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Happy 2019!

I thought it would fun to give you a post that showcases all the top favorite posts from 2018 so you have it all in one spot. You can use this as a resource for 2019.

Think of it as your one-stop-shop to have all these posts in one place.

With that, here are the favorite TSC posts from 2018:

Top Posts

+ woo more play
+ morning routine
+ live podcast with cupcakes & cashmere
+ live with intention
+ the most important post I’ve ever written
+ 9 badass habits
+ facial massage
+ face shaving
+ boob job 2
+ the god of facial massage

I’ve also compiled my top 10 podcast episodes.…

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Book Recommendations for Travel: 6 Must-Reads


It’s TSC Book Club time. You know I love a book club. I try to share the Book Club posts with you guys as soon as I have a few to share so you can get your hands on them ASAP ( here, here, here, & here ). Michael also loves to share his book recommendations & he has some real good ones so be sure to check them out– especially if you’re into business & mindset.…

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3 Products for Dehydrated, Prune-ass, Winter Skin


Today on The Skinny Confidential YouTube channel we’re talking about 3 winter favorites for dehydrated, dry skin.

Listen, we’ve all been there when the winter season hits & your skin feels like a dried up old prune. There’s nothing worse than having damp, dewy, pretty, youthful skin for the summer time, then getting to winter & being completely dried out.

So today I’m talking about 3 game-changing products that I use to keep my skin plump & dewy.…