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TSConf Beauty Expert, Weslie Christensen Talks Eyelash Extensions

Weslie Christensen and Lauryn Evarts team up to talk everything beauty, health, and fitness.

Weslie Christensen and Lauryn Evarts team up to talk everything beauty, health, and fitness.

Something I know absolutely nothing about? Eyelash extensions. Naturally I went to Weslie ( check out her cute bloggie here ) for all the deets. When it comes to any type of extension, I’m totally lost. Hair extensions, eyelash extensions, extension cords…HA!

Andddd here’s Weslie’s take on whole eyelash craze:

Want to look like an über babe version of yourself in like 2 hours flat?

Then try eyelash extensions.

Truthfully, nothing else makes me feel instantly prettier.

Not only do they make it look like I’m awake and refreshed 24/7, but they shave a full ten minutes off my morning beauty routine, too. Whenever I have lashes on I forget to wear foundation… & eye makeup doesn’t even cross my mind. It’s awesome!

How do they work?

Professional grade eyelash extensions are placed one by one on every natural eyelash you have.

You are most likely laying down while a licensed technician applies each lash with a strong, black colored bonding agent (its a surgical grade liquid glue), that secures the extension onto your natural lash.

This gives your lashes a glossy black glow, while plumping them up, and extending their length.

Sounds good, right? It is.

There is no need for mascara while you have extensions on. In fact, I’m claiming that the best mascara in the world can’t even touch the effects lash extensions have on some one’s eyes.

Simply put:

Best. Beauty. Invention. Ever.

Yup, they’re that good.

But, with every great thing in life, comes a not-so-great thing about it, too… And there are a few not-so-great parts of lashextensions.

So, before you call your nearest spa, think about these few things:

1.} Do you have enough time and money to devote to lashes?

Lash extensions need A LOT of maintenance. I’d say they only way they look good all of the time is if you get them filled every two & a half weeks.

Your lashes grow and fall out just like all the rest of the hair on your body, so it should be no surprise when your extensions start falling out. Not all at once, of course, but a few here and there-and before you know it, you have gaps in your lashes and loose extensions.

Not cute, nor comfortable.

A fill takes anywhere from forty-five minutes to two hours, at around $80 – $150 per time you go in for a fill.

Can you commit?

2.} Another note to consider is that you cannot rub your eyes as usual with extensions on.

You have to be very delicate with your new set of lashes. Being hard on them will damage your natural lash.

So, if you’re a chronic eye rubber, or have a case of allergies, maybe lash extensions aren’t for you.

3.} If you’re one of those who like to pick, prod, and poke around your face…the thrill of pulling off each individual synthetic lash might be too overwhelming during a late night movie…and before you know it-your lash line is as bald as a babies bottom. TRUTH.

I speak from experience, & the memory is making me cringe. I lost all will power one summery night- “theneed to pull each little faux lash off” was overpowering. Any rational thinking I had left in my brain…I couldn’t help myself!

One by one, I plucked them off, and only when I looked down and saw what looked like a million tiny spider legs all over my bed comforter did I realize the magnitude of the situation…I had no eyelashes. EEK!

So, learn from my mistakes…Do not pick your lashes. If you’re ready for them to be off, go to your technician who will remove them with a gel remover.

4.} My last, and final, piece of advice to you is to shop around for a great lash technician.

Really dive in & do your research, because there are pros–& then, there are why-are-you-even-doing-this-as-your-profession “pros”. Make sure to choose a professionally trained technician who uses top notch products, & check out all their before and after photos. Be in love with every picture you see.

Then, when you’ve found your perfect technician, communicate what you want with them very well. If you’re into a more subtle look, let them know. If you want to look like a Vegas showgirl with lashes up to your eyebrows, let them know that too.

My personal preference is to always go with the less is more motto. I like people to look at me and think, ‘hmmm, she looks good.’ instead of, ‘whoa- she has eyelash extensions on.’

Don’t you agree?

Yeah, lets all agree on that one.

Now you know all the in’s & out’s of lashes…try ’em out!

Ready. Set. GO!

A big thanks to Weslie for her amaze beauty tips! Now…spill! If any of you have had lash extensions, tell me all about it below…; )

Happy Friday, babes!


Weslie Christensen and Lauryn Evarts team up to talk everything beauty, health, and fitness.

Weslie Christensen and Lauryn Evarts team up to talk everything beauty, health, and fitness.

