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Beauty Expert Weslie Christensen: Hair, Hair, & More Hair

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger & health blogger, talks to Weslie Christensen from LoveChugs.

Yay! I have Weslie ( find her here, here, & here too ) on the blog today…& guess what guys?! She’s talking about…


Def one of my favorite subjects ; ).

I mean, since I don’t really wash my hair ( read more on that dirty, lil secret here ), I could probably use some extra tips!


Hi babes.

It’s me again, Weslie, from LoveChugs.

Today I am talking hair— my hair that is, & I seem to take a different approach than most when it comes to my mop top. I’ve been reluctant to openly share about my hair habits, but Lauryn asked, & when Lauryn asks- she receives!

So, I’ve broken my hair have-to’s down into five basic categories:

1.} Washing

2.} Conditioning

3.} Hot tools

4.} Weekly moisture masks

5.} Styling

Why have I been a bit reluctant to dish all my hair secrets? Truthfully, because I’m scared to have you guys running for the hills once you find out about #1…but here it is.

1.} The dirty secret when it comes to my hair?

I don’t shampoo it.


I try stay away from shampoo like the plague.

This idea to stop washing my hair came to me over months of hair envy of my husband. He decided to grow out his hair and he noticed when he washed it with shampoo it became dryer and poofier… So he simply stopped using shampoo.

I hinted, then urged, then I was vocally grossed out by this…but, after time his hair just kept getting more and more awesome. I couldn’t deny what I was seeing everyday. It was shiny, thick, and never ever greasy or smelly. In fact, it smelled good. How?!!

I hopped on the inter-web and found a whole community of ‘no-poo shampooers’ ( no-poo shampooers are people who choose to not use shampoo…you think they could have come up with a better name, right? ) & I was astounded by the mass amount of information out there that points to shampoo being the culprit of a lot of modern day hair issues.

In short, it all boils down to this: the detergent in shampoo strips your hair of its precious natural oils…like the ones we’re paying an arm and a leg to put back in ( i.e.: MoroccanOil & Argan Oil ). The more you wash with shampoo, the more your follicles are stripped of everything good, & the more oil your scalp has to produce to fill the oil deficiency you’re creating each day.

Enter the ugly revolving door of nasty, greasy roots with overly dry hair shafts here.

So I stopped. I just stopped shampooing. I found a product called Wen, which is a cleansing conditioner, and replaced my shampoo with that. It cleans your hair while simultaneously conditioning, and it uses no detergents, sulfates or harsh chemicals. In fact, Wen doesn’t even lather while its in your hair.

Immediately I noticed results. And even better- I found that after using Wen for a few weeks I could go longer in between washes. My hair wasn’t producing too much oil anymore, thus, no need to wash it as often, so I went from every other day washings to once a week over the span of two months.

After this, it was only natural that I started to tap into other forms of ‘no-pooing shampooing’ and I found the baking soda method. I tried that & loved it, too!

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger & health blogger, talks to Weslie Christensen from LoveChugs.

The deets:


I ‘no-poo shampoo’ once a week. I’ll wash with Wen one week, lets say on Thursday, then the following Thursday I would wash using the baking soda method. The Thursday after that, I would go back to washing with Wen. I like to switch it up to keep my hair guessing.


Wen is an awesome conditioner on its own, but when I feel like I need to repair any damage I’ve created to my hair by bleaching, or by using hot tools then I use Kerastase Nutritive Masque Nutri-Thermique. It’s the best restorative conditioner I’ve found yet. I apply it after I wash and let it sit for 10 minutes, then rinse.

ITs A 10 Leave-In

Leave-in Conditioner’s are a must, & ITs A 10 Leave-In is my favorite because it does ten things in one. I put this in my hair after each shower whether I ‘no-poo shampoo’ or not.


Its so, so important to invest it quality hot tools. I fought this for a long time, but when I finally retired my old hair dryer out for my Hana professional blow-dryer…..GUYS, it was LIFE CHANGING! Ok, so that might be slightly dramatic, but it takes me half the time to dry my hair and when I’m finished drying, my hair feels silkier and healthier than before.

Professional styling tools like Hana are equipped with:

~ Ion-Technology– which condition hair & reduces static electricity.

