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why I count my steps | by the skinny confidential

{ pink shoe deets }

Well hello, happy Friday. We are live from bed! Watching the latest House of Cards, of course, with a piping hot cup of ginger/turmeric tea. Two snoozing Chihuahuas are cuddled up very close to me. I’m debating whether or not to get up & go to the kitchen to grab another coconut macaroon.

How are you? Any news? What’s the latest?

As you may already know from the last podcast episode, I have been trying to count my steps.


Like, walking steps.



TO BE ENTIRELY REAL WITH YOU, I am in the market for a Treadmill desk.

Yes, seriously.

I’ve wanted one for forevvvvver so now I’m shopping my options. I feel like we have a small space in TSC HQ for me to walk on my Treadmill while returning 6 million e-mails. Always efficient. Since my business is so much on the phone, the Treadmill will make me move while getting some work in.

Do you not love this idea? I’m obsessed.

My Google search is: ‘best treadmill desk’, ‘treadmill desk in white’, & ‘is a treadmill desk effective?’

You know just the casual Friday night Google realness.

My options are looking pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. LIKE HOW GOOD DOES THIS ONE LOOK? I’d love it in white though if I’m being honest.


Ok back to steps. What do I mean by steps? Well here’s the story: a few weeks ago I looked down at my phone’s pedometer ( under the ‘HEALTH’ app- you know the one- it’s a big red heart, we all have it ) & for the whole day I’d only taken like 4,500-ish steps.


This is not the healthiest thing in the world & it didn’t sit right with me

I eat healthy, I take care of my skin, my mind, & body, & I work out almost 6 days a week…but I need to move more.

Not exercise, per-say. I needed to walk. MOVE. Park my car farther away from Trader Joe’s! Walk to the movie theater instead of drive! Walk downstairs to get Postmates…instead of making them come upstairs!

Just little things. The things that add up.

I needed more steps.

So Michael got an Apple Watch which is UNBELIEVABLE at counting steps. I toyed around with it & loveddd it. Hopefully I’ll get one soon. I have my eye on this white band/silver one ( hinty, hint MB ). In the meantime, I am using my phone which is OK at tracking steps. It’s annoying because I workout sans phone- hey I need an hour a day without my phone, you know? So the whole time I’m working out, no steps are accounted for.

If you’re wanting a no phone option, check out this LIGHT PINK, very TSC pedometer. It’s chic & inexpensive. And how cute would these shoes be with this pedometer…UGH, I WANT IT ALL.

So let’s answer the question I always like to answer: WHY? WHY COUNT STEPS?

Because it is an ATTAINABLE GOAL.

According to this Harvard study: “Few of these studies explored in any depth why pedometers are good motivators. One hunch: a pedometer puts a number to our physical activity efforts, and most of us respond to the concreteness of numbers, especially when it comes to exercise. Runners count miles, and swimmers, laps— and now walkers, with the help of pedometers, their steps.

Some experts invoke the self-efficacy theory as an explanation. In simplified terms, self-efficacy means having confidence that you can perform a task that’s set before you. What we’re asked to do when we wear a pedometer is to take more steps— not a daunting prospect for the average person. Walking 10,000 steps a day may seem like a lot but it is within reach given that many of us already take between 6,000 and 7,000 steps daily.

Put another way, those additional 3,000 to 4,000 steps add up to about a mile and a half, a distance most of us can cover in about 30 minutes. In busy lives, that’s not an inconsiderable amount of time, but we can find it, especially when you consider the exercise guidelines that say we can divide up that 30 minutes into 10-minute chunks and still get health benefits.

The average stride is about two-and-a-half feet long.

So if you have an average stride and you take 2,000 steps, you will have walked the equivalent of about a mile ( 5,000 feet, compared with 5,280 in a mile ).

And if you hit the 10,000 steps-a-day mark, you will have walked the equivalent of nearly five miles ( 25,000 feet, compared with the 26,400 in five miles ).

