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The Skinny Confidential talks Zella.


A LOT of you guys have asked questions about The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide…SO your wish is my command.

Here are all your questions answered…PLUS at the end of this posted I’ve announced the top 10 bloggers who we randomly picked to review the guide. Please e-mail me at to receive your free blogger code.

Since you guys are so rad, I’m giving away TSC Guide to ANOTHER TWENTY bloggers who are interested in doing a review. SO on that little note, leave your first/last name, blog name, & e-mail below & I’ll pick the next 20 next week ( I’ll also share your reviews on my social channels ; ) ).


Ok here ya go:

• Explain the fitness section:

The fitness section is a full, 28-week program, divided into two sections and targeted workout plans to hone in on specific areas of your body or fitness you want to work on.

Phase one is meant to take a user from beginner stage to intermediate stage.

Phase 2 will take a user from intermediate to advanced.

The workouts use body weight resistance, and get progressively more intense, so even if you already work out we recommend starting with Phase 1 and moving on to Phase 2. Both of these include stretching techniques too.

• Explain the nutrition section:

Currently the nutrition section provides healthy recipes ( constantly updated ), cleanses, a nutrition guide, and a 7 day eating plan.

Our team is working on delivering a 3-month nutrition & monthly eating plan to accompany the fitness guides ( plus a grocery list & video of workouts & food prep ).

Our goal is to create an all over lifestyle change, something that you can stick to without feeling like you are sacrificing the things you love. This is NOT a diet.

• Explain how the subscription part works:

The subscription is your portal to The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide. It provides monthly fitness and nutrition programs, targeted workouts, meal programs, healthy recipes, healthy cleanse recipes, & a community forum to discuss anything and everything ( hey, hey I’ll be live on the discussion forum too! ).

New content will be provided every month. You can unsubscribe at any time, no questions asked. Easy, peasy.

• What will the monthly updates consist of?

The monthly updates consist of new targeted workouts, recipes. In the coming months we are going to be releasing a 3-month eating plan that will accompany the fitness plans, & will be available to all existing members of the subscription program at no additional charge.

The targeted workouts are one month workouts that are designed to target specific areas of your body, or goals. For example, currently we have workouts to target your full body, core, back, lower body, upper body, and endurance.

We pay attention to what you guys want, and will create workouts to help you target whatever you want to work on! So suggestions are welcome!

The Skinny Confidential talks leggings.

{ wearing: baby pink top | leggings | sports bra | sunglasses | shoes }

• Explain the different phases ( i.e. Phase 1 and 2 )?

Think of it like building blocks. We want you to look and feel your best. But that takes time and effort.

Phase 1 is a 14 week program to get you moving, build your endurance and strength.

Phase 2 continues down that path as well as getting you toned through a progressively more intense training. It is designed so that you can decide how much resistance you want to apply so that as your body becomes stronger and more toned, you can maintain or increase the workload safely.

• Can I order if I don’t live in the USA?

Yes, currently our processing allows us to distribute in the US, CA, AU, NZ, and UK. We’re working to expand into more and more countries so we can impact lives worldwide. Where would you guys like to see the guide expanded to?

• Can I use PayPal?

YES! It’s coming: PayPal will be a payment option this week.

• Tell us about the up and coming meal plans?

We’ll be creating 3 month meal plans that will explain how to eat to reach your specific goals— weight loss, maintenance, or weight gain.

Everyone has different goals, & we want to make sure we can guide you right to help achieve them all.

• Will you offer a gluten-free plan?

There are so many specific needs— vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc. – so our goal is to create a general eating plan first, and then start creating additional plans to help meet specific needs. Please leave any suggestions below.

• What if I’m pregnant or have health issues?

Then please consult your doctor before beginning the program! Especially the cleanse.

• Why did it show up as $59.99 instead of $49.99?

Phase 1 and Phase 2, individually, are $59.99 each. With the coupon code TSCHEARTSYOU we are giving you an immediate $10 discount to $49.99.

The bundle – Phase 1 and Phase 2 combined – is $89.99, giving an immediate $30 discount for buying both plans at once.

Using the coupon code TSCHEARTSYOU at checkout will give another $10 off to $79.99. This code wont last forever, so use it while it’s live!

The Skinny Confidential talks leggings.

• How do I access the guide when I want to work out? Tips?

Right now you can download the guide and print out, or access through the PDF reader on your phone. Within the coming months we will be launching an iphone and android app to help you better move through the program.

