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You Guys Asked!!! Let’s Talk About B12 Shots

The Skinny Confidential talks B12 shots.


Shots are my number one hate. Yuck, ew, blah, eek, get away!

They really suck.

I feel like it’s the fact that they’re associated with hospitals and the thought of something piercing in to skin…ok, ok, am I weird? Thoughts?


Even though I HATE SHOTS ( did I mention I hate shots? ), I get a weekly B12 shot. I know I’ve talked about B12 shots before but recently I posted an Instagram of my weekly shot & you guys asked me a bunch of questions so…here we go:

This site states “B12 is a great energy boosters. It works through the red blood cells, by enabling them to carry oxygen more efficiently. An oxygenated cell is a cell that is at its optimum, full of energy and won’t tire easily. B12 is also great for the skin. These are just some of the benefits— overall, it’s an essential vitamin that the body must have to stay in balance. The only problem is that it is not that easily found in food— very few foods are B12 rich and these are essentially meat and eggs. This leaves especially vegans to look for sources elsewhere, in fortified foods, supplements or vitamin B12 shots. Shots are a preferred option because of their direct and immediate absorption into the bloodstream.”

♡ According to this source, “B12 increases metabolism, the side effect of which can be weight loss. With regular B12 injections and a combination of other weight loss regimens, people have reported to lose weight much faster and they attribute it to the shot.”

♡ It boosts energy— & delivers an energy booster straight to the bloodstream.

♡ YOU RETAIN ALMOST ALLLLL THE B12!! This source states “none of it gets lost in the digestive process. For comparisons sake, a B12 tablet leaves you with only 1.2% of B12 in the tablet. A shot will lose very little, if any.”

♡ They’re mood boasters. Seriously though. I feel so much better after my weekly B12. Basically Vitamin B12 is really important for a properly functioning central nervous system. If you’re nervous system isn’t functioning properly it can lead to depression. 

♡ You need B12 to maintain a properly functioning cardiovascular system. It things the blood & prevents blood stickiness. 

The recommended dosage is every other day or every other week or whatever floats your bloat!

You can get them from your doctor, at a ‘shot bar’ ( << yes this is real life— these actually exist in Southern California ), or Google your options ( usually there’s clinics in your area that will provide B12 shots ). If you can’t find shots avail in your area, take a B12 supplement that melts underneath the tongue. I like this one ( it’s methylcobalamin B12 too ).

Also, wanted to note: I always prefer to get the methylcobalamin ( it absorbs better & is used better in your brain, liver, & nervous system ) B12, not the cyanocobalamin ( does not occur in plants or animal tissue ). You can read more about that here.

Basically I’ve been getting them for years & they rock. Michael loves them too. I would consult with your doctor first to see if you’re a candidate ( a lot of women are low on B vitamins ). Ultimately, I do what works for me, you should do what works for you.

Ok, so do you get B12 shots? SPILL. x Lauryn

P.S. I get them in my ass, not my arm ( <<< BECAUSE OOWWWWCHHHH! )

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  1. In SA it is quite a bitch to get them. You need a Doc’s prescription for each one (A.K.A pay to see the doctor, pay for prescription and then pay for the shot)! On a student budget it ain’t the cheapest thing around. So… I take a Vit B multi vitamin, it has all the different Vit B’s plus B12 and does the trick (I take two in the morning but the suggestion is 1-2 tablets three times a day and is about R10 for 100/ about $1 for 100) xxx

  2. Now I’m intrigued!! I’ve been reading about B12 shots and this post helped with the decision! But I don’t know where to look. How did you find the place you go to? I live in Northern California and I’m sure there are places around, but I don’t know where to begin. Any advice?? 🙂

  3. This article is great! I have been reading up on B12 shots and their benefits and this article just helped me make my decision! The only thing is, I don’t know where to look or how to look for a place where you can get them. I live in Northern California and I’m sure there are places to go, I just to know where to look. Any advice??
    Thanks!! 🙂
    PS-I’m a new-ish follower of your blog! And planning on purchasing your book soon 🙂

  4. I live in Holland and we can only get B12 shots if it is medically needed. Lucky (or unlucky ha!) I need them, my body can’t asbsorb the B12 found in food. Because my B12 is deficient , I really do feel the change when I get a shot!

    I’m surprised to learn that you just get them in America? No judgement, just surprised haha! I would really love that, because then I could get them more frequently 🙁

  5. Craziest story ever,when I moved to Cabo I went to a pharmacy and bought B12 to inject myself, well it was poisoned because it was not stored properly and I had a HUGE welt on my leg for awhile so I have not been doing them like I used to! Lesson learned, go to a professional! After reading this I will seek someone here to start again I used to love the buzz I got off of them! Love C

  6. I take 2 doses of sublingual (under the tongue) methylcobalmin! It’s the most absorbable kind of B12, the cyanocobalmin is the one that is in most supplements and it does get destroyed. It’s a great alternative to the shot and is cinnamon flavor!

  7. I take B12 vitamins because I have a blood disorder that really drains all energy I could possibly have but maybe the shots would be better than the vitamins because sometimes I feel like they don’t really help me at all. Thanks for posting this, definitely looking in to it!

