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Patti Stanger on How to Attract the Right Partner

Patti Stanger on How to Attract the Right Partner

Such a good episode aired on The HIM & HER Show last week (but aren’t they all?). Pattie Stanger came on to chat with Lauryn and Michael about match making, healthy relationships, what billionaires are after, and her own personal dating life.

If you have yet to meet Patti Stanger, she is the star and executive producer of The Millionaire Matchmaker. An experienced third-generation matchmaker, Stanger founded her company, The Millionaire’s Club, in January 2000. Today she joins us to discuss how to break childhood wounds and have a healthy relationship, how to attract the right partner, and the self-work you need to do in order to be a perfect partner.

This episode really goes everywhere, so buckle up. From Lauryn and Michael’s relationship, to Patti’s dating life, her new show coming out and pheramone fragrance, sex, manifesting your dream partner, options for women vs. men, and how you should never settle, they really cover it all.

So whether you’re happily single, partnered up or looking for love, we think you’ll love this episode. Here are some key things we learned.


How to Know if Your Relationship Will Last: The Gottman Institute released a study that can show if a relationship will last or not. The main reason relationships don’t work is resentment. You need to listen to each other, hear each other’s feelings, and work together to resolve conflicts.

Self Awareness in Dating: A lot of people date what they know. So if you were raised by unstable parents, you likely go for unstable partners. The key to breaking the ancestral wound is working on yourself, recognizing your dating patterns, and elevating your self-awareness to choose a healthy partner.

Breaking Childhood Wounds: If you want a healthy life, you need to break your ancestral wounds that are holding you back. You can do this by practicing awareness, mediation and raising your vibration.

Patti Stanger The HIM & HER Show


Patti’s type of man

Finding love as a driven and successful woman

Her opinion on if Taylor and Travis will last

The main reason why relationships don’t last

Her childhood & experience with adopted parents

Growing up with an unstable father

How to become more self-aware of who you choose to date

The importance of working on yourself before you date

Manifestation techniques

How to practice gratitude

Ancestral wounds & how to break them

The key to healthy relationships

Women in relationships vs. men

The main reason you can’t find a partner

How to attract vs. chase

Be sure to listen to the full episode to find out what Lauryn would do if she was single at this point in time, Michael’s take on how to tell life a guy likes you or not, and details on Patti’s latest course if you’re interested in dating, OR becoming of a millionaire. Both sound pretty good to us.

Happy listening!

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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