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Can Lymphatic Drainage Make You Sick and Why: Tips for Prevention

When talking about beauty and skincare, we can talk about our favorite products all day long. But, really, the foundation

12 Beauty Hacks For Men

Today we’re going over some of Lauryn’s favorite beauty hacks, but for men. One of the most common misconceptions is

Top Picks For Amazon Prime Day and Why You Have To Have Them

Ready to shop the best of Amazon Prime Day? Along with The Skinny Confidential storefront, Amazon has tons of amazing

The Best Beauty Deal For Amazon Prime Day: Summer Body Must-Haves

Boy oh boy. If you ever wanted to stock up on beauty, wellness and self-care products, today is your day.

How To Improve Skin Elasticity Naturally

Wrinkles. Saggy skin. Age lines. Nah. Today we’re talking all things skin elasticity and preventative beauty.  Skin elasticity is your

How To Hide Dark Marks On Face With & Without Makeup

When we’re going through our morning makeup and skincare routine, we’ve got lots of goals. Of course, we want a

Jamie McGuire’s Tips for Glowing Skin & More

Today on the blog we welcome Jamie McGuire. She is an accomplished skincare expert, entrepreneur and author, known for changing

How To Make Your Hair Not Greasy  . . . And Also Not Too Dry

When you look for hair care tips online, a lot of it seems to be about dry hair. And, don’t

Makeup Tips For Women Over 40

Today on the blog we have Katie Moyer. She is a makeup artist specializing in tips for women over 40

How To Go From Blonde to Brunette And All My Favorite Hair Products for Growth

After being blonde forever, I honestly never thought I’d go brunette, and I especially never thought I’d LOVE it as

Why Staci Christie Loves The Skinny Confidential Ice Roller

Staci Christie is back today and this time it’s to shine the spotlight on the OG TSC tool. THE ICE

How To Make Your Lip Color Last Longer

A smooth and sexy lip color can make you stand out in the crowd in all the best ways.  The

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