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My Favorite Non-Toxic Cookware, Plus 5 Delicious Crockpot Recipes

My Favorite Non-Toxic Cookware

Look at me, all Suzie Homemaker, making dinner for my family every single night. That might be an exaggeration, but we’ve been using our slow cooker a lot and it’s making dinnertime WAY easier and more enjoyable. Yes, I confess, Katie is helping me with this a lot when it comes to finding recipe and meal prepping for the crockpot.

Katie is such a foodie, a whiz in the kitchen and if this sounds like you too, be sure to sign up for her new newsletter and follow her on Instagram. She’s always posting ‘day-in-the-life,’ mouth-watering recipes and her favorite things that you need in your kitchen (not to mention her cute dog, Drake).

My Favorite Non-Toxic Cookware

Anyway, before we get into some of the crockpot recipes I’m obsessed with I wanted to share with you the non-toxic cookware I use. Caraway Home makes the best set of pans, food containers AND kettle. I love them all.

Our Place’s Dream Cooker is a must. Both are so clean and non-toxic (free of forever chemicals and environmentally friendly while being non-stick). And the major bonus here is that they aren’t eyesores! They come in the chicest colors that go with any home and it’s something you don’t mind keeping on your counter or stovetop.

Non-Toxic Cookware and kitchen items

Zaza has been loving helping me put all the ingredients into the Dream Cooker. It helps her to eat what she’s made too. Ok, lets get into the recipes that Katie introduced me too. They’re all delicious.

5 Delicious Crockpot Recipes:

+ Pulled beef

This is a great big batch recipe to start with. Once it’s cooked you can portion it out into amounts/containers that suit your needs and store it in the freezer for other recipes.

+ Chicken tacos and fajitas

Both have been on heavy rotation.

+ Stuffed peppers

You can modify this however you want. Leave out the rice, use ground chicken or turkey instead of beef. Whatever you want.

+ Turkey chili

So good served with Siete chips.

+ Sausage and white bean soup

Really been loving this lately too. So good with grass fed butter and gluten free sourdough.

There you have it.

Just call me Martha fucking Stewart from now on.

Happy (slow) cooking.

x, Lauryn

+ check out this sourdough tutorial for beginners.

++ learn all about the beauty benefits of eggs here.


Delicious Crockpot Recipes

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