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How To Get Perfect Curls? Step By Step Guide

The Skinny Confidential talks hair.The Skinny Confidential talks hair.

How To Get Perfect Curls?

Are you wondering how you can get the perfect curls? I will be giving you my step by step hair guide will show you how to achieve those perfect curls.

Today we’re talking HAIRRRRRR.

You guys have asked how I curl my hair.

Ok so I’m very, very, very specific when I curl my hair.

You guys obviously know I’m a huge fan of The Sleep Bun.

But how do you get pre-Sleep Bun curls?

The Skinny Confidential talks hair.

WHEEEEELP, let’s start from the very beginning:

How to curl the ends of your hair

Before you curl your hair, always make sure the hair is air dry or damp, not dripping wet and definitely not dry hair.  You can blow dry your hair at the point that it is damp.  air is the best way to achieve the style you want with minimal damage.  Damp hair is the best way to achieve the curl you want to prevent damage.

1.) I always curl OUTWARD. NEVER inward. If you’re curling inward then you’re going to get that bridal curl. Not my thing at all. I always curl outward.

Inward curls vs. outward curls

You may want to curl your hair away from your face (outwards) for a more natural look. This means winding the small section of your hair down and around the curling wand wand of the curling iron in a curl pattern clockwise direction on the right side of your face and a counter-clockwise direction on the left side then hold the curling for a few seconds to hold the curling.  With that said, curling inward will look awkward and unnatural.

2.)  Use a wide tooth comb.  It is great for combing curly hair because they don’t disrupt the curl pattern or cause frizziness.  Additionally, wide tooth comb is great for all hair types allowing the hair to cool after the heat.

2.) Use the right curling iron. Yes. There’s such a thing. Different types of curls needs different types of iron.  I’m obsessed with Nume’s curling iron. There’s no chipper thing. The chipper thing gives me a bump in my hair…& no one likes bumps. So I am big advocate of no chipper curling irons.

The Skinny Confidential talks hair.

3.) Never start above the ears. Seriously though. Start curling the hair UNDER the ears. Don’t start from the top. It looks like Shirley Temple if you do.

4.) Brush your hair first. I know, right? Me brush my hair? HA! I promise I do before I curl it. I’m obsessed with this paddle brush. I like to brush the top a little AFTER it’s curled too. Only the top, not the curls at the bottom.

5.) Leave an inch of the fine hair out. Wrap it around the curling iron. I always leave an inch out of the curling iron. Keep an inch out ALWAYS.

The Skinny Confidential talks hair.

6.) Apply a heat protection – use a little oil afterwards. I love adding a little Nume’s Argan oil. Argan oil has SOOOOOooo many benefits ( to name a few: it makes healthy curls, the hair silker, it’s amazing for split ends, & adds moisture and heat protectant without adding shine.  Perfect for any hair types ). More benefits can be found here.

7.) As far as hairspray is concerned…don’t use too much!! Just a little. A little goes a long way. It is great to use hairspray because it provides volume and it can function like a dry shampoo by balancing the oils in your hair. Although finishing with hairspray will help maintain the curls in place, you can still use hairspray before, during, or after the curling process.

8.) Pull it through. I like to pull the curls out with my fingers a little so it is a looser curl. I tossle it a little before I leave the house & kind of pull the curls downward with my finger tips.

9.) SLEEP BUN IT UP!! I live & die for The Sleep Bun. After I’ve curled my hair, I sleep on it! Check out this full tutorial.

10.) Don’t wash it for a few days. Heyyyyyy, come on now. A little dirty hair never hurt a flea. The curls always look best the 3rd/4th day!! #sorrynotsorry

Here’s pre-Sleep Bun, freshly curled hair, by the way:

The Skinny Confidential talks hair.

What are your hair curling tips? Will do a tutorial on hippie chic curls soon too ; ). More hair tips here & in TSC Book.


– Lauryn

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The Skinny Confidential talks hair.

  1. I used to use a nume curling iron but recently switched to the Sarah potempa beachwaver. Absolutely life changing. I have long thick hair that is very similar to yours and I can curl my whole head in under ten minutes. It can get really hot (which I know is bad) but the heat keeps the curl so well so I can go 4 days with no product in it and the curls last. Highly recommend!!! There is a good video online with how to do the three different curls as well (beach wave, spiral, retro curl).

    Loving the posts lately!!!!

  2. Love this post! I have just given up on cutling my hair all together but now I feel like giving it another shot. I always mess it up but maybe this time I’ll actually get it right. Thanks for the tips, Lauryn 🙂

  3. I’ve been using Organic Moroccan Argan oil on my face/neck and it’s been AMAZING. I’m addicted. I’ll have to start putting it on my hair!

  4. How many inches around is the barrel of your curling iron? I’m in the market for a new one and I LOVE the way yours curls! Great post and love your site 🙂

  5. I am so happy you posted this I have been dying to get that perfect wave without the “curled” prom queen look and mine ALWAYS look fabulous but then fall out one hour later ugh! Thanks for the tips xo C

  6. haha, love this because you mentioned not washing your hair.

    I have similar hair, blonde and coarse. I can go with washing my hair literally once a week. My friends make fun of me because their hair is darker and glossier. But hey, it saves loads of time and shampoo/ conditioner and less water wasting! lol

    Will definitely have to do this.

  7. First of all, I love your button down! About maintaining your curl, I have a question for you. I, like you, don´t wash my hair for a few days, but I would love to know how you keep your curls in tact after a gnarly, sweaty workout? I have a TON of thick hair, which I french braid and tie with a hair tie (a sturdy one at that, not a wimpy one). Any tips for my situation? 🙂


  8. I love these curls! I can get my hair to curl like that for about an hour, then it goes right back to being straight. I usually try to start with really tight “wedding curls” so that by the time I get to my event, it has fallen to a beautiful loose look.

  9. Great tips. I have yet to master the perfect curl so I am still turning to drybar. Will try these tips next time I wash my hair <3

  10. So you just curl it and then for the next 3-4 days you don’t wash your hair, but you still shower, do you put your hair up in a shower cap or do you get it wet, dry it out and put it in a sleep bun?

  11. Gorgeous! Killer hair.

    My favourite way to do my hair was by twisting it into one big lock while still a bit wet, and then when it dried out I simply run my fingers to separate the giant lock and I’m left with many smaller locks! Need to give your version a go as well!

  12. thanks for the tips.. but i hate when you are so obviously endorsing a brand. feels like the whole post was created for that reason. know a girl’s got to make money but it just takes away from the genuine, cool feel of the blog

    1. Hi Amanda, anything I put on my blog is 100% my opinion, if I don’t like something I don’t blog about it. Hope that clears up any misunderstandings. x

  13. I love this video, so helpful.Which dry shampoo is your favorite? I have thinner blonde hair and I feel like mine can make it look greasier?

  14. LOVE this post! One quick question, and I’m sorry if you’ve already answered this!! But when you are between washes and doing your sleep bun at night–do you re-curl every night? Thank you:)

  15. Loved this! I just tried it and it was sooooo easy.? I’m always messing around with my hair and have almost given up on curling it, this hair totorial was sooo easy though! LOVE IT ❤️

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