Also, videos of each move are on its way. Yay!

• When will the meal plans be out? 

Within the next 2-3 months. We will be releasing the progressively, so that we cover all the different and special needs (vegan, vegetarian, etc). Existing members will receive these at no additional charge.

• I want to see more!

Follow our specific Instagram account ( under the handle: @tscbombshellbody ), which will be a place to share more recipes, fitness, & wellness updates.

Also, I will be sharing a day workout sample in the next two weeks on the blog.

• What’s your experience with the guide?

I will share my experience next week & how my body has transformed. Also check out this video for a sneak peek.

• Who’s Jaime?

I’ve been working with celebrity trainer, Jaime McFaden ( an interview to come on Miss Jamie!! She worked with Jillian Michaels’ for years & knows her shit when it comes to wellness ) for the past seven months to bring you all my favorite fitness moves/foods in one bundle. ALSO!! NBD, she was named one of the 50 hottest trainers in America by Shape Magazine (!!!). She’s helped me to make sure everything is legit & ready for you guys.

• I am having trouble at check out, who can I contact?

We have our support team ready to help. Generally we can respond to inquiries within the hour, but some issues might take a couple hours to address. In the menu there is a dropdown labeled “Support” and a “Contact Us” menu item. This will take you to a form to reach out to us directly with any issues you might have. We’re here to help!

For a quicker response, e-mail & someone on our team will get back to you ASAP.


Major realness: I get a lot of emails. Like, a lot, a lot. I’m not complaining— I LOVE hearing from you guys!! Such a fun way to connect. As much as I would LOVE to answer each one, it’s just not happening lately. So if you have a question about ANYTHING ask me on Instagram in the comment section ( of any picture ) & I’ll do a YouTube Q & A where I give you a shout out & read your question. Fun right?! A personalized answer on YouTube is better than an e-mail anyways.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in purchasing the guide & have any questions: leave them below or e-mail Remember if you order, use code TSCHEARTSYOU for $10 off.

Ok, I’m off to start week 14!! Eek!! & uhmm, sooo sore from Tuesday’s workout!! OMG, wish me luck, lauryn xx

{ pics }


** Blogger babe winners ( e-mail me for code ):

Ashley of A Lady Goes West
Courtney Bentley of Courtney Bentley Fit
Amanda Elizabeth of Meet The Barre
Christa Larkin Mean Lil Mix
Nicole Fleckenstein of Stone Cold Betch
Angela Dalessandro of Wonder Junkie
Colleen Welsch of Coocoo For Coco
Lindsay of The Curly Diaries
Harriet Berholtz of Young, Fit, Fabulous
Alice of Honestly Fitness.


  1. First off, congrats on creating an amazing program! You inspire us yet again 🙂 I would of course love to be considered for one of your blogger picks…my blog Strong Like My Coffee is all about a healthy balanced lifestyle as a college girl. Love this!

  2. Hey Lauryn! Cami and I are two best friends from Canada who run a lifestyle blog for teenage girls. We’ve been longtime readers of your blog and are so excited to see this new step for you!! We’d love to pitch in and do a review for you. Our readers are mainly all teen girls, so we think they’d be all over this kind of thing. Good luck with all your emails! – K + C

    1. Hi K + C!

      I would love to chat with you about Canada. Can you shoot me an email at


  3. Would definitely love to try this plan out! I’m a super on the go person with working a full time job (with an hour commute each way), going to graduate school & working on my thesis, taking care of my dog, & of course blogging… oh and trying to make time for my family, friends, and boyfriend. Being able to workout for a long time each day isn’t always an option for me, so I would love try a plan designed for go-getters, and a plan where I will see results!

    Blog: The Feminine Fox

    1. Hi Sara, definitely keep an eye out. I will be offering another chance to review soon. Thanks for reading! xx

    1. Thanks Karissa! I’ll do another post like this again soon so keep an eye out. Thanks for reading :)) xx

    1. Hi Laura,

      PayPal is set up! However we don’t have any more discount codes at this time.

      Thanks for reading 🙂


  4. Would love to do a review!

    I am a naturopathic medical student on a mission to educate and inspire others to live more vibrant lives 🙂

  5. I’d love to be chosen to review the TSC Bombshell Body Guide!! I’m in school right now for nutrition, so I tend to stick to the same workouts/meals for myself. I’d love to try your workouts + new, easy recipes to change things up & see some results!