A reasonable goal for most people is to increase their average step count each week by 500 per day ( a quarter of a mile ) until they can average 10,000 a day with ease.”

ANYWAY, I have a friend who I workout with all the time ( hi Kim Kelly! ) & she told me she saw her friend the other day. Her friend had lost A LOT of weight. Kim asked her what her secret was…& she said 15,000 steps a day. THAT IS IT. Of course I encourage exercise & eating healthy too, but steps are great to add to that list right?

NOW don’t go crazy here, you don’t want to feel OCD about it. It’s just a way to keep yourself on track. If you miss steps, don’t freak- you know? I’ve found not to let it dictate my day. Really I look at it as more of a friendly reminder to get my ass moving every hour instead of sitting at a desk all day. Instead of driving to the grocery store that’s 5 minutes away, I walk. Easy. Don’t over think it- just be aware.

Any other step counters? What’s your vibe on this?

Hoping you’re all having a lovely Friday night!

Talk tomorrow, lauryn x

+ want tons of FITNESS/MEAL PLAN tips? Check out TSC BODY GUIDE

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  1. I’m on my feet for 16 hours a day, everyday, so that’d a lot of steps to count 😉 Just by having a standing desk, in addition to already living a very active lifestyle, I’m able to get in a lot of movement. The standing desk also helps me with my posture. I wouldn’t feel safe if I did what Victoria Beckham has done, with the whole “use a treadmill dress in stilettos” thing, haha.

  2. I usually track my daily activity on my iPhone’s Health Data. It’s probably not as advanced other solutions, but it helps me to keep me on track. After a long working day sometimes I am surprised to see how ‘inactive’ my day was, so I try to be more active by adopting easy wins, such as walk on my way to home or take the stairs instead of the lift 🙂
    Raquel xx

  3. I do like checking the health app to see my steps- sometimes it shocks me with how few steps I’ve taken in a day! Now on my lunch breaks I frequently go for a walk… to the cafe/clothes store/nearest pharmacy for some makeup and skincare hahahha

  4. I sit all day and would love a treadmill desk. Its hard to make it through the day. Too antsy.


  5. Yeah, this is great! Perfect motivation. My bf has been telling me to walk more and i really do need to. Especially working at a desk, sitting down 80% of the day, I need to put more pep in my step!

    Thanks for the motivation!!

    Saphia Louise | Lifestyle, Faith & Travel

    1. Of course! Maybe you and your bf could do something to be active together. Thanks for the support Saphia

  6. First, we’re OBSESSED with ginger/turmeric tea! It’s Ben’s favorite drink to make (he goes all out, boiling the ginger and turmeric root and everything) and we swear by it.

    I LOVE counting steps, especially when you compete with friends (a lot of the apps have work week/weekend challenges you can do to see who has the most steps). It’s just friendly competition but it’s incredibly motivating. I teach, so I’m constantly moving, but even parking further away from a store or taking the stairs are good add ons.

    And I’m 100% for the treadmill desk!

    Susie |

    1. This just made my day Susie, so happy you love the tea.. Maybe I can get Michael to start drinking it more. Competing with friends is such a good idea! xx

  7. Yes! I use the Health app daily to track my steps and I’m always pushing myself to do more. Check out the book Move a Little, Lose a Lot to learn about the science behind NEAT movement (Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis). Highly recommended!

  8. Love this! But really in Denmark we bike or walk to everything. We do not grow up with driving around like you do in the States. I love that about Denmark! It’s such a healthy and easy habit – I mean, walking to the grocery store, the gym or a friend’s house is no biggie – and you can easily do a work call on the way!

    1. It’s so cool to hear from a reader in Denmark, I have been dying to visit there. That’s great that you walk everywhere, so smart. xx

  9. I lost almost 80 pounds and moving more was a big part of it. I watch what I eat (not obsessively mind you), and make sure to get at least 12,000 steps in a day. And walking was the one thing that I was allowed to do after my surgeries. Oh, and I track my steps with a Fit bit Charge.

