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The Skinny Confidential talks leggings.

The Skinny Confidential talks leggings.



If I had to describe my PERFECT workout wear it would 100% be Zella.

Oh yes, & I have serious reasons for my Zella obsession:

1. it fits my body better than any other activewear line ( they’re true to size ).
2. it’s priced right.
3. it’s cute without being douchy ( sorry to a lot of brands: some of your workout wear is well, douchey…I don’t want to look like Zoolander sweating, thanks ).
4. their leggings having lasted me two years & are still in great condition ( plus they wash well ). They aren’t see through AND they’re reversible!!

Specifically I want to touch on Zella’s ‘Live In’ leggings: if you read my blog you know I’ve talked about these exact black leggings three million times. BUT. I really, truthfully believe they are the IT LEGGING.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

The Skinny Confidential talks Zella.

When I’m having a fat, fluffy day ( we all have them ), I throw on my Zella black leggings and INSTANTLY feel better. They hold ya in in all the right places & well, they’re SO DAMN SLIMMING, MAN. Plus during the colder seasons they really hold in my winter coat ( aka that cute layer of too much pumpkin roll ).

Oh ya, & they’re $52 dollars.

So there’s that.

They’re comfortable too, guys. I can do the splits- Kyle Richard’s style, organize my closet, go for a walk, practice yoga, ice skate, clean the kitchen, work on the computer, &/or run a F-ing, casual marathon run with these babies.

Serious realness: if you ever get one thing out of TSC, get Zellas.

Bible, they’re THAT good.

Ok, ok so the top. Recently I found this baby pink top that’s totally to dieeee for. It’s off the shoulder ( you know how I do ), lightweight, & again, slimming in all the right places ( p.s. I bought a size up because I like it baggy, homeless chic ).

I paired it with this bright patterned bra ( << cutest bra of my life ) for a pop of color…AND can we talk about these hot purple kicks?!!

The Skinny Confidential talks leggings.

The Skinny Confidential talks leggings.

Ahhh. So damn fun for summer.

Anyway, I’m very happy about this outfit, seriously though, I’ll probably live in ( you see what I did there? They’re called the Live In Legging, GET IT?! HA ) these for the next five days.

Let’s hope no one will notice…?

Anyone else have black legging recommendations that they live & die for?

( By the way, this get-up was worn during/after my 27 minute TSC Bombshell Body Guide workout. Since doing the workout plan I’ve lost inches & have TONS more energy— I’ve been doing them religiously for about 13-ish weeks ).

x, Lauryn

{ aviator sunglasses here }

* photos: Jade Park

The Skinny Confidential talks leggings.

The Skinny Confidential talks leggings. 

  1. Favorite leggings are a black pair from VS and a navy blue marble ones from H&M, they cost like 25 euros and are so damn comfy plus makes the legs look slim and fantastic 😉

  2. After working at nordstrom in the activewear department i can seriously vouch for these leggings. they are also reversible so you can wear them warmer or cooler. I have also seen them on every body type and they look amazing and fit perfectly. zella really understands womens body’s. Also, fun fact, these leggings were made in response to Lulumenons very expensive leggings that people swear by. They are half the price, same quality, and they arent see through! Love that you are talking about these!

  3. I so love Zella!! Their black leggings are my winter religion! Amen to what you’ve said.

  4. What a steal! Especially if they last two year…

    I could use a pair of opaque leggings since the ones I had that I thought were opaque turned out to be sheer…which I learned when I wore panties with “HANDS OFF!” written across my butt 🙁

  5. I’ve keep seeing how amazing these leggings are on blogs and probably going to give them a try since I’m always in my lululemon’s. How is there sizing- run big, small, TTS?


  6. I have been hearing some great things about Zella lately and some of their prints are so cute on the Nordstrom website. Can I ask how tall you are and what size you got for reference? Thanks! xo Lisa

  7. I love your top! I’m in a drapey, flowy phase right now where I can’t stand for tops to be fitted so I may have to give it a try. Zella leggings are some of my all time favs too but right now I’m slightly obsessed with the capri leggings from Carrie Underwood’s new workout line. I was skeptical since I thought it was more of a celebrity gimmick thing but they actually perform really well. Plus they’re super cute and don’t cause muffin top.

  8. Umm every time I stop by your blog I add another item to my “wish list”. I’m always looking for the perfect black legging…so these are now added to my list 😉 thanks girl!

  9. Gap workout clothes are actually awesome! & they last forever. I have over 10 pairs of their long skinny leggings in different colors/patterns. ~$50 🙂

  10. Holy abs!! Just the motivation I needed before my workout to absolutely kill it! You look amazing, happy Thursday

  11. Love my Zella’s!! First saw them here a couple of years ago (I think ) and rarely went back to my Lulus. They’re just awesome 🙂
    Mine are still kicking but this reminded me I should get more. Their jackets and tops are also to die for 🙂

  12. I haven’t tried the Zella brand yet, but now I might have to. It looks great, and that top is perfect! I might have to get it in Mint… and now that I have the TSC Bombshell Body Guide, hopefully I can get those abs, as well! xx

  13. I’m still new enough to working out where I feel weird spending a lot of money on workout clothes. I just spend $45 on Adidas leggings and $30 on a sports bra on sale at UO and I still feel weird about that haha! But hopefully that is motivation to get me moving and to the gym more.


    coffeeslag: workout gear

  14. You are so beautiful Lauryn!
    Can you please check out my new lifestyle blog and say your opininon.
    Best regards

  15. Well shoot I had no idea there was a workout brand besides LULU because I’m a douche like that, but I love that you shared these. I’m so down!
    Also really into this location, the cherry blossom is a nice touch hehe
    Thank you!!

  16. Hey Lauren! Loving your blog – only recently found you through Kaitlynn Carter and been obsessed ever since! I am interested in getting the porsche sunnies you are wearing in this post – just wondering if the amazon link you provided is where you got yours from? Just wondering if they are legit.

    Thanks!! xxxx Alana.

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