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Just A Little Monday Motivation

The Skinny Confidential gives advice for getting off your ass!

I saw this quote on Instagram the other day & it popped out at me like gnarly-ass ‘Jack in the Box.’


Well, duh, since I’m a girl, I bitch.

I bitch at my boyfriend for leaving the toilet seat up ( like, honestly…how hard is it to close the lid when you’re done? I mean at 2 am the other night, I literally fell in. Sick. ), at the annoying driver who cut me off, & I obviously bitch about “Real Housewives” to anyone who’s willing to listen.

But what about bitching about more serious stuff? You know, you know, like:

♡ Your body
♡ Calories/food/what’s in the fridge/etc.
♡ A shitty job
♡ Not enough sleep
♡ A toxic “friend”
♡ A negative living situation

Here’s the deal: all of the above are dictated by you.

That’s right: you & only you. You’re kinda all you got when it comes to changing the above negative situations in your life.

So, let’s discuss. Ahem:

|| Your body || get off the couch & move! Run, swim, dance, walk, hike, etc. No one’s going to change your exercise routine ( or body ) for you.

|| Food || no one is forcing you to eat crap. Find creative ways to eat clean. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Stock your fridge with healthy options, pack your lunch, & use portion controlled bowls.

|| A shitty job || having a shitty job makes you miserable in other areas of your life. Rectify the situation ASAP. Start finding other avenues to make cash, put the word out that you’re in the market for a new job, &/or send out your resume…anywhere & everywhere.

|| Not enough sleep || when people tell me they don’t sleep, I don’t think it’s cool. I don’t think it’s commendable. I don’t think think it makes them a hard worker who’s a total go-getter. Sleep is essential for healing. It heals your cells. Sleep makes you a better person. Figure out ways to sleep, sleep, sleep. Seriously. Sleep= happier life.

|| A toxic friend || say no, say no, say no. Read more on the power of no here. Start cutting any negative energy out to make more room for good people. Because honestly? There are a lot good, good people. And who has time for poisonous people? Buh-bye!

|| A negative living situation || don’t stay in a crappy living situation. Once I had a roommate who stole from me…it happened one time & I immediately moved out ( she literally stole all my handbags…). I was young, broke, & just starting out…but it didn’t matter: I booked my ass out of that two bedroom & figured out a Plan B. In my opinion, living in a negative situation is bad for your health. But really, being comfortable in your living space provides peace of mind.

Seriously though, lately my motto is: absolutely no bitching if I choose to keep myself in an unhealthy situation…anyone with me?

( Does being around someone who leaves the toilet seat up count? Technically it’s not very healthy if I fall in…hint, hint babe ).

So. On that note, thank God it’s Sunday because Monday’s fresh start. A clean slate. A time to look forward, not backwards.

Go kill it tomorrow. xx. L

  1. So true! My life is so much happier because I made it that way! I had a room mate who was a hidden drug addict, she hid it well that is until I would come home from school and find her re organizing my closet, the kitchen and repainting a freshly painted wall. It was crazy but the minute I realized she was a drug addict I moved out and although I was super broke living without a room mate made me have so much more energy to put into working more which meant more money! Sometimes all you have to do is switch things around to have the best life ever <3

  2. This is just want I needed to hear at 6am on a Monday, especially as I was totally wavering on whether to go to a workout class before work.

    You’re right; bottom line, life is too short to seethe in negativity, especially when the power to change our lives is always available.

  3. Such a great post to read first thing on a Monday morning with my cup of tea!
    Thank you, your blog is gorgeous 🙂

    Ellie xox

  4. This is SUCH a good posting!! And it’s something that I realized recently and have started working on to make myself happier because no one else will (or can) do it for me.

  5. This is exact mood I woke up with. After stepping on my scale, I decided I have had enough. I appreciate the straight, no-frills, you-know-better look at what we always want to change.

  6. Your posts are always so on-point. I love seeing them in my feed! This one especially is clutch today. I’ve been stressing and over-thinking things lately when I really just need to suck it up and make changes myself! Cheers to fresh starts!!

  7. Hi Lauryn,

    You got it. It’s up to everyone to make their own choices. While we all get put in situations we didn’t choose, we are responsible for how we react. And how we live each day right.

    I recently left my corporate job, which was making me totally miserable. While it was a good paycheck that I’ve missed, I’m determined to build a career on fitness and writing that lets me help other people. Since the day I quit, every Monday has been exciting. No looking back.

    PREACH! 🙂

  8. Just read this this afternoon and brilliant for boosting my motivation again! mondays can be great 😀 It would be great if you’d like to check out my little slice of the internet at 🙂 xxx

  9. Just read this this afternoon and brilliant for boosting my motivation again! Monday’s can be great! It would be great if you’d like to check out my little slice of the internet at 🙂 xxx

  10. Love this Lauryn, you have control over your life – if something’s not working…change it!! This is a perfect dose of motivation for a monday morning! XO, D

  11. Love the bit about toxic friendships. Sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to how draining they are. Just cut ’em off and don’t whine anymore. I agree!!

  12. Spring flu trying to kick my a$$…yuk! SC homemade sprite…YUM. It’s making me feel so much better I’m actually considering hauling my sickie a$$ out for a short run 🙂

  13. I love how you don’t sugar coat things…..when people say something about my body or my willpower I’m like wellll you got to get your butt up and move sometimes it doesn’t happen without sacrifice. Also sleep I 100% cures all.

  14. literally when boys complain about having to put down the seat i’m like, you’re not the one who’s gonna fall in when it’s dark and you’re half asleep.

  15. LOVE this, but mostly I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I love your upgrade. It’s easier to navigate on my phone … which I realized when I was looking for a recipe you’d posted at the store. I seriously appreciate knowing where to find an honest opinion … I don’t have time to filter through all the BS out there.

  16. Hey!

    Your blog is awesome! There is nothing better than reading a motivational text on Monday’s evening!

    I am following you now on Bloglovin, maybe you wanna do the same?
    And maybe you want to click the like-button on my facebook page?

    much love from Luxembourg xoxo

  17. This was exactly what I needed to read this morning, thanks for the inspiration and motivation. I’m forwarding to a few girls I know will appreciate it just as much.

  18. Love the first one – Your Body – Trick here is to get up and go for it before you find enough excuses to not bother. By the time you figure out why you should not go for a run/walk/hike/swim/whatever you will already be on the way. You can always bitch about it later but by then you will be finished… haha



  19. #killinit! esp on toxic people in your life. There’s no room for negative people when there are so many uplifting, positive people in our lives!

  20. Love, love, LOVE this. So true. And so many people LOVE to bitch about all the above things, but then don’t choose to CHANGE them. You can’t just think – you must DO something. Awesome post <3 I feel like people always need a reminder 🙂

  21. I love this SO much! It’s true and I was a victim until I realized I’m in control of what negativity comes into my life. I don’t have to ‘deal with it’ ’cause I can just simply wave buh-bye to the bullshit. I love teaching my clients that <3

  22. Lauryn, the toxic friend thing is genius! I always feel so guilty for defriending on FB/unfollowing/disconnecting from toxic people out of fear of “disappointing” them. I really needed this reminder <3 Life is too short for negative people/things…

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