hottie honeymoon vibes | by the skinny confidential. Lauryn Evarts talks what items she would bring on her honeymoon.

Hottie Honeymoon Vibes


hottie honeymoon vibes | by the skinny confidential. Lauryn Evarts talks what items she would bring on her honeymoon.

  | like the post +Told you we were getting bridal on the blog…

Trying to get in the spirit, if you know what I mean.

If we’re being honest, I think I’ve nailed down my ideal bridal vibe.

Think CONTRAST. Both LIGHT & DARK tones. Extra VAMPY with a hint of tradition here & there… to keep things interesting. Right?

SO in the spirit of weddings… let’s chat about something every bride-to-be DEFINITELY looks forward to. THE HONEYMOON. To me, hottie honeymoon vibes mean EXTRA vampy. Bring on the lace, dark tones, & exaggerated details.

Michael & I have absolutely ZERO idea what we want to do for our honeymoon. Any recommendations?

Either way, the hottie honeymoon vibe shopping is ON. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Black, LACEY Lingerie:

Surprise your new hubby by going a bit outside the norm. Instead of wearing the usual all white, bridal lingerie, opt for BLACK. Throw on a pair of pumps, do your hair super sexy, maybe a red lip & you’re good to go. MEOW.

CHIC White Palazzo Pants:

SOOO stylish. Sometimes a cocktail dress is just too predictable. These pants go great with a flirty crop top, a bodysuit, or even just a casual tank. They’re white & flowy so if you’re in warm weather for the honeymoon they’re ideal.

Black PUSH UP BRA Bikinis:

LOVING the mesh details on this bikini. Plus, who doesn’t love a good push up bra? SO sexy, definitely ON POINT for honeymooning somewhere warm or tropical. BTW! This hot little set is ON SALE! Definitely a win, win.

The Sexiest Bodysuit:

THIS BODYSUIT IS UNREAL. I actually already own this & wore it HERE. I’ll definitely be bringing this hottie suit wherever we honeymoon.

Okay so thoughts? What would you bring on your honeymoon.

Also PLEASE share any rad honeymoon ideas below. We need to plan ours.


SETH BROWNING | by the skinny confidential

Celebrity Trainer, Seth Browning On Heavy Lifting For Women

August 21, 2016

SETH BROWNING | by the skinny confidential

1 | like the post +Seth Browning came into my life when I was feeling like I needed guidance. You know what they say: every trainer needs a trainer. Even though I have TSC BBG & Meal Plan ( << which you can now buy separately! ) & I taught Pure Barre and Proformer Pilates for years, I’m still constantly looking to learn.

I mean, I sure as shit don’t know everything so I guess I was just feeling like there was a lot more to learn fitness-wise.

Specifically, lifting. Lifting HEAVY. I’ve always been curious about it & wanted to explore weight lifting with a professional.

After a bunch of online/Instagram research my stalking brought me to Seth. We set up a conference call & instantly had a connection. He’s been an awesome fitness mentor.

I should also note Seth is a celebrity trainer & is very well-known for Scheana Marie’s ( from Vanderpump Rules ) body transformation. With Seth’s help, she literally changed her body! The whole transformation was really amazing.

OH, AND if you want more of Seth, listen to Episode 20 of The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Podcast. We had him as a guest to discuss mental toughness, daily routines, carb cycling, meditation, eating healthy, & how to find a good personal trainer. Fun shit.

As you can see, Seth’s enhanced my knowledge in health, food, & spirituality. Mind/body connection is a real thing & with Seth’s help I have focused even more on my wellness. Weight lifting is going AMAZING by the way. My jeans are looser thanks to SB.

Of course every time I learn ANYTHING I want to share it with YOU GUYS! SO let me introduce you to Mr. hottie Seth Browing, enjoy:

Seth Browning | by the skinny confidential

| Introduce yourself |:

Seth Browning, Celebrity Trainer: My name is Seth Browning. I’m the owner of Body by Browning. I do one-on-one private training, mobile training for people all over the world, & customized carb-cycle meal plans. Along with that, I also have a whole media line- I write blogs, articles, interviews, TV stuff. And then I also teach boot camps. Basically I do a lot in regards to fitness!

| How did you get into training? |:

SB: I have been working out since I was 15 years old and next year I turn 35 so I will be celebrating my 20 year anniversary working out. I don’t know if it makes me sound ancient or what. I just fell in love with fitness since I was young. I got certified as a trainer when I was putting myself through college. I never really did anything about it because I just kind of went on a different path before training. Right around 28 I got really burned out on my corporate career. I wanted to follow a passion and that passion was health. I had gained a lot of weight, I was smoking cigarettes, I was drinking and I was just in an unhealthy state. I hired a trainer and then I just kind of fell back into working out and I hired more trainers and then I got a job doing memberships to a gym. I ended up selling more personal training packages than I did gym memberships and they said  “maybe we should move you to become a personal trainer”. So 24 Fitness then paid for my certification to become a trainer and the rest is history.

| The most important thing when you’re training someone? |:

SB: There are multiple things but the most important is to keep someone safe. Making sure they have proper form and proper technique. That’s going to ensure that the experience is fruitful. I would say beyond that it’s giving them something that is custom to their particular goal & who they are as a person.

Check out Scheana Marie’s insane results!


| I know you’re big on mind, body, & soul…tell us more |:

SB: Both of my parents are PhD psychologists so I grew up in mental health. I’m a very intuitive person and so I believe firmly that the mind and the body are completely connected. And I actually believe that the mind controls the body and if they’re disconnected no matter how hard you work you will never see the results you want.

I do everything I can to empower people by not mindlessly going through the exercises but really helping them connect with their body through breathing, knowing why they’re doing a particular exercise, what muscle it works, getting them engaged in the process and also helping them celebrate in the victories and being very grateful for their accomplishments.

If you go into a workout & you’re just kind of showing up and running through it, you have no appreciation for it. So getting people connected produces incredible results.

| If someone wants to lose fat, what do you recommend? |:

SB: The first thing they need to do is change their diet. I recommend that they eat broccoli every day.

| Ok, so why broccoli? |:

SB: Broccoli is one of the most powerful fat burning vegetables there is & a very powerful superfood. It’s an anti-cancer, metabolic, speeds up metabolism, & a GREAT superfood.

seth browning | by the skinny confidential 3


| Recommendations for women between the ages of 18 to 40 for fat loss when it comes to exercise? |:

SB: Lifting very heavy in the beginning is helpful for fat loss. So getting a personal trainer and starting with heavy weights.

Muscle burns fat so the more lean muscle you can stack on the better.

Then you also want to do cardio right after you weight train.

| Best snack ever? |

SB: Almonds. They’re a healthy fat and you need fats to burn fat. They are also something that will speed up the metabolism. Eat up.

| I’m busy…well, shit we are! How can we stay healthy when time is limited |:

SB: One of the best tips is to schedule your workouts in advance. Most people work off of a calendar so go into your calendar. Look at the time where you have an hour to two hours a day, and schedule that in like you would any other appointment. Don’t let anything interfere with your workout. The only thing that could is an immediate family issue or a humongous problem at work.

| Let’s talk COCKTAILS! Tips? Tricks? Thoughts on wine? Be kind… |:

SB: I wish that I could be that guy who would make this sound nicer, but I think if there’s anything that’s detrimental to fat loss in the hands of losing weight, it’s wine. I think it’s one of the worst & I don’t recommend it if you’re trying to lose fat.

seth browning | by the skinny confidential 4

|How has fitness evolved to where it is now? |:

SB: Fitness is headed in a such a great direction. Fitness in the beginning was very antiquated and it involved a lot of machines & now fitness is incorporating utilizing your core, using a lot of body weight. There’s so many different exercises that work more than one muscle group. So fitness is really now incorporating all sorts of things like flexibility, mobility, strength, & power as opposed to just being aesthetic.

| Any other tips/tricks? |:

SB: I think just don’t judge yourself. Take it one workout at a time and just focus on today. What do you need to do today? Don’t step on the scale. But think, “what actions can I take right now to have the body I want” and think only in today. Numbers lie so don’t step on the scale and worry about your weight.

Be concerned with what actions you’re taking today.

+ Follow Seth on Instagram for more fitness tips.

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Lauryn’s Wellness Essentials:

st tropez guide-3

TSC Itinerary: Full On Guide to Saint Tropez, France

August 19, 2016

st tropez guide-1

1 | like the post + Hi guys, Michael here! As promised, a full on St. Tropez itinerary ( you guys know I love my itinerary, traveling is my thing! ). Ok so, Saint Tropez…how do I begin here? Well for starters let’s just say…be prepared to drink some rosé!

St. Tropez is a small town in the South of France that you definitely need to visit ASAP! Make sure you don’t go in the off-season though because it’s dead! The prime months in my opinion are July & August. So let me tell you a little about the place before I get into the itinerary.

