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As promised, we have begun the wedding content.

If you can’t tell…it’s A LOT? Like I feel like I don’t even know where to start.

Basically to set the tone, let me tell you about the vision for our wedding.

We wanted a fucking party. Non-traditional. Not too bridal. Dramatic. Intense. Different. JUST REALLY DIFFERENT. On our terms. With our taste. We threw the rules out the window.

Sorry but it’s 2016, I feel like anyone can make the rules?

Regardless. Our vision was 4 days in our favorite place: Cabo. At our favorite hotel: One & Only Palmilla. With our favorite people: 55 of our best friends and family. JUST MAYHEM IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE.

Lots of margaritas. Lots of street tacos. Lots of laughter. Lots of MEMORIES.

WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT OF SPENDING ALL THAT MONEY if you can’t do it on your own terms?


I distinctly remember The Skinny Confidential Book Launch party. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED it. But there were so many people there that I didn’t get a chance to soak it in. Enjoy it. Appreciate the moments.

Instead I was wrapped up in talking with people every second.

immediately after I told Michael: I DO NOT WANT that for my wedding.

We wanted real, authentic connections with people we’ve known forever.

Not only that, but I wanted a few days so when the wedding came I could just fucking chill. The four days allowed everyone to already say their ‘hi’s.’ When the wedding came it was just COOL.

Ok on that note, we have so much to discuss but let’s begin with The Welcome Party look?

welcome-party-look-2{ top & skirt: The Dress Theory | metallic pumps | lipstick | flirty lashes | dainty gold rings }

Keep in mind we were down in Cabo for a week & our guests were there for four days. So basically I had like 7-ish looks to plan. Kind of wanted to start out the first look on a bang. Huge thank you again to The Dress Theory in San Diego for dressing me. Honestly I feel like they REALLY got my vision. I wanted to go kind of precious here, very girly if you will. If you follow along on Instagram you know that the wedding was just DRAMA so the first look of the 4 days needs to be softer.

Ok, let’s get into the details.

You should know the second they all arrived to the resort, it was FUN. I made sure to have spicy margaritas the SECOND they got out of the airport car. Details are important & this one specific detail had to happen. Margaritas the second they arrived & then straight to the pool. We screwed around in the pool & then it was time to get ready for The Welcome Dinner.

The baby’s breath started the weekend off right too. Very feminine.

I loved the idea of using a flower that normally compliments other flowers as the main bitch. Baby’s breath is always an afterthought. For The Welcome Party I wanted it as the main attraction. The Grand Vizier.

Arete Florals in Cabo just did a stunning job. The baby’s breath was showcased in the perfect way. Each belly bar had a huge bouquet of the tiny flower. We let it shine.

We also did a popsicle cart for everyone, lemon margaritas, spicy chicken enchiladas, & a TON of candles. I can assure you popsicles were very on brand: coconut & guava. Yum.


I collaborated with Esoteric Events throughout the entire process. The owner, Kristin, was cool as F & totally got my very intense aesthetic. I feel like it’s hard sometimes to talk to people in the wedding industry because they’re stuck in the old way. Kristin really understands the times & appealing to her customer’s vibe. My vibe was obviously random & VERY, VERY NON-PINTEREST. In fact, I didn’t look at Pinterest once.

The whole idea was I didn’t want to be influenced by anyone.

I literally wanted the wedding to JUST SCREAM me & Michael.

There was no need for inspiration.

I saw it in my head.

And this is why Kristin is INCREDIBLE. She saw what I saw.

She also is VERY GOOD with time management…something I am horrible at…she is always planning.


I’ve realized after throwing a wedding how difficult it is to communicate what you see in your head to someone. It’s no joke. My vision is so clear but sometimes I can’t accurately describe what I’m seeing. Which is why it’s very important to hire someone who gets it. Kristin/Esoteric Events gets it.

Del Cabo Event Design did all the fabulous rentals. We’ll talk more about this later…there’s too much to tell.

Candles were Craft + Foster, per usual. Champagne Blush was the perfect scent for this event.

Music was a lot of Kanye !! Some Sade !!  And a little rock !!

And of course the venue was at One & Only Palmillia ( shout to Arianna ). They made my magical moments come to life. I swear there’s Xanax in the air. Every one of our guests complimented the resort’s RELAXING/CHILL atmosphere.


Anyway, back to The Welcome Party.

All my best friends & family gathered together on Thursday to get buzzed & celebrate the fact that we were in the most insane place TOGETHER.

I wanted our wedding to be about the people.