  10. I have the silver apple watch with a white band. I love counting my steps but I’ve learned not to obsess. I used to pace the room before bed to get my steps in. It was so unhealthy. I think if used as a guide and not an obsession, it’s a great tool! Now, I use it to see how active I’ve actually been in a day rather than a mark I have to meet.

  11. When I am in London I can easily walk about 10,00 steps a day but when I go home I barely walk 5,00 – it’s so hard to walk when I live in such a tiny town where everything is like 10min away from my house! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  12. Yes to tracking steps and yes to the Apple Watch! I’m a huge fan of the Apple Watch because of the activity feature (which is an app) included when you set up your watch. If you and your partner have watches, you guys can set it up so you share your activity info with each other. You can help cheer each other on and keep motivated!.the watch also has features like :alerting you when you have achieved certain goals you have set, it alerts you when it’s time to get up and stand and start to move, especially if you’ve been sitting too long, it tells you when to stop and breathe (like 3 mins of deep breathing for mindfulness), and at the end of the day it’s so rewarding to see how many steps you have taken, how miles those steps actually add up to, & as a bonus it also shows your calories burned. It’s a great way of staying on track and using it as a means to keep yourself sticking to goals you want to start making habits. Plus, the Watch has a in app “Work Out” feature. So if you are doing and out Door walk you can set it and track it, if you’re taking a cycling class, doing yoga, running etc. I find that every time I’m about to do my workout or go out for my daily walk that I make sure I have the watch on!! It’s fun and super accurate!! Totally need to get one. My biggest day of steps ever was over 26,000 steps in one day!! Hahahahhaha kinda crazy but I live in NY and choose to walk everywhere. Despite having a car I just have come to appreciate my walks. It’s my time to clear my head, listen to podcasts and just have that much needed ME time. I love it and can’t wait for you to get one!! You and Michael will be sharing your activity for sure! I know you guys love a friendly competition! Ps- there are so many other awesome things that the watch does that make things very efficient. You can literally reply to text messages by just talking into the watch and it perfectly writes out your response! No need to always have the phone out!! I could go on and on but AMEN to getting in those steps and encouraging yourself to get outside and move!

  13. Great insight.
    I think need to work on increasing my steps which has decreased a lot after moving into a smaller house.
    I urgently need to think about the ways to increase them.

  14. I love mybfitbut, it’s like a gentle nudge “he, you’ve been lazy today, it’s 3p get moving”….sometimes as a mom folding laundry, organizing etc you forget to walk around….makes a big difference

  15. This is such an important thing for people to think about! Because of the nature of today’s jobs (office jobs) many people are so sedentary and think their 30-60 minute workout does the trick. I know I was SHOCKED when I got a Fitbit and realized that even with a 30 minute run, I was only hitting 7,000 steps a day and without a run, I wouldn’t crack 5,000. Thanks for the reminder to check my steps!

  16. Keeping track of steps is something I’ve been doing for years and has worked out amazingly for me! When I walk more steps throughout the week, I feel significantly less bloated, lighter, and I have more energy. I love love LOVE this post, Lauryn!

  17. I tell my sister to try taking more steps a day all the time! Even if it’s 10 steps to the kitchen, it adds up! So she got a fitbit to start tracking and become more active. I like the thin pink one you linked it’s not as bulky as the fitbit I have. I definitely want to save up for an Apple Watch though, I got my boyfriend one for Christmas & he’s obsessed. He even says he never thought he’d use the steps & health app on it & he uses it everyday!

  18. I love it! I sit at a desk most of the day so getting the reminder to walk is perfect! I’ve had multiple models of fitbits and I currently have the Blaze which buzzes throughout the workday if I haven’t gotten up from my desk in an hour. I love it!

  19. I am a total step counter! My fit bit goal is set to 15k which is doable most days in NYC (but I give myself a break if I hit at least 12k)

  20. I can tell a drastic difference in my body when I don’t make sure to take 12,000 steps a day. Seriously, I can kill 2 hours boxing or at Barry’s Bootcamp, or both in one day, and then go home and sit on my ass all day. Love this post!!

