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How To: Style A Badass Mimosa/Candy Bar

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.



Think: candy x herbs x music x berries x champagne x fresh juice x cute table decor x Kombucha.

::crying with happiness::

But in all seriousness— is there really a need for anything else?

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

Ok so a few weekends ago I set up this little bar for my friend Jackie’s bridal shower  ( remember her hilarious bachelorette party? ). We set up the bar so people could come up & quickly grab a sex kitten drink + a bag of candy. Oh so, girly-girly, right?

I decided to add gummies ( CHAMPAGNE GUMMIES TO BE EXACT. YES. I KNOW. DIE ) to each champagne glass. Also, for a fun/flirty feel we added pomegranate seeds to a couple of flutes & then just regular colorful balls to the rest of them.

I have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I couldn’t eat the whole table of candy.

Here’s a quick peek at our day:

Tips on setting up your own at-home MIMOSA/CANDY BAR:

1.} Utilize canisters: hey, hey Home Goods. I went and bought vases & glass canister-ish thingies. Fill them with candy/berries/herbs & you’re golden. Key is to keep them see through so everyone can see the pretty colors. I LOVE this set.

2.} Have fresh juice on display: I used Suja Juice because it’s just amazing in every way. My favorite is actually the Green Supreme. I mean who doesn’t want to feel healthy when they’re sipping bubbly? Hands? Thought so.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

3.} Pick a smart champagne: yessss there’s such a thing!! Bon Affair has a low cal sparkling wine. Suchhhhhh a win. Plus they were featured on Shark Tank & you guys know how I feel about Shark Tank ( MARK CUBAN is a HOTTIE …MEOWWWW!! ).

4.} And of course, don’t forget the candy!! Sugarfina sent us the most amazing candy! CHAMPAGNE GUMMIES ( brut AND rosé to be exact ), champagne bubbles ( << OMG ), mini butterflies, peach Bellini candies, and last but NOT least: super sour colorful hearts ( my fav! ). Again, add gummies to champagne flutes. So, so fun to add candy to champagne glasses! Plus it’s pretty. If you want to add candy around the table, opt for lip candies because a bridal shower is all about love!

5.} Kombucha!!! Kombucha x champagne is SO amazing…everyone loves a little probiotics in their bubbly!! Check out this tutorial & get buzzing.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

6.} Herbs & berries: so, so into herbs lately. I added mint, rosemary, & basil to this champagne bar. BTW, I definitely had a basil, strawberry Suja Spark mimosa ( with a couple of champagne gummies ).

7.} Supply clear candy bags: for guests to take home a little sumthing, sumthing, have clear bags with little, cute silver ties avail so people can grab some candy on their way out.

8.} Music/champagne scented candles/table cloth/flowers: you guys know the drill.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

Will update you guys when Jackie has her wedding in April too! I’ve never been maid of honor in a wedding so I’m sure it’ll be reallll fun.

In other news- I just learned how to use Snapchat…apparently I’ve been on private, that’s why you guys couldn’t see anything ( clearly so hip & with it…lol ). Ok so, it’s fixed now. So if you want a raw/real/unfiltered peek into my day to day, follow me on Snapchat- username: laurynevarts. For some of you who have been sending me private snaps…you’re the cutest things ever!

MWAH! & cheers, Lauryn x

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{ wearing: this crop ( similar here for $14!!! ), these white pants, & these nude pumps // for Jackie’s outfit, e-mail & I’ll send you deets }

{{ vid/pics }}

* p.s. extending the giveaway until Saturday ; )

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.



  1. Yum!! I love the idea of putting candy in mimosas, I would never have thought of that! It would dissolve into a nice sweet fruity flavor in the glass. My girlfriend recommends using a scoop of sorbet in your mimosa too – delish!

  2. Such a fun post! I need your help though please please help me find a prom dress. Im not a fan of the traditional dresses more of the Gigi hadid, Candice swanepoel, your style of going out where it’s more tight with cut outs. Can you recommend me any dresses or places to look please?

    thank you 🙂

  3. OMG Lauryn that is such a great idea for a bridal shower– I am sure our friends would destroy a mimosa/candy bar! And the implementation of kombucha is ALWAYS a win!
    Good luck with all your bloggy endeavors and can’t wait to hear about the giveaway winners on friday!
    xoxo halfsiesblog

  4. OMG I loveeee this post!!! And you and Jackie look beyond beautiful and adorable in these pictures!!! Loveeee it!!! xoxo B

  5. OMG the snapchat thing cracks me up. You kept saying that you were obsessed and posting like crazy and I was thinking WHERE?? I can’t see anything. Do I have the wrong name? And now magically I just saw your whole day in snap story. So fun!

  6. I am planning to do this for my sister’s bridal shower! How much of the candy from Sugarfina was needed to make the mimosa candy bar? I just want to make sure I have enough!

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