  8. Hey Lauryn! Love your blog! Just wondering if you had to ask your doctor to get them every week or if you had to be B12 deficient to get them? Do you pay for the shot each week out of pocket or does your insurance cover it? Do you get them at your drs office? I’m an exhausted Mom of 2 that could definitely benefit from these, as my B12 supplement doesn’t quite make a difference. Thank you so much! Xo

    1. I do self injections! I used to do lozenge supplement but my Dr. said that the molecule is just way too big to digest properly. I have to get a special prescription and a certain type of B12 not everyone takes the same kind 😉

  9. So cool that you get weekly B12 shots, I would definitely be interested in doing something like that but I never have. I take a daily B12 slow-release vitamin, but I don’t think I really feel the added energy, which is probably because my body isn’t absorbing all of it, as you mention above. Thanks for sharing this!

  10. I get them because I don’t absorbe B12 from food. The only downside of the shots is most of them cyanocobalamin which is the synthetic version. As another poster mentioned, it’s not easily used by the body. The super downside to it tho is that it has a cyanide molecule attached to it. If you have to get it for health reasons that’s one thing but to voluntarily inject yourself with poision almost every day or bi-weekly is probably not the best idea. Small amounts of cyanide are safe to the body but I would worry about using it multiple times a month. Ps. Be careful with the supplements as well. Make sure you’re getting methylcobalamin!

  11. My mum has B12 shots because she’s deficient in it, thinking she had chromic fatigue or fibromyalgia for years. She’s been having the shots and her disgusting mood, her aweful sleep pattern and her aches and pain’s have gone.
    It’s really nice to see because she’s so much more nicer now she has the energy to deal with people.

  12. Are you vegan? Sounds scary to take on some shots rest of your life “natural” or not. Unless you have a disease but for a normal healthy person + you don’t need the weight loss effect, hope you agree!

  13. Like many autoimmune diseases, my health issues cause me to be B12 deficient. However, I doubt I would take the B12 shots unless I just had extremely low levels or if I was unable to stomach my B12 pills. That’s my choice, however. I definitely recommend taking the option of Methyl-B12 pills or shots (if you choose to do them), like you stated. Although a little bit off-topic, the MTHFR gene mutation is one reason I say this–it’s more common than you think–and if not broken down properly, high B12 in your system can be dangerous. High, low, whatever the case, listen to your body! 🙂

  14. I’ve never gotten this shot, but I know of a few people who have been regularly getting them. I will have to look into possibly getting this one day!

  15. Hi Lauryn! I have been wanting to try B12 shots for quite some time now, so thanks for the blog post! Question for you, I also live in San Diego, do you have a place that you recommend? Thanks! Xoxoxo

    1. There’s a place in Solana beach called One Life, its a weight loss center but they offer deals on B-12 packages!

  16. Hi Lauryn,

    Great post. B12 is so, so important, and a lot of people don’t know that they’re low or deficient. But can I ask that you recommend another form than the shots for people who just want to try supplementing? It really sucks, but there’s a shortage of the shots in the US right now:

    And some people really do have medical reason to need the shots. I’ve got something called that keeps me from absorbing B12 from my food (and oral supplements), and I have to inject myself now and then to keep from developing nerve and spinal damage. Elderly people sometimes don’t make enough stomach acid to absorb sufficient amounts and get dementia-like symptoms.

    Really, I’m so glad that more and more people are catching on about B12! But the downside is that it’s been causing a shortage for the people who really do have to inject it. If your doctor doesn’t find a big problem with your levels but you still want to try out supplementing, please please use the oral or sublingual forms. They work just as well for people who don’t have absorption problems.

  17. I found some “melt under your tounge” B12 at Trader Joes – but I checked the ingredients and it was cyanocobalmin. No thanks! I had just read this post, so knew to look for methylcobalamin. Thanks!

  18. I have been getting B12/Bcomplex shots for almost 2 years now. A few years ago my natural doctor told me I should be taking B-complex supplements since I’m a vegetarian & tended to get stressed out easily. I started taking B-vitamin tablets but they gave me a niacin flush (like a hot flash!!!). I LOVE my weekly B-shot! My stress levels are so much better, I rarely get sick, and my energy has wayyyy improved. Some of my friends think it’s extreme to get a vitamin shot, but honestly…I think it’s the sh*t. I get mine on my butt too 😉

  19. Good review. Thank you,I guessing the B-12 i would need, because my energy level is really low. But i also need something that will compress my apititeso that i can lose weight. I was wondering if i could also do the super slim shot as well.

  20. I’ve received two shots so far ( once a week) when will I see the benefits ??? I’m a full time student , full time single mom, and full time employee as a server while in school … I need all the energy I can get !!!!

  21. So, from my personal experience it is not always as good as it sounds..There are sife effects..I know cause I have experiences them.. in some people one to two weejs after get injected severe cystic acne with hige dark read bumps is developed all over the face, neck and back…It has happened to me twice and originally thought it was a coincidence..So, just be aware..If you need them, thats fine..If you don’t, just know it can happen..I am currently on antibiotics due to the acne that git developed over 24hrs two weeks after.

  22. I have been prescribed b shots that I give myself! They are super small needles and don’t really hurt. I love the way I feel after I get one, it has done so much good for my mental health, energy, and immune system!

  23. Thank you Gena & Dr. Seale! The whole B12 issue has weighed on my mind a while as I’ve waffled between a vegetarian and vegan diet. My question is about the way to take B12-I recently listen to a raw food lecture saying that we pee out 99 of oral viamin B12, but we can absorb 100 through a B12 patch on the skin. Your thoughts? It sounds a little crazy to me, but I don’t want to think I am wasting away all my vitamin b12 every day by taking it orally. Also, if I take a multi with B12, do I need an additional supplement? Thanks again for this great post and I’m looking forward to future Dr. Seale visits to CR 🙂Kate

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