    1. Hi Sara! Thanks for reaching out. Keep an eye out for future posts, i’ll offer another chance for bloggers to review soon :)) xx

    1. Hi Abbie, thank you for your support! I’m going to do another post to offer bloggers to review soon so keep an eye out :)) xx

  6. Oh please reviewing this would get me back on track! School stressed me out this semester so heading to the gym was never as fun as it used to be.. this would give me the motivation to get back quickly! Also I used to do hilarious reviews of my local gym’s fitness classes because I have no life so I’m already one step ahead of the game, maybe. Find those reviews below if you want:

    XOXO what am I doing

    1. Hi Bret! Keep an eye out for future posts, I am going to invite more bloggers to review soon!

      Thank you for reading!



  7. Congrats to everyone who won! So excited that you’re going to give another 20 bloggers to chance to review your guide! Thanks for all the hard work and effort you put into TSC! Xx

  8. Lauren!!

    I would just die of happiness to review your workout plan!! I have been following your site for years. I just finished both Kayla Itsines BBG plans (which I did because you introduced me to her!) but am about to be going into an intense study time studying for the new york bar exam and then moving to new york (from chicago) where I will be working and traveling a ton!

    Needless to say I won’t always make it to a gym but I need to always be in shape and able to workout whether I am home, in a hotel, or at a gym.. and I need to be able to eat healthy and mindfully no matter the situation!

    I am your stressed out, girl on the go, and eager to try your plan and prove that no matter the crazy life you live – staying fit, happy, and healthy is easy peezy lemon squeezy 🙂

    blog (is just on insta now, saving up for a blogdoo kickstart 🙂 – @thechromaddict

    1. Thank you Bridget! The BBG seriously sounds like a PERFECT fit for you. I’m going to do another blog post about giving bloggers the chance to review the guide so keep an eye out!



  9. This sounds right up my alley, I need something that would kick my ass into high gear. I’ve been hoping to get more into fitness and healthy lifestyle blogging, def something I need! Good luck with all your emails! xx

  10. I would still love to win! I have been looking around for a new work out plan, and reviewing it would definitely keep me accountable.

  11. Would so love to do this! I am doing the Kayla Guide would like to see the difference between them.

    Claire MacDonald

  12. Are there ongoing costs with this? I’ve paid for part 1 and 2 of the program but mentions of ‘subscriptions’ and ‘first month free’ are confusing.

  13. Haven’t blogged in a while, but I would love to review! This would be awesome since I just finished university and can finally focus a bit more on working on myself! 😮 This sounds so awesome! (My facebook range is bigger than my blog so I’ll also share on my Facebook!)

  14. I would LOVE the chance to review your guide! I am extremely interested in all things health/fitness/nutrition. I’m a cardio junkie so I think that the strength training in the guide could really help me round out my fitness regimen. I just started blogging and would really appreciate the push that having you share my reviews via social media would provide!

  15. Hay guys, Its really effective to those person who is fashionable. If you have time you can take the plan. You can also get knowledge about it you should visit our website. Thank you!

  16. Lauren!

    You are an amazing blogger and i aspire to build a business the way you have. Currently I am a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a blogger, and owner of a small town local juice bar. I would be honored to review your bombshell plan!

    blog is:
    insta @ akaleidoscopelyfe

    Thank you!

  17. Hey Lauryn!

    Would love to review your plan! You are such an inspiration! When I start to get tired and overwhelmed with everything going on with my business, I use you for serious inspiration! If she can do it, I can too! 🙂 Keep it up girl! You’re killing it!!!!

    Blog: The Balance Culture
    Name: Kirstin Czernek

  18. I would love to try the bombshell body guide! I am obsessssed with your blog and read every post! I love how you address holistic health, travel, and style. My blog focuses on wellness and I definitely am inspired by the topics presented on The Skinny Confidential. I am 23 and currently attending an accelerated nursing school. I started my blog, Wellness Tam, after being encouraged by many of my Instagram followers to elaborate on the themes of my posts. I love to cook and workout. I have completed three different workout programs (Beachbody, Tone It Up, and Amanda Adam’s Bikini Body), and have been in the beta program for various programs as well.
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  19. Congrats to the winners! I still want to participate! What an exciting opportunity and thank you for letting us be in on the fun:)


  20. Love everything that you do and would love to be considered doing a review. I am currently a fitness/bikini competitor and am looking at how to find a balance for myself when not in contest prep. I either go 100% when im in prep or i splurge a little too much when I am not on prep. Would love to see if you can help fix my thoughts/perspective. Thank u!!!!

