE + mini Insta blog entries ). All the content will be beauty, beauty, beauty…& nothing is sponsored. Of course I’ll go in-depth! After some intense Twitter polls, I saw that you guys want a lot of beauty content. SO I want to make sure I answer any & all your questions. Obviously I need more than a week but I’m kind of loving a themed week here?

Ok so on another note: what is new?

Nothing much here. On Friday I had dinner with a friend ( chopped salads & rosé ) and then on Saturday we woke up, worked out on the beach, ate brunch, podcasted, & then celebrated my brother, Myles’ birthday with chips, salsa, margaritas, etc. Yesterday was spent off social media, in bed, reading, & watching Hand of God ( a new show on Amazon that’s just insannnnnnne ). Pretty mellow weekend.

What else? Oh, …


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instagram live: makeup organization | by the skinny confidential

Instagram Live: Makeup Organization

Updated: March 20, 2017

instagram live: makeup organization | by the skinny confidential

I LOVE an organized & styled space. Whether that’s your bedside table, vanity or pantry I’m all about the experience. SO the other day after doing my makeup I realized I had a TON of product, everywhere. It was a real mess and therefore time for an overhaul. There are lots of options for makeup storage out there and some of them are crazy expensive. I decided to take matters into my own hands.

SO I went to The Container Store & BOY OH BOY were there some good finds. After I organized the shit out of  my makeup I went on Instagram LIVE and shared the products used & how everything was styled.

Here’s the full breakdown for you!

instagram live: makeup organization | by the skinny confidential



The first step to organization is utilizing all of your space. Using shelves allows you to store the items you use often in a convenient spot while keeping items you use less often out of the way but easily accessible. This open white shelf is great for storing towels in baskets, your makeup & other bathroom essentials. I’m using this to hold & organize all of the giveaway items I have …


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