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Shave Your Face

…& no it doesn’t grow back darker & thicker.

At least for me.

Had to start off with that because it’s the first question EVERYONE asks.

Some of you may already know this fun fact because I sort of broke it down in 2014.

In 2014 I was still hesitant though.

…Fast forward to 2017 & I’m a full-on, die-hard face shaver.

And before you judge hear me out.

First you should know the hair on my face is pretty much blonde. Like I don’t have a beard. Not that there’s anything wrong with this- my point is that I still shave my face even though the hair isn’t super prominent. ( Although Michael sometimes points out a black hair on my upper lips when the sunlight is shining directly on my face…& then I tell him to MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS ).

You should also know I’ve tried every single thing on the planet.

Nair? Doesn’t work on my face & it smells too strong for the face.

Waxing strips? OH HELL NO. IT MAKES HYPER PIGMENTATION aka my sun mustache WAY worse. Really brings those brown spots to the surface.

Plucking? Who has time?

Threading? Meh.

Anyway, the other day I realized I needed to do part 2 of shaving my face because it’s evolved really. I was listening to LadyGang ( who just came on TSC HIM & HER Podcast ) & Kate Sommerville was the guest.

She’s BIG on facial shaving.

If you don’t know who Kate Sommerville is, she’s basically the SKIN QUEEN. Kate went on to say that Elizabeth Taylor’s dermatologist shared that Elizabeth shaved her face, as did Marilyn Monroe, AND Cleopatra. Not only that, Kate also said ALL HOLLYWOOD actresses shave their faces, they just won’t admit it.

Well. I am admitting it. No shame in my razor game here.

Kate also said it makes your makeup go on smoother, gives you glowy/dewey skin, AND it exfoliates your skin BIG TIME which is fucking fabulous for anti-aging.

If you don’t believe us then why do men always look so youthful? One of the reasons is they shave their faces their whole life. Think about it.

Another fun fact: it allows oils to absorb better AND YOU KNOW HOW I LOVE MY OILS ; ).

I shave with TINKLES ( found on Amazon ). I shave my whole face. I go upward. Always use a clean TINKLE. People might tell you otherwise but I think it’s so important to use a clean Tinkle so you’re not shaving with bacteria. Also, obviously be very careful over a pimple ( if you have a pimple, use this clay treatment– a real game changer ).

1. Does it hurt?

NO NO NO. Not even.

2. But doesn’t it grow back thicker & darker?

Nope. Not in my experience!

3. How often?

I shave once a week- sometimes I’ll do touch-ups.

4. What do I need?

You can use a Hot Shave Razor OR sometimes I use a MEN’S razor– I find they’re awesome for the face.

5. Does a leg razor work?

I wouldn’t use a women’s leg razor. The texture on the legs is different than on the face.

6. Any other tips?

Do it on dry skin. Make sure your skin is VERY clean first too.

7. Quick how-to?

As Popsugar says: “Pull the skin taut, then start shaving downward on your skin in short strokes. You can’t just drag the razor against your skin — it wouldn’t do anything. Also, hold the razor at a 45-degree angle against the skin. Don’t freak when it looks like you skinned a lamb. You have more hair on your face than you think!”

8. WTF do I do post-shave?

Make sure to add oils to your skin post-shave. I am obsessed with pure rose hip oil right now because it’s helped with my brown spots.

Another FANTASTIC way to shave is Dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning “is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.”

I would Dermaplane ALL the time but sometimes I get too busy or I’m traveling to I whip out my trusty Tinkle. Follow along on Snapchat because I’m getting Dermaplaned on Friday at 12:30 PM pst & I’ll video the experience!

By the way, if you have facial hair & it doesn’t bug you- LEAVE IT. Who cares what anyone else thinks. I’m just not a big hair person ( on me ) unless it’s on my eyebrows, eyelashes, or head. You do you, boo.

Do you shave your face? Would youuuu…?

x lauryn

+ be sure to listen to the latest TSC HIM & HER Podcast episode…it’s all about e-mail etiquette! 

++ more beauty tips like this are in The Skinny Confidential Book


  1. I love dermaplaning and shaving my face too! I find it’s a really great way to exfoliate delicate skin. Sometimes my skin will slightly burn afterwards when I put the oil on. It usually chills out within a few hours. Love this post!

  2. I started a few weeks ago and LOVE it!!! It makes my makeup go on so much better! And is the perfect solution for my blonde mustache ? Thanks for keeping it real and keeping it doable!!

