Winter Wonderland: Cozy Looks From Aspen

tsc travel aspen winter outfit faux furtsc travel aspen winter outfit faux furtsc travel aspen winter outfit faux fur

Visiting Aspen was VERY MUCH a holiday kick-off.

It’s sort of the most festive place on the planet so this shouldn’t be surprising. From the decor to the vibe to the hot chocolate to skiing ( well, me throwing poles at Michael as he dragged me down a double black diamond ), the whole place is MAGICAL.

In order to avoid freezing our asses off we bundled up ( unless I needed an Instagram, LOL ) & explored the cute town.

Winter in San Diego is sunny with a chill in the air. Which can be a real bore, you know? I want some spice in my holiday season. Wearing a mini skirt during December just doesn’t feel right. HA!

ANYWAY! If you’re planning a ski trip or frolicking in the snow this winter you NEED to stalk out these pieces because they are JUST SO GOOD!

YOU READY? Let’s do this:


As you know it’s hard to enjoy yourself if you’re constantly cold. I mean I can’t even focus if I’m cold. Faux fur is all the rage in Aspen- well, at least for me it was. I rocked all different variations while we were there. From a lined sherpa coat to a bright green jacket, they all kept the situation WARM. And WARM is what we are going for here.

sherpa | long cream | black patch ( now 50% off!! ) | lime


Another key component of staying warm? LAYERS. As if i could ever forget because Michael reminds me of this every second. During our trip I was constantly in leggings. The thing about leggings is they allow flexibility which is VERY CRUCIAL in the snow. Instead of just plain, boring leggings, switch it up a bit. I went with  bright blue & white leggings added a fun pop of color to my look.

BUTTTTT can we discuss talk this onesie snow suit? It is luxurious & incredibly flattering for the figure with the stripe down the side. It also kept me dry after laying in the snow while skiing. BECAUSE I WAS ON MY ASS HALF THE TIME.

p.e. nation ( similar ) | mesh bodysuit | snow suit


Accessories complete the look. These booties have been with me everywhere. I wore them all around NYC & even last time we were in Aspen. I’m obsessed with how they flatter the bod while also giving you a million inches.

Protect your eyes from the sun with a dark pair of oversized sunnies. The sun reflects off the snow & it’s BRIGHT ( so up your sunscreen game too ). My sunglasses usually have to be as big as face or I can’t live. Well, I can but it’s annoying when they’re too small.

This backpack can fit it all. From snacks to an extra layer, this bag makes it easy- I even included GG crackers, headphones, & a book!

booties | sunnies | backpack


YES! Always fun to dress up for the airport. When you’re comfortable & put together you can really handle anything really. Especially a Panicky Susan- which was in full force this trip. So much so I couldn’t even snap it because he left me at home thinking we were going to be late for the flight. TRUE STORY.

Anyway– for our flight I stayed warm with this velvet bomber & mesh top. Of course I wore my favorite live in leggings and a comfortable pair of sneakers.

The final touch always! And of course is a cute carry-on bag. This pink bag has become a STAPLE when we travel. It’s easy to spot & come on, it’s baby pink!

velvet bomber | luggage ( similar ) | top |apl shoes

If you’re traveling anywhere cold for the holiday season, SPILL YOUR SNOW BUNNY LOOKS. Anyone have anymore onesie recommendations? I’m about them & can’t find a lot of options.

Happy holidays- stay warm! I’ll be over her in my shorts! Wearing sunscreen & sunglasses! Please snow San Diego?

x, lauryn



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  1. Hi! Where are the leggings from that you’re wearing in the first pic with the green/olive jacket?! I’m obsessed!