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Why B12 Shots are AMAZEEEEE-!!!

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and food blogger, talks about the benefits of B12.

No one likes to feel like a tired, lackluster old fart. You know what I mean…when you wake up with absolutely no spring in your step, eyes closed, grumbling for a Trenta-sized coffee. Ew!

Exercise, a daily cup of coffee, eating clean, juicing, andddddd my monthly B12 shot fix this lil’ problemo. Even though I would rather endure a tortuous death than get a shot [ let’s just say I’m a total fainter ], forcing myself to get over my fear of needles is worth it. Check this out:

Benefits of B12:

 + Increased energy levels- waaahhhhoooo!

+ It speeds the metabolism [ not in a creepy Hydroxycut-pilly way ].

+ Helps with depression + anxiety.

+ Improves moods [ buh-bye PMS; perf for TTOTM ].

+ Known to help prevent cardiovascular disease.

+ Helps with concentration. Much needed if you get distracted by everything [ <<< me ].

For even more about why I love B12 shots, click here.

Try it once. For realsies. Thank me later!


    1. I get the shots done at my doctor’s office. I know you can also go to some plastic surgeon’s offices too. If you can find a place in your area, Google ‘B12 injections in (insert your city here).’ Hope that helps babe! X.

  1. I use to get these years ago when I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and it really helped! I then found another Doctor that would give me a mix of B’s and other vitamins which was even better! It helped restore my health (along with a million other things I tried!) I now find it really hard to find a doctor that will give them. But it reminds me that I should try it again.

  2. Hey Lauryn!
    I am new to your blog and I love what I´ve seen so far. I want to head towards a healthier lifestyle myself and you already gave me some great tips to do that.

    One thing I would love to know is which skincare do you use?! Any specific brand you can recommend? The thing is my skin is going crazy. It might be due to hormonal change but I am breaking out really badly and I never had problems with that. I do have combination skin and a tinted moisturizer was all I ever needed but right now I feel kinda self conscious going out without full make-up on………. I know that an improved diet and workout will change my skin condition dramatically but still I want to help with the right products.

    I did my research and so far I´d either start with Dermalogica, Clinique or Bobbi Brown when it comes to skincare.

    What do you think?

    Thanks a lot!


  3. What is the dosage you get? Do you know what the difference is between the shots and taking a vitamin?

  4. B12 is essential to us! Specially if you’re a vegetarian. I am taking B12 tablets everyday, but maybe I should see my doctor about getting a shot. Great tip! Thanks!!

    1. I feel like the injections work better than the pills! Maybe that’s just me though ; ).

  5. Hi Lauryn!

    Was sent here from Healthy Bitch Daily, and am absolutely loving your blog!
    I have been hearing a lot about B12 shots/pills lately and want to try it out but am still a bit skeptical. Can you be too young to take B12 shots, im 21. Also are they only here to help and not hurt? any negative side effects for current users or in the future? for some reason i feel like they will shoot my metabolism for the future if i don’t continue taking them?

    Thank so much! and am passing your blog along to others who are looking to live a fit and healthy lifestyle:)


    1. I haven’t had any negatives from the shot : ). I would definitely check with a doctor before you get them! : )

  6. Out of curiosity, do you go to the Dr. every month for this? Or is it something you can pick up at the pharmacy and do yourself??? I wouldn’t mind doing it… but going every month to see the Doc isn’t really an option.

    1. Never mind.. Read your earlier reply to another reader’s comment 🙂 No need to answer mine!

    2. You may be able to order them online and do it yourself. It’s $25 dollars a month at my doctor. E-mail me for more details at XO>

  7. Hey Lauryn!

    I read that the Cyanocobalamin B12 has tons of side effects other than the Hydroxycobalamin and the Methylcobalamin.

    Which one do you get?!


  8. Another Great Tip Lauryn! I recommend the Methylcobalamin B12 shot over the Cyanocobalamin B12 because it can be used directly and avoids one extra step in making it available. Incidently the Methylcobalamin is a Methyl donor which is useful for Methylation, this is an important process in the Phase II Detoxification pathway in the Liver. In other words Methylcobalamin helps you to detox your bod! It is also necessary for the carrier protein that is used to carry the essential amino acids that are converted into the brain chemicals Serotonin (feel good) and Dopamine (antidepressant). In other words its good for your brain.that’s why you feel better after having the shot. Shots in San Diego are available at Sprouts for $10-$30, Dr. Austin is good I don’t know the others, here is the schedule Nationwide:

  9. You can get them at your doctors office or instead of driving to your doctor’s office and paying a copay just to get the shot you can get a prescription for the B12 and then you can give yourself the injections at home once a month. Insurance covers it. My copay was only $3.83 ! And that included the syringes. It is very easy to measure the liquid and to administer the injection. Tiny needle, you will barely feel it. I promise not painful at all. And so worth it. It will energize you right away. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and most days I don’t move off my couch I just started taking these shots and right away I felt like a new person. Amazing!

  10. I have a B12 Injection every 2 months at my doctors, Im really interested to know how people can inject it themselves, I find them quite painful as the B12 has to be injected into the arm muscle, and there is no way I could do this on my own.

  11. The shot just has to get under the skin, not the muscle. I give mine to myself in my thigh….


  13. Doesn’t b12 shots help to lose some weight, I have147 pounds my age 57 love to lose10 pounds, how many months I have to take the shots

  14. For Lyn RE: Weight loss clinic that administers B-12 shots.

    If this location is to distant for you, you can ask them if they can refer you to a clinic closer to your area. I have had great success there.