  3. Okay totally listened to the Kate Sommerville podcast and after that switched from the tinkle to a Gillette fusion and HOLY CRAP what a difference. The mens razor was SO much better. but I think ill keep the Tinkle for hard to reach spots like around eyebrows and forhead.

  4. Ugh! I LOVE reading about this when you post on it but I’m still SO nervous about trying it. I’m very Italian and have super dark hair (like natural caterpillar eyebrows, dark-ish lip fuzz, etc) so I’m just really concerned that going full face shave will have bad end results as far as growth back goes. But the argument for exfoliation and makeup application is so tempting! Thanks for posting on this Lauryn!

    1. I know this is months later but I have the exact same concerns! Did you end up trying it? I have the darkest hair and definitely an annoying mustache-esqe situation that I Nair right now…I would love to stop using those harsh chemicals but worry that shaving will make my upper lip prickly and give me 5 o’clock shadow (which i kind of already have anyway so who knows). Any other dark haired ladies give this a shot? LMK

    2. I have darker hair as well (I’m Latina) & my experience has been very positive. It still grows back dark but it’s always BEEN dark so that’s what I’d expect. But it doesn’t grow back coarser. In fact, I’ve been doing it so many years (since way before it was a “thing”) that I think it may be causing it to grow back less quickly & in lesser amounts. I don’t know if it’s because of shaving or just the fact I’m getting older. Getting older has been great for me in terms of body hair. In my youth if I shaved my legs in the morning by noon I’d feel stubble. Nowadays, my leg hair is barely growing in! I can actually go weeks without needing to shave my legs because the hair isn’t really growing back quickly anymore! So, yay for getting older! I digress. I say if you want to give it a try go for it. If you do it once & decide you don’t like it it won’t have changed anything anyway. But be warned: you’ll probably get addicted to how smooth your skin feels, how incredible skincare feels when it really penetrates your skin & how smooth your makeup goes on.

  5. I’ve been shaving my face for about three years now and I honestly love it! All of my roommates think it’s super weird but I don’t care because my face is as soft as a baby’s bottom (not even joking). I also think that it helped my acne go away because shaving also acts as an exfoliator!

  6. Hi! I bought the tinkles and shaved my lip but was too scared to shave my face so I haven’t done it yet! So you say shave upward and popsugar says downward, is there adifference? Does the hair come off better when shaved upward?

  7. Great post! More ladies need to know that shaving their faces is a-ok. I shave my face, I started years ago and without it I’d have the fluffiest face on the planet. I use a lady razor, and use coconut oil as my “shaving cream”. Better skin, better makeup, and much more face confidence 🙂

  8. I actually started shaving my face when you published an interview some time ago with a girl who did it religiously. I got myself some brow shapers and have been shaving away ever since and I can only nod my head at everything you just wrote above! IT IS THE BEST!! Also the LadyGang Podcast was amazing and I immediately did listen to their episode with Kate Sommerville and now want to go have a facial at her spa 🙂 So, everyone go shave your face already!!
    Keep the kick-ass tips coming, girl! <3
    xoxo Martina

    1. Her facials sound incredible!! That’s awesome you’ve been following since then. I appreciate all of the support babe!! xx

  9. Hi Lauryn! So I also use the tinkle razors and love them. When you say that you used a clean one every time, do you mean a new one each time? I also get freaked out about the thought of bacteria so I clean them with alcohol but it still lingers in the back of my mind! Anyways, love the blog and all of your posts like this.

    1. I clean them with rubbing alcohol. After a few uses I swap it out since you want a fresh blade. xx

  10. I’ve really never thought about and, in all honesty, I thought it was kind of a weird thing to do. But then I’ve read your post and you have enlightened me. I still don’t know if I’ll try it – I have very few hairs on my body in general, which makes me a very lucky gal lol
    I’ll let you know if I give it a try! 🙂

    Agnese | Agnese’s Coiffeuse

    1. It’s not something everyone needs to do! I’ve found it great for exfoliating if you give it a try : ) xx

  11. Hi lauryn! Quick question on your description on how to do it you say you shave upward and on the how to it says downward. Totally not trying to knit-pick just really curious if it makes a difference?:)

    1. I typically shave upward but it really depends on the area of the face & your preference! xx

  12. I purchased Tinkles when you first blogged about it 3 years ago! No regrets! I agree 100% with the above- hair does not grow back thicker and darker (I have fair Irish skin and dark Italian hair)

  13. I actually have a mustache (thank you Italian genes) and I bought the Tinkle because of that video you posted with Michelle! I’m kind of obsessed and my roommate 100% thinks I’m insane when I do it in front of her. I have dark, dark brown hair and it never grows back thicker. It’s amazing!! I listened to the Ladygang and Kate Somerville podcast and loved!!! After hearing her say she swears by it too, I was sold more than ever. Thanks for this awesome advice – I love it!!!