~ Tourmaline & Titanium Oxide Technology– these are natural ions that promote healthier hair.

~ Silver Nanotechnology- for anti-bacterial protection.

Heat that is good for your hair…it’s a must.


Once a week I make one of two different homemade masks to restore and moisturize my hair. I switch off between a ‘Raw Coconut Oil Mask’ & an ‘Avocado/Mayo Mask.’

1.} Organic Raw Coconut Oil Mask

What does coconut oil do? Well, because of its chemical structure, coconut oil can actually penetrate the cortex ( the inner part of hair ) which can help improve its strength and flexibility. I buy mine from Trader Joe’s.

* The coconut oil is solid at room temp, so I run the jar of it under warm water to soften it up and make the application process easy-peasy. When the oil is softened, I slather it from root to tip of my dry or damp hair, then massage it in. From here, I wrap my hair up in Saran Wrap really tight, then go on a cleaning frenzy in my house. After sixty minutes, I rinse the coconut oil out in the shower with hot water and the Wen method of washing. Sometime I will have to do two rounds of washings to get all the oil out. Dry as usual.

2.} Avocado Mayo Mask Ingredients:

1/4 cup full fat mayo, to add shine and moisture.

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, to balance the pH of your hair and remove product buildup.

1 egg yolk, vitamins in the yolk help with hair loss, dandruff, dry scalp, shine, and elasticity.

1/4 cup olive oil, to create shine & moisturize.

1/2 an avocado( smashed ), to moisturize and aid in hair growth.

1/4 cup raw honey, to restore dull looking hair.

* Mix the above ingredients together until it is in a smooth, creamy consistency, then apply it from root to tip of your dry or damp hair using an old paint brush. Wrap your hair tightly up in Saran Wrap, or use a shower cap, then leave this mask on for thirty-sixty minutes to reach maximum moisture benefits. Rinse with hot water in the shower and the Wen method of washing. Dry as usual.

** I suggest investing in a removable shower head if your ready to embark on the no-poo shampooing/home made hair mask journey. With a removable shower head, you can get the water right to your scalp with great water pressure which helps a lot when rinsing out heavy masks like these.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger & health blogger, talks to Weslie Christensen from LoveChugs.


– First styling trick up is cornstarch.

I use good ole’ regular cornstarch in place of dry shampoo and styling products. It works better, trust me…And I know, I know…right now you’re saying, “But! I have dark hair-that wont work for me.” I’m hear to tell you YES IT WILL!

If you have dark hair, just add a little cocoa powder to the corn starch before you toss it around your roots and you have will the world best dry shampoo/volumizer/ texturizer out that matches your hair. The cornstarch helps to hold your style while soaking up any excessive oil throughout the day.

– Styling trick numero dos: Bellami clip-in hair extensions.

I recently came across these guys and they have quickly become what I consider to be the holy grail of hair styling.

These clip in hair extensions are not to be compared to any other beauty shop clip in extensions out-they’re truly in a league of their own. Bellami uses real hair that is so soft and actually stays that way. There are no nasty ends with these guys, and the hair holds it style so well. You see, I have learned my lesson the hard way when it comes to non-clip in hair extensions, and never will I ever have any form of hair semi-permanently attached to my head again—and you shouldn’t either.


Because they’re too damaging ( plus annoying ), and to me, its not worth six weeks of long, luscious, awesome hair for one whole year of repairing the damage semi-permanent extensions create….So, thank the good lord above for Bellami coming out with theeeee most amazing clip in extensions everrrr. Guys, ever…I mean it, ever.

And to be clear, they are not paying me to say a fact, no brand I have named is. All of my opinions are my own, but, Bellami’s really are just that amazing. These clip-ins allow me to have the style I want without having to do my daily– I just throw them in, and voila! I’m done.

So my advice to you in a nut shell is this:

Less really is more.

Simplify your hair routine, and invest in fewer products that are of a higher quality– your hair &!wallet will thank you in the end.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger & health blogger, talks to Weslie Christensen from LoveChugs.