    Crenshaw Weight Management & Massage
    3762 Santa Rosalia Drive
    Los Angeles, CA 90008
    (323) 299-1890

    Good Luck!


  15. I love the B12 shots. I am on a strict meal plan (4oz lean protein 6 times a day) & workout regimen (weights 3X a week and 2-3 cardio) and instantly feel rejuvenated once I get the injection. I got mine through a “Groupon” offer at a local Houston spa for $49 for 8 weeks (Once a week). Once the Groupon deal is over, I will check with my family Dr. As a matter of fact, I’m on my way to get my weekly injection now, then head to the gym. 🙂

  16. B-12 shots are amazing! If any of you want to experience a huge selection of different B-12 combination shots you can visit…

    Spark Health has come up with vitamin shots that help with weight loss, exercise performance, mental concentration, energy and a lot more. Great way to keep you mind and body healthy!

  17. A nice write up! Last year, I suffered from fatigue and weakness, and met my doctor. The doctor discovered that I had been with the Vitamin B12 deficiency for a long time. He advised me to take Vitamin B12 patch to get back my previous health. Incredible, it nicely worked! Within a few weeks, I started feeling well. Before taking B12 patches, everything was going worse day by day. I would like to read and know new things related to Vitamin B12 deficiency, and, therefore, I read lots of related articles on net whenever I find time.

  18. Vitamin B12 is such an amazing thing which helps us from our brain to every bone , it takes care of our skin also, it nourishes the skin , gives nutrition through skin , prevents skin diseases , we get vitamin B12 mostly from animal foods, salmon fish is one of that source , fish oils help to maintain healthy skin.

  19. I love the “B-Well” vitamin injection from Spark Health in Solana Beach. They have over 15 different kinds. For the ladies…They have a “PMS Remedy” vitamin injection, it takes my edge off, calms me down, and reduces my cramps. A must try!

  20. It’s possible that B12 shots might be more difficult to come by soon. The FDA has stepped in to separate drug compounding for individuals (503A) versus for bulk use (503B). So a lot is changing at the moment and the people who have made B12 shots in the past didn’t make them aseptically (in a clean room) and I’m guessing that the FDA will try to shut them down. Many people got sick or died in 2013 from similar injections. For the moment you’d be best to go with an oral supplement or find a doctor who’s using a registered 503B compounding facility.

  21. I was diagnosed as having extremely low B12 levels a few months ago. I was prescribed daily B12 shots for several months then gradually reduced the frequency to now just once a month. It was a hassle going to get the shot so the doctor showed me how to inject myself and it really wasn’t hard or painful. The needle I use is the same size used to inject insulin. The injections are cheap too. Only about $5 a pop. I could tell a big difference in the way I felt fairly quickly.

  22. B-12 shots are necessary if your body cannot process Vitamin B-12 in your stomach. A shot bypasses the stomach and therefore you body is able to absorb. If you are unable to process B-12 you will need to get shots every month to avoid the horrible side effects of low B-12 levels. You don’t have a problem absorbing B-12 you can take an oral supplement and don’t need shots. If your body is not running low on B12 any extra B12 you consume will be removed from your body thru your urine. Have your doctor test your B-12 level (and while you are at it have him check your iron level.) If you aren’t low, don’t waste your money taking extra B-12 you body can’t store it.

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  25. Hi all, I am new to the group. I have been taking B12 supplements but I want to avoid injections. Has anyone heard of Elligen B12. My doctor and a friend of mine recommended it. Can anyone tell me what they think?

  26. B12 shots are great and help me sleep and feel more energy. Some helpful B12 shot information here:

  27. Get the methylcobalamin B12 injections by The HCG Institute and treat the deficiency of Vitamin B12 in the body that can lead to several disorders and diseases. Increase your metabolic functions and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases with B12 injections.

    1. How long have you been ordering from VitaminQuick? I am thinking about trying, but can’t find much information off the website and no dates on their reviews. Just trying to see how legit it is before order!

    2. @FRANK I would love to hear more about your experience with ViaminQuick. I just received my batch of 10 ampuls and the ingredients list looks, okay but the product is produced in HongKong. I am okay with that if quality controls are sound. I have been self-injecting with Cyanocobalamin from it works but Methylcobalamin is more bioavailable. I will post back if I decide to take the plunge.

  28. A normal healthy person plenty of B12 stored in their liver. Unless you are deficient or you have pernicious anemia you are wasting your time and money. An injection of the vitamin will only get stored or exit the body via urine. As a person who has pernicious anemia, I must in inject B12 daily to live a somewhat normal life and I barely feel the effects.

  29. B12 Oral shots have faster results than pills and those painful injections. When I suffered from low levels of vitamin b12 I purchased b12 MIC Shots to treat this, and I am happy with the results. It cures all my symptoms and provides me energy all day long.

    I think anyone who feels the symptoms of b12 deficiency should take Lipo B Shots instead of those prescribed doctor pills that gives results after 5-6 months.

  30. I have suffered from a long time from B12 deficiency. I am taking vitamin B12 vape pen. I have tried Vitamin capsules but I liked the vapourized vitamins. It starts working immediately. What is the basic difference between vitamin B12 vapor and shots? Well I will try shots once. Though I feeling better now, the physical weakness and tiredness just gone after breathing.

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