    1. It really is the best kept secret! Have you read about how I handle my sun mustache? xx

  14. Yeeeees! I shave my face, too! I have been for about 6 months, and seriously, it’s life changing. Glad I’m not the only one!! 🙂

  15. I’ve been shaving my face lately and I love it! I need to start putting on oil after. Thanks for the tip!

  16. I totally shave my face. I’m a blogger like you, and I’ve just dabbled into (very amateur and novice) vlogging a bit. My second vlog is all about shaving my face
    . What-what!? Yes, I shave my face. It’s the best, and no the hair has not come back stronger, thicker, or more black. Win win. And, when I do it, it feels so good because yes, it totally exfoliates!

    I’m with you on this one! *wink wink*

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  17. You totally got me hooked on these. I ordered them off of Amazon a few weeks ago and am obsessed. And hahaha I love what you said about when Michael points out a hair and you tell him to mind his own business, because I legit do the same thing to my boyfriend. If I didn’t ask for his opinion, I don’t want it 😉

  18. Thank you for posting this update! I bought the razors a few weeks ago when you listed them but almost threw them out because I couldn’t figure out how to use them. And now I know how and it was genius! I felt 2 lbs lighter on my face. Which is awesomely gross? Or grossly awesome?

  19. Confused at one point you say you shave upwards then later you say shave downwards.. Also you asked what videos we would like to see on youtube and I would like to see you shaving your face!! in case I do it wrong! <3

  20. Yes yes yess! I DO shave my face using the same little razor. Although I would be MORTIFIED if my husband walked in and I’m a bit scared of it, I think I’m going to start using a full on men’s razor. In that Podcast you mentioned, Kate recommended using the actual razor and shaving cream as opposed to the little razors and it makes sense to me. I think I’m just terrified to knick my face 😛

  21. I’ve been using the tinkle razors since the first time you posted about them! For the ladies out there who DO have a dark mustache and/or chin hairs, I highly recommend getting laser hair removal. It’s pricey, but 100% worth it. Especially if you have sensitive skin that reacts badly to waxing. Now I just use the tinkle for my light colored hair and I swear by them!

  22. Got my tinkle from Amazon this week and I freaking love it! Totally weirded out my husband which only makes it more fun. Love the exfoliation and toodaloo to stray lip hairs I forget to pluck all the time! Thanks for the awesome tips, you’re a Rockstar!

  23. You know, my wife has been wanting to do this for a while now but have always been worried that she might end up with stubbles. She doesn’t have thick facial hair per se but she been saying something about how it affects her make up. I’m going to forward your post to her so she can read it for herself 🙂

  24. Can you tell us a little more about your experience dermaplaning vs shaving? I’ve been using the tinkle razors to shave for the past few months and its been great, but I don’t know if I should spend the extra money on a dermaplane

    1. That is a myth, I have been doing this for year,and my sister with black hair does it too and neither of us have had this issue. x

  25. Love this piece but the link to the clay treatment isn’t working and I’d like to read it. Thanks❤️

  26. Does anyone have tips for getting the jawline area? I find I have similar hair there but its hard to get with the little razors because of the angle.

  27. My esthetician gave me a Tinkle once and I had no idea how great this tool was until I read this post!

    Question: you said you shave upward but the popsugar directions you shared said downward. Is there a difference? Just wondering why you go against the hair when the tip you shared said to go with. 🙂

  28. Love using Tinkle razors to shave my face. BEST manual exfoliation! Sooo dewy & glowing after. Also, hair does not grow back thicker/darker from shaving or waxing – it’s a myth. I’ve asked so many dermis & doctors & estheticians. So I hope no one is scared of trying it for that reason. Love this post!

  29. I just started. Ordered the brand you recommended and I love it! Makeup looks so much better and you don’t see any peach fuz in the sun. Thank you!

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  31. Hi lauryn! Quick question on your description on how to do it you say you shave upward and on the how to it says downward. Totally not trying to knit-pick just really curious if it makes a difference?:)

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    1. Can please someone give me a link from the real Tinkle on Amazon? There are so many and it seems that some of them are fake. According to others, there shouldn’t be any logo on the razor…but idk. So if someone can please send me a link or a name of a verified seller.

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