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Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, diet blogger, and fashion blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

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Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, diet blogger, and fashion blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

[ Taking advantage of the sun ( w/ SPF, of course ) my boob ; )? ]

Ever heard of seasonal depression?

Ya…well, sometimes I diagnose myself with it.

Just kidding ( kind of ).

I mean, is it just me or is it really difficult to be productive in gloomy, gross weather? If the sun’s shining in the AM there’s definitely a skippity-de-skip in my step.

Because let’s be real: it’s a lot easier to get your ass out of bed & work out when it’s sunny out.

I can’t complain too much because I live in San Diego ( I know, you’re all rolling your eyes ) & San Diegans are accustomed to amazing weather. So when it’s yucky out, we FREAK out. Like, it feels like life or death.

The problem is SD is like an emotional period cycle- it’s all over the place. Friday: sunny, Saturday: so/so, & Sunday: crappy. No one knows what to expect. It rained this morning & six hours later it’s beautiful out…sound a teenager with Aunt Flow?

I guess my question is ( << this applies mainly to people who live in rainy areas ), how do you get up & GO? What motivates you to work out when there’s no sun?

Tell, tell.


Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, diet blogger, and fashion blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

[ A fresh watermelon juice + a honeydew juice ]

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, diet blogger, and fashion blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

[ A perfect Saturday ]

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, diet blogger, and fashion blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

[ Smashburger’s veggie burger, sans the bun w/ added jalapeΓ±os ]

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, diet blogger, and fashion blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

[ Office Monday’s with her dad ]

  1. Uggggh. It’s even harder in the winter when there’s snow and it’s freezing, and you feel frozen. Makes you want to hibernate. But I think suckin it up and making obligations, such as hot yoga ( if I get up an go to yoga, I can be in a room that’s 105, and not 5 degrees). Then your all de thawed and ready to go! Nutrition plays a huge part too. I’ve noticed if I eat a lot of sugar, I get out of focus bad and my body temp does not feel stable, and it’s a disaster.

  2. what’s in the best.salad.ever?! No advice, I’m originally for rainy Seattle 22+ years and lived in San Diego for a year and half. It’s pretty much the most perfect weather anywhere!

  3. I live in Ky. Not the worst stay in the country but winter wise def far from the best. It’s grey skies and rain with annoying 30 something degree weather from november to march and then bounces around between 60 and sunny and 40 with rain until june. The ONLY reason I workout in the winter is so my skinny jeans fit confortably and to warm myself up. But, let’s be honest, the only thing that anyone wants to do in that kind of weather is hunker down under a heat blanket until summer :p

  4. I live in Sweden and we are more famous for our dark, rainy and cold weather haha! But what motivates me even though the weather is crapy is that I you got to the gym in the rain it’s even cozier to come home again, get a shower and crawl up in the sofa! Have you tried to go for a run in the rain? It’s a feeling like no others. Makes you feel like a champion, a god damn warior. A wet, muddy warior but still, amazing.

    Have a great day! Even if the weather is crap πŸ˜‰

    1. Yeah the shower after a long run is so freaking awesome. I know what you’re talking about… I’m from switzerland..!

  5. The most depressing thing about winter and the super short days is that I leave my house in the morning about an hour before the sun comes up and don’t get home until about an hour after the sun goes down (if the sun comes out at all that is) – talk about feeling blah and unmotivated! I would love to work out in the mornings during the work week but that NEVER happens with my early schedule so I work out either during my lunch break or at night. Lunch break motivation is easy – it’s a reason to get out of the office and go to the gym where, even if it’s gloomy outside, you’re around a bunch of people who are all working really hard towards similar goals and an afternoon at work after a workout is always more productive! Motivation at night when it’s cold and dark outside is tough but there are two things that help – I get my husband to work out with me, even if we’re not doing the same workout, it’s still a lot of fun to flirt and mess with each other and it helps the workout go by faster πŸ™‚ and I’m just always generally happier after a workout (winter months really are depressing!).