This is not a place for tourists.

Some tourists go there but it’s not the place if you catch my drift. This is a place to take a vacation. Relax, eat well, read, sleep, party, relax, party, eat, & relax some more and act like you know what you are doing. Hopefully after reading this you will!

As usual my itineraries will be short and to the point to give you the optimal experience with as little wasted time as possible. For the boring stuff refer to Google.

Ok so here we go. St. Tropez could possibly be my favorite place on earth. I think Lauryn would agree but I don’t want to speak for her. It covers every spectrum! Great weather, beautiful people, awesome beaches, great pools, amazing food, crazy parties, and the most relaxing places to read and rest! I have been to many different places in the world and after a few days I am usually ready to head home. I could stay in St. Tropez for a month, easy!

Ok so lets start with basics:

Go to the beach and relax during the day. The beaches in St. Tropez are always nice and relaxing. The water is perfect for a quick swim, so don’t be shy!

If the beach is not your thing and you like pools better hit up a nice hotel pool. I prefer the Byblos or Chateau De La Messardiere.

Make sure you go into town, eat some ice cream, grab a Campari soda, & do some shopping. You can walk the whole town.

If you are feeling adventurous rent a car & hit up all the different beaches.

If you are in town and looking to get a drink go to the Hotel De Paris rooftop for a drink.

At night, if you decide you want to get crazy visit VIP Room or Les Caves Du Roy. Those are the best clubs. Go to Nikki Beach in the day for a wild time.

st tropez guide-3

& now some details:

For a romantic dinner, head to The Strand. Lauryn & I love this place. Get a bottle of champagne and enjoy the scene.

If you want an upscale dinner that’s a little more trendy go to Kori. This place can also turn into a bit of a party so be careful

For a completely crazy dining experience go to L’Opera. This place is ballistic! Order the truffle pizza and thank me later.

In the day, for lunch you can’t beat Le Club 55. Make sure you call ahead of time for a reservation as this place gets very busy. Trust me it’s worth the hype.

Another option for lunch is Bagatelle. This is in between 55 and Nikki Beach in terms of energy. Lauryn and I loved it.

Guys, bring your girl to the Dior Café for a coffee while in town. Girls, go get your Instagram at the café.

Le Quai and L’Escale are also great for dinner. Both are in the harbor and right next to each other so if you are there for a few days and want a change up try these places.

st tropez guide-2

Enjoy Saint Tropez! It’s one of our favorite places in the world. Drink some rosé for us!

Check out Lauryn’s other Saint Tropez style posts here & her recap of the trip here.

– Michael

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St. Tropez Vibes:

best facial masks 2 | by The Skinny Confidential

Best Masks In the Game, Promise.


best facial masks 1b | by The Skinny Confidentialbest facial masks 3 | by The Skinny Confidential

1 | like the post +OH MASKS.

I live for them.

They pull so many nasty impurities out of the skin.

Especially after France when you’re around 502384 million people smoking. Smoking is a real pore clogger. Not for me or my skin. No judgement if you smoke, you do you, but MAN MY SKIN HATES BEING AROUND CIGS.

I’m very specific when it comes to my mask regime. As you know I’m obsessed with my daily ritual of collagen eye pads in the AM so a nightly mask a few times a week really makes sense. Real wrinkle reducer.

In fact, when I do a mask I really commit to it. Nothing gets in the way of my mask.

Even when Michael insisted I go get chips & salsa the other night. I legit threw on my Audrey Hepburn-ish sunglasses over the mint colored mask & got in the car, smiling & ready for a date night. Yes, it’s safe to say at this point he thinks I’m fucking nuts. But whatevs, you know?

The commitment to the mask is so strong that I don’t care what anyone else thinks. Like, at all. To the point where it’s concerning. I will literally wear a mask in public. In fact, I have many times.

Plus after I take it off my skin is always dewy & tight. Just how I prefer it. Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be investing in your skin! The younger you start, the better off you’ll be.

( Another preventative measure we’ve talked about is Botox. I’m a fan if done sparingly ).

Anyway, let’s get into the whole mask situation.

best facial masks 10 | by The Skinny Confidential

Mario Badescu ‘Super Collagen’ mask:

First things first: If you’re going to invest in any mask on the planet, go for this one. It’s simply the best. Really I can’t live without it. My friend, Emily, gifted the mask to me years ago & I’ve been a die hard fan ever since. The mint green color is so therapeutic, I know this sounds strange but the color is calming. The way it lays on the skin is perfection too.

