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The Skinny Confidential Team’s June Favorites

The Skinny Confidential Team's June Favorites

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend whether you partied hard, relaxed with a book, or spent time with family.

With a fresh week ahead of us, we thought it was the perfect time to kick of a new monthly series where The Skinny Confidential team shares their favorite purchases from the past month.

We’re gonna get right into the team favorites. Here we go.

The Skinny Confidential Team’s June Favorites:

Mesh Food Tents

Lauryn: These are so fab if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors. We’re loving our patio right now so these are key for keeping bug off of food & drinks. These are something you definitley need this summer.

Embroidery Kit

Katie: This embroidery kit is the ultimate anti-anxiety hobby that I’ve been loving this month. Something about the tiny specific needle work helps me zone the fuck out and turn my brain off. My handiwork REALLY isn’t the prettiest, but it’s the ritual (15min every evening) that keeps me coming back.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Hilary: I looked forward to reading this book every night before bed. It was a little slow to start but I kept with it & so glad I did. Usually I would stay far away from fantasy & magical style books but this one was so beautiful and mesmerizing.

Pimple Patches

Mackenzie: I have been using these overnight for those pesky pimples that pop up on your chin. They’re great at sucking all the gunk out. The Calendula has healing properties so it doesn’t feel like it’s violently getting pulled out the skin.

The Skinny Confidential Teams June Favorites

Mushroom Lamp

Lanina: This is one of my favorite home decor purchases I made for my room. This mushroom lamp is super cute and will look fab on any desk or nightstand. They also make the best birthday gifts.

Fruit Fly Traps

Holly: Before the pandemic, I had the WORST luck at keeping plants alive! Over the last two years I’ve become the typical plant lady with a new plant joining the party every few weeks. As I’ve returned back to office, I haven’t had as much time to tend to them as before and with the summer heat rolling in, fruit flies have been making themselves comfortable. I found these cute traps that blend in with my plants and they worked overnight.

Orgain Protein Powder

Alyssa: Stocking up on my protein powder! I like this one specifically for the taste, it’s organic and it doesn’t cause stomach issues like a lot of protein powders do. I highly recommend this brand.

Cloud Slides

Lainey: I’ve seen so many people wearing cloud slides so I finally decided to buy. They’re the perfect shoe to slide on before going to the pool, grocery store, or even just running outside to your mailbox. They’re so comfy and sculpt to your foot so I literally wear them everywhere with no apologies.

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle

Parker: This is one of the sweetest books I’ve ever read — it captures all of the wonderful, complex dynamics in a mother-daughter relationship, with the beautiful Amalfi Coast as the backdrop. Fair warning — it will make you tear up!

Apple Airtag

Lindsay: We used to be carry-on travelers only, but since having a baby we’ve been having to check a bag for our flights. With all of the travel hiccups happening right now – especially with loss of bags – I wanted an extra piece of mind that my stuff is actually traveling with me.  Thanks to a tip from Brian Kelly (AKA @thepointsguy founder) I bought an airtag and placed it inside my checked-in luggage so I can track that it’s traveling with us – key when you have a layover!

LMNT Electrolyte Powder Packs

Hailey: These are the absolute best electrolyte packs! I take them when I’m dehydrated because of the 100° Texas weather or when I’ve had too many margaritas at Matt’s El Rancho the night before. They taste amazing and make me feel like a million bucks.

Do you guys like these posts from the team? Let us know below. And DUH, of course we put all our recs in the Amazon store for you.

What’s your favorite purchase from June? Tell us what we gotta get!

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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