  21. I am also a huge fan of counting steps! I got a fitbit back in February and it has honestly motivated me to walk places rather then drive or take the subway. I think there is also a great feedback mechanism of getting encouragement from your device “congratulating” you for making y our goal. I am a huge believer in positive reinforcement!

  22. Hey Lauryn,
    Just wanted to let you know awhile back I bought that light pink cheapie step tracker and it really sucks. Sometimes it doesn’t work and the color doesn’t look that color at all, its more like a bubblegum pink. I bought this weeks before this post, so this isn’t criticism at all, just wanted to let you know 🙂

    1. thank you SO much for pointing that out Celina! I’ve updated the link. I appreciate all of the support. x

  23. I found that simple yoga routines also are really great for health. Try this yoga program: My pain improved after a couple of weeks on yoga and no sugar.

  24. I am also obsessed with counting steps. I am using the Pedometer App available for Android phones. I do my morning walk around 5 am and be back home at 6 am to prepare my daughter for school. After I drop her to school I am back at it. According to the app, I am using, I hit the 10K mark in about 2 hours. I was thinking of getting a watch tracker and I will check out your recommended tracker!

  25. Keep your rhythm. I like walking after meals. So I feel good for my health. Look at my understanding of fitness: . Thanks.

  26. I swear by my Fitbit! Keeping track of my steps has been the biggest motivator on slow days! Even just going a brisk walk in the morning or evening, makes a big difference. And on the days when I’m 15000+ it’s just a big bonus! It definilty keeps you accountable. ❤️ I shit you not, I I download an episode of TSC podcast and go for a 30-40minute walk all the time. Podcasts and walks is a game changer. ?

  27. This is my life right now!!! I love the challenge of getting up and walking every hour and trying to get at least 10,000 steps in a day. I constantly think of ways to get more steps in… but not in an OCD way… yet. I actually go for walks and listen to your podcast and other ones and it’s sooooo relaxing and I look forward to it every day. I use one of the first generation fitbits bas my mom had a new one just sitting in house unopened and it does the trick but looking to upgrade from the ugly black band and one with a heart rate monitor. I love how it tracks your sleep and the app helps you log your water intake/food if you want plus exercise. Trying to decide between an Apple Watch or a newer Fitbit. Let us know what you pick and what you think! This post relates to me so much, I keep bringing it up to people but nobody seems to be on the same vibe at the moment so thank you!!

  28. I bought a Fitbit at the end of May and was immediately hooked! For 3 straight months, I didn’t go to bed until I hit 10k steps. I started walking to/from work, taking a stroll around lunchtime and usually hopped on the treadmill for 30-60 mins in the evening. I became so much more mindful of my movement (or lack thereof). However, after 3 months, I decided to leave my Fitbit off while on a beach vacation for a week. The stress I felt made me realize that I was being a total psycho about it. I’m wearing it again, but not stressing over hitting 10k every single day. I still walk to/from work, around lunch and most evenings, but if I’m shy of my daily goal that’s ok. My weekly avg is still over 10k/day. Overall, I’m so glad I’m tracking my movement – it makes me feel so motivated and I love challenging myself to take every opportunity to get a few steps in! I’m keeping in mind that it’s not the end of the world if I’m not perfect every day 🙂

  29. I love this!! Also those shoes are to die for! Do you know which pink color those are? They make 4 different pinks alone and you can’t tell what they actually look like on the website. Thanks!

  30. I do research on active workstations (i.e. standing desk, treadmill desk, etc.) and the best treadmill desk brand is LifeSpan. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, it does not come in white but I’m sure you could reach out to the company for a custom job. At work, I alternate between a treadmill desk and traditional seated desk. Like anything new, if you choose a treadmill desk you will need to build up your tolerance to walking that much. I now walk an average of 2-3 hours per day at work and love it! The only downside is that since you are typically typing and walking, any wrist-based accelerometer (your pedometer abs Apple Watch) will not capture most of your treadmill desk steps. I have to look at the miles I walked that day on the display and manually add them to my FitBit through the app. That part is a hassle so I wanted you to be aware of that issue!

