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Mini DeLites: Through My iPhone

The Skinny Confidential talks diet & fitness.{ eek! tried on a wedding dress! }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet & fitness.

{ metallic flats }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet & fitness.

{ the fam <3 | top/sunglasses }

I’ve gotten REALLLLLLLL into Snapchat lately.

It’s a way to connect with you guys in real time & it’s so raw and unedited.


Is anyone with me on this?

Literally. I can’t stop snapping. My little sister who’s 17 tells me ‘I’m funny on it,’ which is clearly code for ‘you’re not doing it like the high school cool kids.’

Whatever, lol.

( by the way, add me! haha…username is laurynevarts )

The Skinny Confidential talks diet & fitness.

{ this weekend’s eats/drinks }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet & fitness.

{ our bar is set up! | top/sunglasses }

Anywayyyysss, this weekend was spent in LA. We moved the last of our stuff into our new place & brought the dogs up for a little visit. They were charming as ever & barked the entire time ( our neighbors already love us! ).

Highlights of the weekend: my parents came up to see our place, Michael & I set up our bar ( & enjoyed Campari sodas!, & we may or may not have ‘Postmated’ In & Out…at 11 pm.

If you haven’t checked out Postmates you’re missing out on life ( this isn’t sponsored, I am just obsessed ). It’s basically an Uber but for food. ANYTHING, ANY TIME, you want to EAT? Someone will deliver it straight to your door.

So ya, an In & Out burger ( protein style with onions & animal sauce ) was necessary.

Also, the picture in the wedding dress was my lousy attempt to try on dresses for like ten seconds. Will keep you updated on the whole wedding thing but I still haven’t really started!!

Any tips for wedding dress shopping?

I’m kind of Clueless Connie on the subject if we’re being completely honest.

Happy Monday guys!

– Lauryn, xx

{ photos found on my Instagram too }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet & fitness.

{ spicy margarita }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet & fitness.

{ shooting more youtube tutorials today! | palm print top }

  1. Oh god it must be so exciting to be trying on wedding dresses!!

    I’ve never used snapchat, but maybe I’ll give it a go. Just sounds like another thing to add to the already out of control social media list of pinterest, twitter, and instragram!

    Btw, your hair on that last picture = LUSH!

  2. Tips for wedding dress shopping: everything looks completely different on the rack and the store staff know what they’re talking about so don’t be afraid to try on something you wouldn’t normally!

  3. I follow you on snapchat since a few days / a week, but I’ve never seen something from you in my histories. Should I do something more than just following you?

    Btw, I love your blog! Keep it up! 🙂
    xoxo Anja

  4. Love that wedding dress on you! Totally a sleek classic line. Also your bar set up – I am such a sucker for clear furniture, I want it through my entire house. Haha. I would spend too much time at that bar….

    xx Jill

  5. I love that your style is a mix of affordable and high end. And you manage to rock it!

    Love that palm print top. Buying it now!


  6. Be open minded when it comes to trying on different styles of dresses. I always loved one particular style of dress and when I becme in engaged I had my heart set on it. When I tried it on I hated it on me and any dress similar to it. The consultant brought a dress for me to try that I never would have picked in a million years and once I put it on I knew it was the one.

  7. I love your bar!!! I can’t wait to see what wedding dress you choose but honestly they’re all going to look awesome on you so it might be a hard decision!

  8. Since now you are living in LA you should come hike with us. We would love to see you in our group. Check @cobrafitnessclub on Instagram 🙂 We are hiking every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am Runyon.

  9. Ah I love the wedding dress photo! It’s exhausting and stressful to find THEE dress but when you find it, you’ll know. Kinda like finding your man! 😉

  10. You should check out Matthew Christoper wedding dresses..he is sooo cool and his dresses are all beautiful! I would find a bridal store you like and also ask when they are having trunk shows and sample sales (warning I went to a sample sale and it was too chaotic for me and I left) Trunk shows are cool because you get to find special pieces that are not always in the store. Oh and I found my dress shopping BY MYSELF, too many cooks in the kitchen ya know? you can always bring people when you have narrowed it down

    Good luck!!

    1. I didn’t know I had to approve people (LOL!! So far behind). I just approved everyone. LMK you guys can see now : ) x

  11. Your bar is killer! I saw it on instagram and have been swooning ever since.

    Cheers! | Carly

  12. That wedding dress is GORGEOUS!!!!

    And I will have to check out this snapchat thing. {I feel so old not really knowing anything about it, ha! 🙂 }

  13. My tips for wedding dress shopping is to look on The Knot and Pinterest and find different designers you like and find out which shops they are carried in. Personally, I can totally see you rocking one of Anthropology ( wedding dresses. They are gorge and have that Boho Chic feel to them. I haven’t started trying any on yet, because I am waiting to drop a few lbs, but my thoughts are to have those that I bring shopping know the style I want but to also pick out 1 dress each that they think I would look fab in. Hope this helps!!! 🙂

    P.S.- You bar is To.Die!!

  14. AHH!!! I loved wedding dress shopping and I wish I could go back to dress shopping, it was such a fun day! You look stunning in the open back dress – as always! So excited for more wedding posts 🙂

    XO, Kalyn Goff

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