  21. Woohoo, I finally figured out the commenting issue! 🙂 I would love to review your awesome plan! SO excited for you & I know it will be amazing! 🙂

    blog (I’m afraid to put the whole URL as it may block it again) – Chickweed and Blush
    email –

  22. Hey Lauryn! This is so exciting! I would absolutely adore the chance to review your awesome plan! I have been trying to stick with a healthier lifestyle, but it can definitely be a struggle sometimes, as a busy high school school student with a blog and a job! Incorporating fitness into my life, not just something I do for a “quick fix” – trust me, I already know those don’t work. Thank you for the opportunity! Have a lovely weekend!

  23. I would love to be chosen to review this. My name is Jamie Lewis and I blog at I absolutely LOVE your blog and totally would be honored to take part on reviewing and doing the program.

  24. Keeping my fingers crossed! This would be great to accompany my travels – what better way to show how versatile this program is!!!

    Nicola Keane

  25. Hi Lauryn!!

    I’m so excited for you on another new venture!! I would absolutely love to do a YouTube review of your new guide as I am a firm believer in everything you create. And I think it would be great for you to have bloggers and vloggers 😉 This would be a perfect way to relaunch my channel which is coming up in just a few weeks!!! Plus, I could you some major inspiration for new work outs, my gym routine is getting so B O R I N G! Hope to hear from you soon. Xx t

  26. I’m so excited for you on another new venture!! I would absolutely love to do a YouTube review of your new guide as I am a firm believer in everything you create. And I think it would be great for you to have bloggers and vloggers 😉 This would be a perfect way to relaunch my channel which is coming up in just a few weeks!!! Plus, I could use some major inspiration for new work outs, my gym routine is getting so B O R I N G! Hope to hear from you soon. Xx t

  27. Heeeeyyy Lauren

    I’d love to review your plan, my blog has recently reviewed 12WBT and Tone It Up, and I would looove to give yours a try!! You are so inspiring and your one of my biggest influences!!

    Jordana x

  28. Hi Lauryn!

    I’d love to be considered for this exciting opportunity! I have been a long time ready of TSC, it would be honor to review this new program and share it with my readers. So exciting! Keep up the great work. You’re so inspiring. 🙂


  29. So excited you’re giving another 20 bloggers a chance to review the Bombshell Body Guide! As a college girl on the go, I feel like this plan will totally resonate with me. Would love to share with my readers!

  30. I need this in my life and would love to review it on my blog! 🙂

    Whitney Gibson. The Whitney Paige Blog.

  31. Seriously couldn’t be more excited to try out your plan! I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of your Bombshell Body Guide and I’m SO excited to have been chosen! 🙂

    xx, Lindsey

  32. I would love to review the Bombshell Body Plan! I’m always looking for new ways to spice-up my fitness routine. With the amount I’ve been traveling lately, a routine I can stick to on the go is just what I need!

    xxo, Kristen

    Blog: Polished N Pretty (

  33. I would love to review the Bombshell Body Plan! I’m always looking for fun new ways to spice-up my workout routine and with amount of traveling I’ve been doing lately, this plan looks like it’d be the perfect solution to staying on track!

    So excited you decided to create this! I’ve been a long-time reader and it’s been great watching you grow and succeed 🙂

    xxo, Kristen


  34. I would love the opportunity to review this program! I also have background as an NASM certified personal trainer so I’m always looking for new and effective ways to challenge my fitness level. 🙂

  35. Hey Lauren! I would love to do a review of the program. I’m a huge fan of your blog and your app. I’m a nursing student in college and need a fitness program that works into my busy schedule. Thanks so much!!

    Madeline (:

  36. Hi Lauryn! I just had a quick question about the guides because I know I am going to purchase them (when I get my next paycheck)! What is the difference between the pinkscription program and the guides and the updates that the guides will have! I want it all but I just wanted to see what I can afford/what I should get first.
    Thank you! I hope you are having a good day 🙂

  37. Can these workouts be done at home? Or do you have to have access to a gym? What equipment is needed?

  38. Hi babe, I’d love to review your Bombshell Body Guide! I always look forward to your health/fitness tips and am excited for your Skinny Confidential guide towards a healthy lifestyle.

    xx, Catt

  39. Hi!
    I would love to try out your workout and nutrition guide so please expand to Sweden! 🙂

  40. What’s the difference in the monthly plan for $9.99/month or the full guide at $49.99?

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