  1. I recently jumped on the bandwagon and tried these bad boys out…haha not going to lie, I woke up and was like dayummm haha it’s amazing how transforming they are. No need for any other makeup at all–love. I say they are a GO if you have the time — bc let’s be real it’s hard to sit in a chair for a few hours…but I’m still hooked, until next week. haha loved this post — soo true! xo. Ky

  2. QUITE POSSIBLY THE BEST INVENTION EVER. I have had lashes on for a couple of months now and I don’t think I will ever go back!! They are amazing and she was completely right, they instantly make you feel prettier. And it is worth the 2 hours of time spent while getting them put on. I will give 2 hours every couple of weeks just so I don’t have to spend an extra 10-15 minutes everyday putting on mascara. I throw on a pop of color on my lip and I’m good to go during the week. I would totally recommend them to anyone who has the time and money for them.

    And another perk, going to the gym and even though you’re sweating it out….your face still looks fab! 🙂

  3. i loved my eyelash extensions when i got them. as soon as they started falling[or being pulled] out i felt like i looked like a monster! for those who can’t handle the weight on their eyes latisse is a great option. I started using it after asking my derm if she had falsies on and she wrote me a script for it!

    The best part?… the lashes are alllll mine and cost $100 per month.

  4. I agree nothing makes your eyes look better than eyelash extensions but in saying that I have only tried it once and although I loved waking up with amazing eyes I hated the feeling. I would always want to rub my eyes in the morning and couldn’t and felt they were really hard on my eyes. Its also a huge investment.
    I found an alternative that I am happy with it’s a mascara called instant lash extreme and it’s almost like having extensions. Best thing is they last 24 hours and waterproof and only come off my gentlly massaging the lashes and they come off in a tube. I hate being seen without mascara on so it’s soo awesome for sleep overs!!

  5. I’ve had extensions a few times but I’m a serious picker so they always left my lashes like you say, a baby’s bottom, which is heart-breaking and difficult to remedy. A friend recommended Lumigan which are eyedrops but do the same job as Latisse and cost only $25. And I swear by it!! Seriously, give it a try for 4 months and you’ll have to stop using it because your lashes get too long and thick – and this is coming from a blondie. I figure that anything synthetic that you put on your body will eventually do more harm than good.

  6. I agree, this is one of the best inventions instant gratification, I suggest to buy your own and apply them on yourself so its not so costly and when you need to fill in it takes minutes and when applying eyelashes the first time it takes a while but it gets easier and easier…just have to be patient ~Good Luck~

  7. I do eyelash extensions, and admit it is one of the most amazing things they have come out with. I have been doing them for over 2 years. I am licenesed in nails as well and wanted to add to my business. Well it has taken off unbelievable! I admit it can be costly and time consuming. Im very low on my prices because i want every women to enjoy the beauty of eyelash extensions! My fullsets only take hour and 10 mins and my fills only half hour to max 45min. My only advice truly is to make sure your tech is licensed in it!!!

  8. This is such an expert advice. I never knew this kind of information before. I will make sure that I keep this in mind and apply what I learned here about eyelash extensions in the future.

  9. I have been getting lash extensions for the past few months i LoVe them! Theres n nothing sexier than lush lashes. PROS: saves me lots of time with my makeup routine, look good at the gym while sweating 🙂 n just waking up prettier. CONS: u may get a natural urge to pull them off lash by lash….DONT! You will be bald! Then you will have to regrow your natural lashes! I couldnt help myself! 😮 DONT rub them and they are a expensive upkeep. I think worth it tho with my alleries mascara drives my eyes crazy hope this helped! 🙂

  10. Great post and so true. I got extensions for my wedding and was so addicted I kept going back. It totally makes me forget to wear makeup which is the best part in my opinion. My lash tech moved to LA so it is harder for me to get to her regularly (I’m in SD) but anyone in LA should look her up, she does incredible work and she is a total doll. I love The Skinny Confidential!!!!

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  11. Eyelash growth is a good solution for immediate result, but be aware that no matter what type of extension you get they will thin out your natural eyelashes. Other thing to keep in mind is the maintenance and restriction of having eyelash extension.

  12. Old post, I know, but I get lash extensions and I LOVE them!! I have very deep set eyes and naturally long lashes, so all mascaras rub off on my brow bone. I very rarely wear eye makeup, so lash extensions make my life soooo easy. No mascara necessary and I easily go 4-6 weeks before getting a fill. I think it depends on your lifestyle/daily makeup. I love them, and I’m fully committed.

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  14. Long, thick, luxurious eyelashes can be the single most alluring component of a woman’s overall sex appeal. They not only draw attention to the eyes; they command it! Eyelash extensions are the latest Hollywood craze and they are…

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