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Because A Pretty, Little Workspace Makes All The Difference

The Skinny Confidential x The Design Network.

Uhhhmmm, my favorite place to get creative is by far my office space.

For me to get in my mad scientist zone, I HAVE to have the right office vibes going on.

Since moving in with my fiancé, we’ve been trying to combine feminine & masculine taste ( remember this lil tutorial? ) so when it came to decorating TSC office, I was all about a calm, cool girly ( but not overly girly ) feel.

Think: lots & lots of white ( weird ), gold touch, pop of teal, coconut milk candles, Brazilian music, airy, light, window open, fake flowers from Home Goods, computer heavy, lucite, to-do list, marble-kinda feel.

You get it.

Moving on, here it is, the next episode of TSC series with The Design Network: how to style a pretty, lil workspace. The full video tutorial can be found here.

And if you follow me on Instagram then you know I just got a new desk. TODAY.

So yes, this is my old desk ( << SUP IKEA! ). My new desk ( which I want to wrap around my body like last year’s Versace ) was designed with Westin Mitchell (<< he has THE BEST stuff ) & I’ll be sure to share it on TSC soon!! It’s a huge-ass, white slab of marble with a gold bottom. If I were a desk….

The Skinny Confidential x The Design Network.

The Skinny Confidential x The Design Network.

♡ Around the office:

‘Kittens Get Thirsty Too’ tumbler
Mouse pad
Tiny unicorn
Lucite business card holder
Mimosa candle

White big candle
Fake flowers
To-do list
Gold polka dot notebook

Pink striped notebook
2017 day planner
Huge gold scissors
White desk calendar
Laptop stand

Lucite tape holder
Lucite/gold stapler
The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide
White pencil cup
White letter holder
Teal pencils

♡ Wearing in video:

white top | black jeans | oxfords | nail polish

The Skinny Confidential x The Design Network.

The Skinny Confidential x The Design Network.

I hope you guys enjoyed this sneak peek into my office! The space still needs some work ( need to spray paint the shelves, hang some pictures, & refurbish my vintage chair ) BUT it’s coming along. Slowly but surely…I try to do a little organization/decor every day.

Anyone out there who has moved a lot? I’ve moved one too many times in my lifetime so I’m hoping there won’t be any U-Haul’s in my near future? Fingers crossed.

( My previous home office can be found here | home tour here ).

Ok so, what does your desk space look like? Come onnnn, I showed you mine—!!


le, x

* Full desk tutorial video here

* for help w/ home styling like this e-mail

{ first pic: Jade Park }
{ vid/pics: Chris Tran }

The Skinny Confidential x The Design Network.

The Skinny Confidential x The Design Network.

  1. Love your office space! I don’t have a full office to use as my workspace, but my project for this week is to get my room, including my desk in order and looking super cute!
    xo, Laura

  2. This looks so pretty! I share a desk with my BF and it’s not pretty at all. Time for an upgrade! Also, I need to get that Kitten cup for my gf…she uses the word cat and kitten to describe basically everything in her life haha. XOXOX

  3. Your office looks amazing! If only, one day, I could have an office that looks like that! Right now I share a massive oak table as a desk with my boyfriend, me on one side, him on the other.


    coffeeslag: workout gear

  4. Your workspace is so inspiring! And you are right, it is such an important element in productivity. Sometimes I ask my boss to let me go to go for a half day at a coffee shop, and I get SO much done and feel that is when I am most creative (because normally I have a million people coming up to me asking if I have 5 minutes that turns into an hour).


  5. Ahhhhh so cute!!! I now need to go out and stock up on cute desk stuff for mine- maybe then I can actually focus and do work with a cute office space!

  6. I love it! Are your shelves from Ikea, and you’re spay painting them gold??? I’m all about it! I was going to do that for my basement! <3

  7. I love your new desk! I’m absolutely dying over the whole room! Where is the white shirt from you are wearing in the video!?

  8. Great post – I feel SO much better and more inspired once I’ve tidied up my workspace. Like they say, cluttered space = cluttered mind! Your drawers are so nicely organised too 🙂

  9. Ugh! I just love all of your home decor ideas! I started using your mixing masculine and feminine tip. I was always going down the neutral route with decor when me and my husband moved in together and it was so le boring. And now we are spicing up the place and I’m getting my girly fix while digging the masculine mix. I’m loving your design network series and can’t wait for what’s next!

  10. Hey girl!

    Two questions: (1) is your office at home? Or outside of the house? Totally just curious 🙂 I have an in-home office. (2) are you comfortable having your computer (desktop) closer to you – it looks super close to the edge of your desk? I have a new iMac and literally cannot figure out how to get comfortable at my desk. My back neck always hurt at the end of the day. Any suggestions?

    Thanks Lauryn!


  11. I love this post. I love the colors and the style of the room. I am a huge fan of your blog and the realness you display on it. Keep up the great work, and post more on home decor!


  12. Your workspace is inspiring! I live in a condo with my fiancé and unfortunately we share an office so I have to be mindful of including both feminine and masculine touches.

    1 question – is that water in the vase with the fake flowers??? If not how do you get it to look like there’s water???


  13. Your office space is so stylish! I love the vibe!! Where did you get the turquoise monkeys from?

  14. The only word I can say for this is “beautiful”. A always live simple yet soothing kind of office designs. I will definitely use these ideas on my small office in my home.
    thumbs up buddy..!!!!

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