Did I mention it’s $18 dollars?! Yes, see? Every single women needs this minty mask.

Here’s the best thing about it: IT’S A SUPER COLLAGEN MASK.

Ya, ya, ya we all know much I love collagen. And putting it on my skin gives me JOY.

As described “finally a purifying, pore-refining mask gentle enough for mature or dry skin. Nourishing botanicals & collagen come together in a clay formula to refine and revitalize your skin. Non-drying.” LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

You should know that this brand is just unreal in general. I mean, if you follow Kylie Jenner on Snapchat you know she’s always talking about Mario’s drying lotion for spot treatment on pimples. I’m a huge fan of this too. Just dab a Q-tip in the lotion & add it to a zit. Seriously buh-bye, gone the next day.

As you know from my Snapchat, I live & die by Mario’s aloe, herbal, rose-water. Basically it’s a refreshing, hydrating mist which I love after washing my face OR I use a couple of spritzes after my makeup is applied. It’s gentle, light, & smells divine.

best facial masks 2 | by The Skinny Confidential

Peter Roth Thomas Sulfur Cooling Masque:

SULFUR! This is my go-to mask when I’m having a real zitty day. Sulfur is INSANE for acne. Give me some tea tree oil & I’m golden. Great things to note about this one: 10% Sulfur dries & clears blemishes, contains Kaolin A which is a type of clay that helps to absorb excess oil, & lastly it has tons of Eucalyptus oil in it. Eucalyptus oil is full of antibacterial properties which prevent future breakouts. You know me & my oils ; ).

Other things to note: “this skin clearing masque dries & clears blemishes while un-clogging pores for a clear, flawless complexion. Sulfur and eucalyptus oil clear blemishes and help prevent their return while aloe soothes and helps prevent over-drying. Cleanses oily, T-zone and clogged pores. Dries and clears blemishes and helps prevent acne formation.”

This mask is for people who are acne prone. Do it, it’s life-changing.

P.S. If you have back-ne, butt-ne, or any acne on your neck, give this mask a try whenever, wherever!

best facial masks 7 | by The Skinny Confidential

GLAMGLOW mud mask:

Nothing like a good mud mask. For some reason a mud mask just makes me feel so bougie. Shocking Michael with a super thick, dark mask is always fun too. Some facts: it was clinically developed by GLAMGLOW dermatological chemists to help fight all common skin concerns. Think: breakouts, discoloration, black and white heads, razor bumps and ingrown hairs. ACNECIDIC, a proprietary six-acid blend of AHA and BHA acids, is pH-balanced to deal with damaged skin & de-clogs and minimizes pores, pigmentation, scarring and breakouts. YES PLZ.

Not only is it a bomb mask but it also contains activated charcoal which we all know strips the toxins ( remember this post? ). Basically it extracts & encapsulates excess sebum oils, bacteria and toxins. You kind of can’t go wrong. HUGE PLUS: use this to spot treat razor bumps or ingrown hairs. Works like a gem.

To use, simply apply a thin layer to clean skin. Leave on for 5-20 minutes. I use it weekly when I’m on this one, sometimes I switch up my masks though to shock the F out of my skin.

best facial masks 4 | by The Skinny Confidential

Oh, & you should know, I usually double the time it says on masks…meaning if it says 20 minutes, I do 40 minutes…so sue me. For some reason I find this works better. Sometimes even longer than an hour?

If I don’t have time I use the three masks above as a spot treatment on a pimple. I do this a lot & go to bed & just leave it on. Easy.

For another insider beauty tip, listen to our podcast ( just press play above the nav bar!! ) while scrolling. I’m sharing a wellness, health, or beauty trick every single podcast episode now & this particular one has to do with ACNE! ZITS! CRATERS! LOL. Enjoy.

( For the record, nothing is sponsored here, just exactly what I use & like ; ). )

Bottom line: pick a mask & really commit to it. Even if your boyfriend wants to go eat. Put on a head scarf with big sunglasses. Very Hollywood. Also, VERY fun to embarrass him.

I’m off to bed, it’s been a very long week for me which we will get into soon. I’m having a sibling sleepover tonight so we have the whole clan in the room…as you can imagine, they’re dead asleep as I’m typing away, sipping peppermint tea ( weird ).

Hope you’re all having an amazing week.

lauryn x

+ other posts on masks here & here.

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best facial masks 9 | by The Skinny Confidentialbest facial masks 11 | by The Skinny Confidential

Lauryn’s Favorite Masks, You Gotta Try!