  31. I know Brittany has already responded to you, but I just wanted to pop in, say hello, and thank you for stopping by!

  32. I am obsessed with counting my steps…I try to get at least 12-16k per day. I wear this and actually get compliments on it because people don’t realize it’s. Fitbit. I had an Apple Watch but I have so many nice watches that it was a waste for me.,157252457753,901pdb6671,m,,A9884522&VEN2=,&dgc=st&dgseg=dhs&acd=1230980731501410&VEN3=170302547534686962

  33. Love this! I just moved back to the States after living in Europe for three years and I was infinitely more skinny when living in Europe. The biggest change was my steps! In Europe 10,000 steps is a slow day. Now that I’m back in the States I barely get over 4,000 lol. Your post is inspiring me to make walking more of a priority. I tried clicking your link for the pedometer but it didn’t work. What’s the product called?

  34. I used to be obsessed for a while with my Fitbit but then I got disheartened and it broke and sort of gave up without seeing any results. I got my whole family in to it, my mum, dad, brother and even my Nanna! My Nanna is 78 and was walking up and down her flat to make her 10,000 steps a day. She has arthritis and needs to move so setting herself a goal every day was marvellous. Her doctor couldn’t believe his eyes when she came in for her check up! She said she looked wonderful and was doing great and what was her secret? STEPS

  35. Haha…I’m borderline obsessed with counting my steps. I, like you, just use my Health app to track my steps so it misses my workouts as well, but my daily goal is 12K in addition to my workouts. I sit at my desk throughout the day but I wear a headset (yes, I know, I look so CUTE in it) so that anytime I receive/need to place a phone call I get up and walk around. It makes me look slightly insane (but I work from home so no one can see me) but some days I’m on the phone for hours and the movement adds up. I’ve toyed with the idea of a treadmill desk as well, but super short on space at the moment so that is on the backburner. If I’m traveling, I just use my headphones on my phone so the same thing applies. (Try it if you chat on the phone a lot…you’ll be surprised how much it adds up.) I easily hit the rest of my steps thanks to my outdoors-loving rescue pup who is OBSESSED with walking, so I am always on the go (with our sunscreen and hats, of course). Like you and MB, my hubby and I have also started walking to places that are close like the grocery store and pharmacy because it honestly saves us time thanks to bonkers traffic where we currently live and gets the extra steps in. I’ve also been known to be the crazy lady running in place before bed if I check my steps and I am short by 100/150. LOL It’s not my proudest admission but if I’m short by 100 that’s about 15 seconds of high knees so yes, I kick it up by my bed to get them in. 🙂 Loved reading your article. – Stephanie |

  36. Hey ya’ll, What a overwhelming post! On Your Website. This is so chock full of useful facts I can’t wait to dig deep and start watching the sources you’ve given me about.. It consumes me a lot of time in the chronometer but worth enough to say so.. Very ingenious.

  37. The latest Fitbit are great! I upgraded from the Alta to the Versa 5 months ago. Looks a bit like an Apple Watch, lots of cute strap options, tracks heart rate and tons of valuable metrics in addition to steps, and can be used to track during various types of exercise. What I like most though is the app. It can track your cycle, including fertile window and period, gives insight to how you’re sleeping, and can sync with calorie counting apps, other fitness apps, etc to give a great picture of your fitness progress. Plus at $220, it’s a fraction of the cost of an Apple Watch but will still show texts, phone calls, etc. I don’t work for Fitbit I swear, just super happy with the strides they’ve made

  38. Walking / running is the only exercise I actually enjoy so I definitely count those steps and try to get to 10k when I don’t make it to the gym!

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