Not the food.

Not the venue.

Not the dress.


…& we wanted it to feel like THEY were on vacation, not at a wedding…do you know what I mean?



The people make the celebration.

My people rocked my world. Literally there wasn’t one person at our wedding that annoyed us…( isn’t there always at least one though? Like the drunk? Or the party pooper? None of that! ). Everyone was cool. FUNNY. WITTY. DOWN. CHILL. Just amazing. GREAT VIBESSS.

So much to tell but for now I’ll just say The Welcome Party was the perfect way to kickoff the events.

The only thing that would have made it cooler? If you guys came! HA.

Sure, Taylor AKA THE BARE NAKED CUCUMBER partied a LITTLE too hard…but I feel like that’s a podcast story? I mean would you expect anything less?

Before I go: makeup was simple, natural, to the point. A HUGE LASH though. Hair was just a soft curl. I have so many hair & makeup posts for you so stay tuned.

We are officially kicking off the wedding posts…HERE WE GO. GET READY.

x lauryn

+ new podcast episode is live with my dad. You have to hear about the psycho that crashed our Thanksgiving dinner! LOL. Happy listening!

{ photos }



  1. I love the concept. I think your wedding was brave and creative and you were just absolutely stunning! I totally agree with you about the importance of the people you invite and of having your own vision for your own wedding. It’s really inspiring! The pictures are amazing!

  2. I could tell from the pictures alone that you had a BLAST! So glad you found a great team of people that really brought your vision to life. That’s what a wedding is about!

  3. Alright, Lauryn. This is amazing. These are officially my favorite photos of you and Michael EVER – with that one of the two of you at the front being #1. I love how big your smile is and how truly happy you and your family and friends look at this party. This is what celebrating love is ALL about! Flawless as always and full of heart – well done, you. 🙂 So happy for you both and thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  4. Ah can’t wait for this series to continue! I love the fact that you wanted a small wedding with only the closest people in your life there. But how did you go about doing that without insulting (extended) family/friends. I know that it is YOUR wedding and in the end you are the one footing the bill/making the calls, but unfortunately people usually assume they are getting an invite (family, parent’s close friends, people whose weddings you have attended). Any details and helpful tips! xo

    1. I honestly just didn’t think about how other people would feel LOL. I made it clear to everyone that it was a super intimate wedding! xx

  5. Wow! Love this, love everything about this. One & Only in Cabo is seriously THE BEST. I love what you said about making the guests feel like they are on vacation. Every detail is perfect, esp the baby’s breat as the main b! And I can’t WAIT to hear the Taylor story lol I keep cracking up at y’alls snapshamings so it’s gotta be good. The pictures are incredible, you can really capture the vibe here and it feels like we were all there with you! x Shannon

  6. I know for sure that my boyfriend and me won’t get married in the next two years, but a girl can already dream, right? … I’m feeling really inspired by your whole attitude and the fact that you just invited those people you two like! Honestly, that’s the one thing that’s already freaking me out – whom to invite and who’d be pissed if they wouldn’t get invited, all those ‘relatives’ you don’t really like anyway but you’d have to invite just because they’re family.. I will keep your blog posts about the wedding in mind! You looked amazing, by the way!

  7. I love everything about The Welcome Party. Everyone’s happy, relaxed vibe just radiates off the screen. Stunning as usual! It’s so refreshing to see a vision come together that wasn’t pulled directly off of Pinterest *praise hands*. I love what you created for the whole extravaganza! Do your own thing, always- every detail screams you and Michael. xo

  8. LOVE this Lauryn! I love how you and Michael find a way to turn everything on its head . . . all the time! It is fab!


  9. Everything is so beautiful. Love that you went with your gut, not what you are ‘Supposed to do”. Small intimate weddings are the best! Thanks for sharing and congrats.

  10. Everything looked amazing! Body was amazinggg in that crop top too! Everything was so YOU. Can’t wait to see the rest!!

  11. Girl that picture with you and Michael where you’re laughing —-
    jaw drop.
    loved how happy every looks – you killed this whole vibe!

  12. I love everything about this! You and Michael looked perfect, happy and relaxed – the way you should totally start a marriage <3 Congrats and can't wait to hear more about the fabulous weekend!

  13. Your pre-wedding is definitely on point!
    And can I say – your people is one good looking bunch! Or does everyone in San Diego look this good? 😉
    Congrats again Lauren x

  14. A good DJ will know how to read and react to a crowd.  He or she will know when to play the right music to keep your guests dancing and to appropriately interact with your guests.  

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