  1. Loved the hair advice! I was checking out the Wen site, just a quick question:

    My hair is my natural colour (I still say blonde, but I’m told by my lovely girls that it’s mousey blonde/brown – denial much? haha) at the moment and it is prone to getting oily the day after I wash it so I dry shampoo for 2 days between washing. My hair is really soft and fine.

    Just wondering which Wen product would you recommend? I get overwhelmed with all the options!


    1. Hi maddy!

      I have really fine, silky hair,too, and I have used and loved all of the Wen options—but my go-to is the sweet almond mint. It works great for our specific hair type.

  2. That was really interesting. I will still use my shampoo but itยดs from an organic brand. They donยดt damage the hair like the usual shampoos do ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. So my question is I workout…. A LOT!!! Can I still follow the same routine as lined out above, or will I be super gross?? Loved this post, especially because it has lots of natural things you can do for your hair ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I work out 6 days a week and I rinse and condition my hair (no shampoo) after I exercise and have never felt gross. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. I shower daily, and usually put my hair in a messy bun to avoid getting it wet. But on days when I work out really hard, or just want to feel water running down my scalp I will rinse with water, towel dry, then add a touch of leave in conditioner.

  4. I’ve been doing the “no-poo” with my hair for over a year now. I finally got fed up with it breaking, being dry + oily at the same time, and generally looking lackluster. I wash it once a week with the baking soda method. I then rinse it in watered down cheap beer. I know that sounds crazy but it’s amazing. Better than the classic apple cider vinegar method in my opinion. After about 4 days without a wash I will start to use the cocoa powder + cornstarch dry shampoo. My hair hasn’t looked this healthy since I was a wee one. Amazing. I swear not shampooing brings out my natural colors and highlights. So much shinier.

    I wish everyone would try ditching shampoo. My husband even started doing it too. But only after being very skeptical. He’s a believer.

  5. My question is, what do you do on the days between? Like shower with not doing anything to your hair except getting it wet, or shower cap it?

    1. I still shower on the days I don’t wash my hair with wen or the baking soda method. I usually put my hair up and avoid getting my hair wet or wear a shower cap everyday. But, there are times that I just want to feel water running down my face and scalp, so I’ll get my hair wet, towel dry, then add a little leave in condition to the ends on the days that aren’t hair washing days.

    1. Yes! Definitely. The wen completes cleanses the hair as it conditions, and the baking soda method removes all buildup that product leaves behind on your hair follicles. You can definitely continue to use all your regular styling products.

  6. OMG this sounds like such a healthy thing to do for your Hair! I will definitely try the Cornstarch and the Hairmasks ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much for coming here and writing about it!!!
    Happy Sunday!

  7. Love, love, love this advice! I always find that the less I wash my hair, the softer it feels. Less is always more when it comes to beauty products. Even after I have a sweaty gym sesh, I’ll hop in the shower without shampooing and it’s not gross at all. I haven’t tried Wen or the baking soda method yet (I still use shampoo on the days I do decide to wash my hair), but now I’m intrigued! Weslie’s hair is gorgeous!

  8. Thank you for all the hair tips!! I can’t wait to try the baking soda and cornstarch out! I have used baby powder before as a dry shampoo but never baking soda or starch!

  9. Very interesting indeed! Thanks for sharing your tips. I’m wondering how you manage to avoid schampooing your hair when you go to the hairdresser and color your hair? The hairdresser washes it automatically.

  10. I love the no-poo method! I have a massive quantity of curly hair but I just wanted to add my experience. It was really rough at first. My hair looked so greeaasy at first and I few times, I gave up and used regular shampoo and I had to start all over again. Before the no-poo method, I washed my hair every other day or every third day. If I straightened my hair, it could hold for 4 days max. Now I’ve been doing the no-poo wash every Sunday, straightening my hair after, and it’s good for the rest of the week. I don’t even measure the baking soda, I just put a few teaspoons in an old shampoo bottle and fill it with water. I do follow-up every time I wash it with apple cider vinegar. I also have used egg as a conditioner which is amazing but I keep my shower really hot and I swear I’ve found scrambled eggs in my hair when I brushed it after.

  11. Great post!

    What do you do when you go to a salon and they obviously want to wash your hair with regular shampoos? What would you say? How would you get around that?

