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Things that make me happy.
Weekend wear }

Things that make me happy.
{ Seriously obsessed with this new mouse…rad, right? }

So I spent my weekend crying.

But not like sad-boo-hoo-tears-crying.

Mainly I was crying for two reasons:

1.} Something is wrong with my eyes. I’m convinced ( help me out here anyone ) that I’ve been looking into my computer/ iPad/iPhone too much. Since I’m constantly on the computer I think it might have hurt my vision. Has this happened to anyone else? Basically my eyes sting & tear up when I look at a comp screen/phone screen. Fun, right? I’m headed to the eye doc next week…so hopefully I don’t need glasses. But if I do, let’s hope they’re chic.

2.} Because of you guys. You guys made me cry!!! Seriously though. The comments on the book giveaway gave me goosebumps. Some of the things you guys say are just well, really special. You all are such kind, beautiful, inspiring people & I’m truly convinced that you’re the best readers on the planet. This blog would be nothing without you guys & I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate your support. So THANKS guys!!

Things that make me happy.
{ Not mad about this special, pink delivery from Colourpop }

And besides that, Michael & I have added an extra member to our family.

We named him T.Boone Pickens— he’s a white, beautiful, & spunky chihuahua. Pics to come.

T.Boone Pickens is one year old & we adopted him. If you’re interested in adopting a chihuahua, e-mail me. I would LOVE nothing more than to put you in touch with Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego &/or the place we got T.Boone. There’s so many beautiful chi’s looking for a happy, healthy home ( I’ll do a whole post on this soon too!! ). So hit me up if you’re interested!!

And yes, thanks for asking, Pixy loves him as much as we do. Basically, they’re already spooning each other while watching my latest addiction: Sons of Anarchy ( ohhhh hey, Jax Teller #meow ).

Happy Monday, xx Lauryn

Things that make me happy.
{ Trying on jewels by Brachelle…they’re not mine ( I wish…! ) }

Things that make me happy.
{ The amazing Natalie from Halfway to Harmony drew this!! It’s stupid how talented she is }

Things that make me happy.
{ Currently on my desktop screen saver ( via Design Love Fest ) }

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  1. Hey Lauryn! I currently work at an eye doctors office and it sounds like you might have computer vision syndrome. It can come and go and can be fixed with a quick pair of glasses you only need to wear when on the computer. I’m not a doctor, but it sounds like this could be it!

  2. Check out my post today. I’m focusing on making a plan for the next 100 days and accomplishing it. There are days left in 2014 and I want to make them count. Please check it out.

  3. Sounds like you have dry eyes. This can happen when your staring at a computer for a long period of time. Get some good eye drops and take a break from your computer every 20 minutes.

  4. Aw love this post! So happy for your new addition to the family 🙂 and hope all goes well with the eye doc – if you need glasses no doubt they’ll be just as fabulous as you are! XO, D

  5. A friend of mine from San Diego recently passed away. She loved her Chihuahuas so I donated to the Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego. Hopefully the donation helps to find T. Boone Pickens’ friends a new home!

  6. I’ve never had my eyes tear constantly, just when something is irritating them. Did you try using eye drops to rise them? Or have you used new eye product? Benefit mascara irritated my eyes to the point of tears.

  7. Yes!! I definitely feel lately like my vision is headed downhill fast because I stare at screens all day. Mine don’t sting and get watery, I just feel like they can’t focus on things anymore after looking at my phone or computer for too long. I used to have perfect vision 🙁 I guarantee we all have horrible eyesight in 20 years

  8. How exciting about getting a new dog. I have two loveable labs that I couldn’t picture my life without. Can’t wait to see pics! As for the glasses…they aren’t that bad. I have some stylish Ray Bans I love. Get a lot of compliments from them.

  9. Your giveaway was awesome. I loved reading the comments and this is one of the first times I have felt part of an online community. So awesome what you are doing!


  10. A girlfriend of mine just sent me the below over the weekend. It is a window color setting which is supposed to be the optimal color for your eyesight. I changed my setting yesterday and my eyes feel better than usual at this time (less burning and less tired). I suggest trying it out. Here’s what you do (may be different for apple products):

    – Right click your desktop screen and click “Personalize”
    – Click “Window Color and Appearance”
    – Click “Advanced”
    – Under the “Item” dropdown menu, select “Window”
    – Under “Color 1” dropdown menu, select “Other”
    – This is not one of the preset color options, so you have to manually put in the color settings. Color settings are: Hue – 85, Sat – 123, Lum – 205
    – Click “Add to Custom Colors” if you want to keep this color for future reference, then just select the color and click “Ok”, then “Ok”, then “Apply”.

    Hope that helps.

  11. Love reading your posts – always so inspiring!! Congrats on your new fur baby and he sounds super cute!! I have a rescue lab who’s my baby 🙂
    Glasses aren’t terribly bad, there are so chic ones, ya just haft to look… and my eyes burn and tear up/ I cry every fall and spring – allergies so bad develop blisters, which can be painful, and are aggravated by computer/ TV/ screens/ bright light, but nothing prescription eye drops don’t clear up….
    Happy Tuesday!!

  12. Probably dry eyes!! When eyes are dry from looking at screens too much they water to over compensate 🙂 A lubricating eye drop should do the trick!!

  13. I have horrible eyesight, I already have glasses but went back to my eye doc because it’s WAY worse when I’m staring at screens all day at work. They recommended an anti glare coating on my glasses to help with screen glare and it made a world of a difference! Maybe you’ll just need light glasses for the comp and can get the anti glare coating. Good luck!!

  14. First of all I feel so bad for you! I hope your eyes are okay, because wearing glasses and contacts isn’t the most fun thing in the world. Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll pull it off perfectly! I’m so happy you enjoyed all the wonderful comments on the book giveaway. You deserve it your blog is amazing!

  15. I love reading your blog 🙂 these photos are lovely.
    I can’t wait to see some photos of your new furry addition. I’m a big dog lover, and it makes me so sad that I’m not home enough to have one of my own. I can’t wait until that changes!xx

  16. Your hair looks gorgeous in that first photo Lauren. Is that from a sleep bun or did you have it done?

  17. Definitely agree that you may have digital eye strain (it’s real and no surprise, increasingly prevalent). Our eyes are naturally made for distance vision (if you have perfect vision that is) so looking at a screen all day is unnatural. I second the great advice for you to take breaks every 20 minutes to blink and let your eyes rest by focusing out a window or down a hallway. If you let your eyes rest all through your day, they will be much happier when you hit the end of your night. You can read more tips about digital eye strain on!

  18. At my internship last summer I was staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day and the same thing happens to my eyes…had 20/20 vision my whole life and now I have to wear glasses, albeit an extremely low prescription. At least everyone says I look good with glasses soooo don’t mind that much! 🙂

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