  6. I live in North Dakota, where it just snowed last week! So we are used to cold, snowy, windy conditions a majority of the year, but when its nice, its nice and I want to wear cute little shorts and dresses. So I try and turn a negative into a positive and look at the cold weather as an opportunity to get into awesome shape for the warm weather. I use fitness blogs (like yours) for inspiration before I head to the gym to remind me what I’m working for. That way when people finally start taking off the layers in the Spring, I feel confident in my shorts and tank tops.

  7. I live in Minneapolis, MN and we just had one of our worst winters to date (May 3 snow/sleet storm included!). In the winter time, I try to start my day with a 6 AM hot yoga sculpt class. What motivates me is knowing that with the cold weather comes bad eating habbits. Hello, comfort food…EVERYWHERE!? Starting off with a steamy workout allows me to get warm and sweaty for my first hour of the day, and also “set the tune” for my eating habits for the rest of the day. Who wants to negate a hard work out by eating crappy? Additionally, we have 4-5 months of absolutely beautiful summers on the lake, so whats more motivating than tightening up the bod for those glorious few months in a bikini?? Lastly, find fun things to do in the cool weather. Get bundled up and cross country ski or snowshoe around the lakes, go for a run or a walk (its actually fun to do when you are dressed appropriately), etc.

  8. That watermelon juice looks amazing! So does that burger…I always get a veggie burger too at hamburger places and opt for a whole wheat bun and take the top bun off. Side salad instead of fries usually too…little modifications that allow you to eat just about anywhere and still be healthy! XO

  9. Also! I think you would love love love these fitness muffins I share on my blog today! Totally clean and gluten free…just protein powder, coconut flour, eggs, lemon juice, lemon zest, fresh blueberries, flaxseed…that’s about it!!!!!

  10. I live in the land of the fog aka San Francisco! It is even foggy here in July! On those gross, gloomy days (which I’m pretty used to at this point), I tell myself that I need the fresh air so I must get up and GO. Also, as a runner, I try to incorporate my favorite landmarks into my routes. I also look forward to the hot shower and protein shake/smoothie afterwards πŸ™‚

  11. I’m in England – the place with the least predictable weather EVER. Lots of people from the states who come over to visit wonder how we manage to plan to do anything. at all. ever. It’s ridiculous.
    Honestly, what motivates me to work out when it’s miserable outside (so like, 85% of the time) is you guys in sunny Cali! Reading your blog and seeing all of your sunny pictures is like my little fix of brightness. I’m visiting Cali in a few weeks time and making a trip down to SD so I’m looking forward to some serious sunshine!

  12. Seasonal depression is definitely a thing (take it from me, I live in Massachusetts!) The winter really gets me down but I know that working out truly helps me feel better. So while it may be hard to crawl out of bed to drive through a blizzard to get to the gym, I know that I will feel SO much better after.

  13. I’m from the UK and we have had such a long hard winter, only in the last 3 weeks have I seen sun!
    Getting up when it’s dark and grey is horrible plus having to workout inside rather than out in the sun was starting to get frustrating!
    However it’s all worthwhile because now the sun is out I can wear shorts with pride and without having to panic about a mad crash diet so that’s what keeps me motivated πŸ™‚ x

  14. I am the exact opposite! When the weather is crappy outside I get my ass into the gym and give it all I’ve got. Winter is when I look my best because I spend so much time working out and I eat better (less outdoor get-togethers+less beers)
    Ourdoor workouts are amazing, but once summer hits, I’d rather be chillin in the sun than stuck inside the gym. It’s either morning workouts before work, or no workout at all! HA!

  15. Hey babe! I moved from San Diego to Portland, OR a few months back so I totally feel ya. Waking up to gloom-and-doom rain clouds can be so disheartening! But sometimes you have to ‘bring your own weather’, so here’s how I deal:
    -walk outside in nature. fresh air is a HUGE mood booster
    -take vitamin D3 supps & fermented cod liver oil (I don’t do dairy)
    -eat lots of fish and sushi
    -make time for hot steam rooms & saunas

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