  12. I’m a little confused about how exactly to shampoo with the baking soda. Do you just sprinkle it on the roots and massage it into your scalp? Do you avoid your ends? Thanks!

  13. Great advice! I’ve heard of a few people ditching the shampoo and they are happy with the results. I’ve just stopped shampooing every day – I try to do it about twice a week and my hair feels so much healthier now. I’m curious to try the baking soda method, though.

  14. Thank you for this post! I linked to it in my no poo post! ( I really like how Weslie mentioned good store bought options you could use because a lot of people are freaked out about going all natural at once!

  15. I have been trying to do this no shampoo thing for about three weeks now but my hair is AWFUL! The first week it felt a little greasy on top and very dry on ends (this entire time I have been using the baking soda/vinegar and Its a 10 conditioner and leave in spray), week two it felt more oily all over. I did the avacado mask that you posted on here. Now I am into my third week and even when my hair is wet I can just feel that it is grimy and so dry I am not able to have it down which means my hair has been pulled back in a librarian bun or is in french braid heidi hair haha. I going to keep sticking this out, but is this normal? Did it take you 4 weeks or so to have your hair be normal again? I am wanting to give up!!! – Help!

  16. I’ve been No Poo for over a year now and love it! I wash my hair about 2 times a week with baking soda and condition with a vinegar rinse. Over 1.5 million folks have checked out my article, <a href=" title=""Never Shampoo Again! How To Wash Your Hair No Poo Style""

    For anyone wanting to learn how to use the no poo method of baking soda and vinegar, I invite you to check it out.

    My hair has grown faster, I have new growth, it is healthy, shiny and strong. Join the No Poo movement – no poo is not bs! (see, that's a funny little no poo joke) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for the great article Lauryn and sharing your wisdom (your hair is beautiful!)

  17. do you wear the 160 gram or 220 gram of the bellamis? my natural hair goes a few inches past my shoulders and is pretty thin. i’m trying to decide which thickness would be better for me!

  18. really great tips! I just started using the Wen SixThirteen and so far it’s really nice! Have an order in to QVC for the sweet almond mint kit and I can’t wait to try it. I do have a question about the baking soda method. Do you add the baking soda to your Wen or do you put it in regular conditioner? Let me know! I’m anxious to try it out.

  19. really great tips! I just started using the Wen SixThirteen and so far it’s really nice! Have an order in to QVC for the sweet almond mint kit and I can’t wait to try it. I do have a question about the baking soda method. Do you add the baking soda to your Wen or do you put it in regular conditioner? Let me know! I’m anxious to try it out. Also, on days when you strictly Wen, how many pumps do you use? Cold water? Warm water? These are my burning questions! lol

  20. I read your no shampoo advice, freaked out and clicked away. The initial thought grossed me out. Then it kept coming back to me so read it again and noticed you mentioned alternatives to shampoo which were less scary. I am slowly coming around to the idea of trying this out myself. Thanks for the idea ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Generally I would not read write-up about blogs and forums, even so prefer to say that the following write-up incredibly compelled me personally to undertake consequently! Your current writing style may be astonished everyone. Thank you, very nice content.

  22. Very interesting post @admin
    My sister also have long hair used tips like you have shared …she loves you baking soda or starch formula and may be try next week …. Great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Recently got clip in hair extensions from The clip in hair extensions are 100% human remy hair, you can quickly add more length , volume, and even color to your hair. Itโ€™s easy to install, and to keep your hair in place, there are strips of silicone on each clip. You can then quickly style it any way you would your own hair, and be ready to go in minutes. Im just loving these extensions

  24. do not use WEN!!! If you google it you will see all the lawsuits against them…People’s hair are falling out from the product line. just google it and see for yourself.

  25. I love your tip about using regular cornstarch instead of dry shampoo. My sister is getting married in a few months. I’m super excited to be a bridesmaid! I know we’ll want to have our hair done just right. We’ll want to have it professionally blow-dried for the occasion.

  26. i hope ur not still using wen. their are many complaints that it makes your hair fall out.

  27. I wish I could ditch shampoo too! But I visit often at the beach, so I don’t see any way I can do that. Any advise on how I can quit or reduce my shampoo use?

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