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Brrrrr!!! No More Hard Nips!!

The Skinny Confidential talks boobs.

The Skinny Confidential talks boobs.

Ok, let’s set the nipply scene, shall we?

So you’re wearing this super hot, sexy white dress with a pair of new pumps & bright red lipstick.

Only problem?

It’s backless…& it’s cold. Brrrrrrrrrr.

…you guessed it: hard nipples!

LIKE CALLING EVERY GIRL IN THE WORLD because I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there?

Whelp, have no fear Nippies are here.

This is me getting all Vanna White-y & demonstrating Nippies— obviously, in real life there’s no black bra ( not ready to post my fun bags all over the Internet quite yet ):

The Skinny Confidential talks boobs.

Considering I spend the better part of my life in Nippies, I’ve invested in LOTS of pairs because they really just kick ass.

Fully obsessed with them because the sticky little circles come in handy in many unfortunate situations: when it’s freezing cold ( no more hard nips, BB ), when you’re wearing a backless dress or shirt, &/or when you don’t feel like wearing a freaking bra but you most definitely don’t want your nips hanging out for every Tom, Dick, & Harry to gawk at. ( I mean…honestly though, do guys really not think we’re savvy enough to know when they’re literally STARING at the twins? Psst! ).

In any case, when it comes to my boobs, I go for perky ( so sue me? ). For some reason Nippies just make boobs look so damn…….good. They’re a dream like that.

The Skinny Confidential talks boobs.

Regardless if you’re a member of The Itty Bitty Titty Committee or look like Pam Anderson circa 1999 post-boob job, these work wonders. Small boobies AND big boobies, guys. Plus they’re reusable ( I’ve used mine like 50 times ).

Anyway obviously I’m really committed to Nippies now— I’ve been using them for the past three months & can’t LIVE without them ( << not sponsored, just realness ).

So guys, ya got any other hard nipple tricks? x

P.S. beware: Nippies are realllllll sticky. Sometimes it’s fun to stick them to the back of your boyfriend’s head ( …#truestory ). Or on his ass. When he’s not looking. And sometimes they accidentally get stuck to your white pump & you’re in public for a half an hour totally clueless…don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

The Skinny Confidential talks boobs.

  1. You’re so hilarious and real Lauryn. Love it. What girl hasn’t had a nipple situation? And yet, nobody really talks about it so until now I kinda thought I was the only one with the issue! Anyways, must try these out. Although my man might be sad if he can’t stare at them anymore (why are men so obsessed with hard nipples honestly? It’s like they think it absolutely means were turned on). I guess at home being “au naturel” is fine but I def want to try them with those sexy backless dresses. Thanks for the great post!

  2. I’m in desperate need of something like this, especially for winter! Do you feel pretty good about them not slipping? There’s nothing worse than an awkward nip situation…

    Thanks! | Carly

  3. This is a great idea…however totally useless for anyone with fun bags (love that, btw) bigger than a B/C-cup…I’m a DD, you will NEVER see me out of my house without a bra on!

  4. You have literally made my entire world a better place because of these!! The petal ones never worked for me because my boobs are too small and they would wrinkle, so instead of nips I’d have these weird folds under my clothes. These are exactly what i’ve been looking for!! Ordering now.

  5. I have been searching forever & a day for something to put under the deep v backless tops and have had zero success. THANK YOU

  6. HAHA this post totally cracked me up!! I’m going to have to try these nippies out… I’ve only ever worn sticky boobs. I had a low cut dress that showed some side boob and I didn’t know what to do soooo I wore bandaids. really sexy right?!

  7. I 100% need these because I just discovered the majestic freedom that is not wearing a bra….and the shame and stigma of having hard nips in public!

  8. Ha! There is truly a product for everything these days! I am honestly not too bothered with my nips showing, I mean, it’s life, right? 😉

  9. I need this, I will get it before next summer as no need for it now where I live…so freaking cold nothing can be seen underneath my super thick sweaters! But anyway I love how you always talk about things that are so important to all ladies but nobody mentions otherwise…

  10. Ummmm thank you so much for posting this. Half of my clothes are either backless or with crazy back straps, sheer fabrics, or deep plunges (that being said, if I show one, then everything else is covered!!! fashion rule #1!!!) so the bras are always, always, always an issue. MY question is… can you rewear these and how often?? Like, do you just keep a gazillion on hand and wear them as you need them and throw it away, or do you keep one or tow and re-wear them until you can’t (I guess that means the stickiness stops sticking?!) Either way, these need to be in my lingerie drawer STAT. Thanks again for sharing!!!!! SLS

  11. one Thing that I really love about this post is that it is sooo honest,true, straight-forward and shameless. someone has to talk about this! 😉 Thank you.

  12. haha this is hilarious, thanks for the recommendation! I’ll keep these in mind!

    506 Miles: from Detroit to Nashville

  13. Hilarious. Love it.

    Do they reuse easily? I’ve had some stick on bras that are a one-and-done affair. 🙁 Total bummer when your sticky bra falls off into your dress.

  14. Love this! My girls are far too big for backless, strapless anything but every now and again, a thin bra works wonders. So this is a god send. I used to use these for dance when I was like 12. So many memories…
    The Accidental Mama

  15. I hate bras with a slight passion, but I had a hard time figuring out what to cover the nips with, and have tried everything…including the band-aids (classy, I know), and I came across “DIMRS” which I have found to be FAN-freaking-TASTIC I like the shape of them a little bit more than just the round ones, they don’t give you a small bump like the other ones did (on me anyway) and work amazing! Give these a try and see what you think! 🙂

  16. Oooh I’ll definitely be giving those a try! I have a follow-up question though. When it comes to plunging necklines how do you keep from having a wardrobe malfunction? I always have the problem of the girls wanting to make an appearance and while the nippies would help I’d still like if the boobs would stay put! I’ve tried fashion tape but I wasn’t a huge fan! Any recommendations? Thank you! ?

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