Dragon fruit smoothie by The Skinny Confidential.

The Tight Ass, Hot Abs Dragon Fruit Smoothie…For The Lazy Girl


Dragon fruit smoothie by The Skinny Confidential.

Dragon fruit smoothie by The Skinny Confidential.

Ok so when I first saw a dragon fruit smoothie on Instagram over a year ago, it IMMEDIATELY caught my eye.

Because well, it was SO, SO vibrant. The color was out of this world—especially vibrant for a smoothie.

But really, I’ve been dying to try dragon fruit for as long as I can remember, before it was, you know, trendy & all. 

So naturally I did what every girl does when she’s creeping around on Instagram: I screenshotted the picture.

( Don’t pretend like you don’t screenshot shit too ).

Of course I was also looking for a way to use these pretty gold glasses too. Because, cute right?!

No lie this smoothie takes like 4.3 seconds to make:

Dragon fruit smoothie by The Skinny Confidential.

I actually want you to know that this is a very lazy girl smoothie. Like, sorry I’m not sorry that I don’t have 21314 hours to dedicate to making my daily smoothie? Should I feel guilty? Perhaps? I don’t know, the easier, the better in my book:

1.) watermelon chucks

2.) half of banana

3.) dragon fruit or a Pitaya Plus packet

4.) scoop of chia seeds/flaxseeds/any seeds

5.) ice & 1/2 cup water

directions: blend.

See? A lazy-ass smoothie that gets the job done.

Dragon fruit smoothie by The Skinny Confidential.

Dragon fruit smoothie by The Skinny Confidential.

Benefits of pretty, pretty dragon fruit: it contains fruit fats ( AKA good fats ), fruit fiber, lowers cholesterol, contains antioxidants, TONS OF VITAMIN C, & helps prevent free radicals.

So here’s the deal- next time you’re in a pinch & need something that gets the job done, try ‘The Tight Ass, Hot Abs Smoothie’ & don’t apologize for your laziness.

Typically I keep all these ingreds on hand for when I’m feeling just too lazy to cook ( AKA everyday ).

What’s your favorite lazy girl smoothie? SHARE!

Ciao. xx

{ also on Instagram today, I shared ‘The Look Hot Naked Smoothie’ found here }

Dragon fruit smoothie by The Skinny Confidential.

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  1. AvatarAimee Belle

    The colour certainly is stunning! Though I’ve no idea where to get my hands on some dragonfruit! I will definitely bear this in mind though. Planning a holiday in the new year, and seriously need to diet!!
    Aimee Belle recently posted..My Secret Style IconMy Profile

  2. AvatarAshley @ A Lady Goes West

    I’ve never used dragonfruit. I wish I made up great names for my smoothies like this. I would say the best smoothies I make are the thick ones – such as one including a baked sweet potato. But for daily greens – I just use frozen spinach, frozen blueberries, almond milk and a stevia. It’s delish and quick!
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted..Fun facts about me and some blogging tipsMy Profile

  3. AvatarOlivia Ruth

    I have been meaning to try this, have you used the Pitaya packet yet, those ones end up super BRIGHT pink but I am wondering if they taste as good?? My fav lazy smoothie more like a dessert…. almond milk, half frozen banana, spoonful of peanut butter (made with only peanuts, as you would understand!) handful of oats and if I have some on hand any kind of dark chocolate chips or cocao powder….. melt in my mouth!!

    XO – Olivia Ruth
    Olivia Ruth recently posted..Skin Care: Ready to Glow? Try DermaplaningMy Profile

  4. AvatarFiona

    Hi Lauryn,
    Love your blog.. Pretty and great info! I am going to make this smoothie it looks tasty. I am loving any chocolate smoothies too, not as pretty but can be healthy and delish!
    Fiona @ Fionafitnessfun.com