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The Pregnancy Craving Everyone Needs to Try

This post is all about something that started on Instagram Stories & had to be on the blog. It’s just so fucking good that I can’t not let you in on this recipe I discovered through my pregnancy.

This concoction might sound weird, but don’t judge it til you try it. It’s LITERALLY so good. I’m going to consider myself Chef Boyardee with this one. You know I’m not a big fan of huge, long, crazy recipes, so this one is straight to the point, oh so good, & one that you’ll keep going back to. It’s one of those recipes that you just have to try during the winter season.

For some reason I need to have this 5 times a week since I’ve been pregnant, but something tells me it will continue even after I’ve had the baby.

K, so here it is.

Pomegranate Sweet Potato & Ghee Recipe:

1. take a sweet potato & cook it in the microwave or in the oven:

Wash & dry the sweet potato well & pierce the skin with a fork 5-6 times, then place it on a microwave-safe plate & cook for 5 minutes, rotating halfway through ( if cooking more than 1 sweet potato, add 2 minutes per potato ). When a fork slides easily through the potato, it’s done. If your potato isn’t fully cooking, put it back in the microwave 1 minute at a time.

Heat oven to 425F, wash & dry the sweet potato well & pierce the skin with a fork 5-6 times. Place the sweet potato on a baking sheet & bake for 45 minutes. When a fork slides easily through the potato, it’s done.

You can probably guess that I usually opt for the microwave version.

Benefits of sweet potato: { via }

♡ high in fiber ( keeps things moving, ya know? ).

♡ filled with Vitamin A ( so good for skin ).

♡ low glycemic index ( for energy through the day ).

♡ high in magnesium ( can help reduce stress & anxiety ).

2. Drench that shit in Ghee.

Ghee came highly recommended to me by my Ayurvedic specialist. She said it’s actually one of the best things you can put in your body especially when you’re pregnant, so I’ve been finding ways to use ghee.

The difference between ghee & butter is that ghee has less lactose than butter. It does taste a bit different, so if you’re not into it, then I recommend Kerrygold butter. Ghee is very easy to adjust to & so damn good on a sweet potato.

This is the one I like & I’ve been eating a lot in this 3rd trimester because it’s supposed to lubricate the vagina.

Benefits of ghee: { via }

♡ rich in essential nutrients & minerals ( Vitamin A, E, K2 ).

♡ perfect for cooking because of its high smoke point.

♡ rich source of butyric acid which is essential for digestive health.

♡ rich in Omega ( when coming from grass-fed cows ) so can improve mood & brain health.

♡ helps metabolism & overall health.

♡ full of iron which is great for pregnancy.

♡ had anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Top with pomegranate seeds & cinnamon.

Next you’ll want to top the sweet potato with pomegranate seeds. Try heating them up in the microwave then squishing them with a fork to kinda make a jelly.

I’ve been eating so many they’re coming out of my eyeballs ( the baby’s too ). Like pomegranate seeds on everything please- sparkling water, on top of pizza, in a fruit bowl, throw them smoothies, on top of salads, you name it, I do it.

Benefits of pomegranate seeds: { via }

♡ full of antioxidants.

♡ contain lots of fiber.

♡ encourage blood flow to the brain.

♡ healthy for your immune system.

♡ high in Vitamins B, C & K.

♡ can help prevent preeclampsyia & other health issue in pregnancy.

Then for the final touch. Cinnamon. From essential oils, to homemade potpourri, to a cinnamon broom, to cinnamon toothpaste, I’m very much into cinnamon everything.

Benefits of cinnamon: { via }

♡ full of antioxidants.

♡ has anti-inflammatory properties.

♡ lowers blood sugar levels.

♡ helps to curb a sweet tooth.

If you wanted to make this a little sweeter you could even add a few drops of maple syrup. It’s absolutely delicious.

To make it a full meal, sometimes I’ll do a side of corn with this. Just a bowl of corn with some sort of spicy chipotle sauce on top. It’s honestly the best meal ever & one that I felt needed to be on the blog. You guys need the specifics. And like I said, even though this is a serious pregnancy craving, it’s also an anyone craving.

If you make this on Instagram Stories be sure to tag me so I can check it out. If you hae any other amazing additions, let me know below.

x, lauryn

+ scope the most obnoxious smoothie ever.

++ fiber-filled peaches & cream oatmeal you have to try.


  1. Sweet potatoes are on of my all time favorite foods. Now I feel like I must try this concoction!! Like Lauryn wouldn’t steer me wrong.

    1. sweet potatoes seriously go well w everything ! def try it out and let us know how you like it

  2. When I was pregnant I had everysingle day sweet potato with guac! This recipe sounds delicious!

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