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Lymphatic Drainage, Facial Cupping & Hangover Tips From A Wellness Guru

Anna & I first met when she reached out as soon as I moved to LA & told me I had to try her new Korean spa. Immediately I was intrigued.

I booked an appointment & walked into this magical land of goodness in Beverly Hills. It was the most amazing Korean bathhouse done in white marble, the walls were lined with CBD ( I knew she needed Woo coconut oil lube on her shelves right away ), & the facialist of my dreams was there- Hailey.

Not only did I fall in love with Pellequr the spa itself, I fell in love with Anna as a person. She’s loyal, funny, sassy as hell, tells it like it is, & doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks of her- my kinda girl.

Anna was one of my first friends in LA & someone I feel a lot of warmth towards. She also introduced me to Dennis of Peak Wellness ( listen to him on the podcast here ), who helped me with my postpartum journey & made my body feel back to normal.

Anna is a bright light in my life & I’m forever grateful for her. She also the inventor of my favorite gold CBD pen which she just launched in rose gold. I do 2 puffs of this magical pen before bed & it relaxes me instantly. Plus, it looks so chic on your bedside table.

Today I asked Anna to come on The Skinny Confidential to break down all her tips & tricks & benefits of CBD, plus why everyone needs some facial cupping & lymphatic drainage in their life.

With that, let’s welcome Anna to the blog.

Introduce yourself & tell us alllllll about your chic, high-end Korean bath house.

Anna Margaryan: I’m the co-owner & CEO of Pellequr Spa in Beverly Hills.

Pellequr is a Korean spa for an “everyday” woman. Infusing the healing touch of the human hands, the energetic revitalization of running water via vichi showers, and the anti-inflammatory effects of natures CBD, Pellequr provides women of all ages, classes, & life stages a place to relax, rejuvenate, & reclaim their sense of calm.

Through Korean scrubbing techniques, over-exposed dead skin is exfoliated & cleansed away providing the body an opportunity to glow once more with a sense of freshness & vitality. The gentle massage with CBD infused products, combined with a hair washing adds finishing touches to an experience designed to make a woman feel regal & ready to take on the world once more.

For those looking for more, a lymphatic facial massage can help detoxify the skin & flush excessive fluids & inflammation away from the head & face providing clarity to thought, fresh, oxygen rich blood to the head & skin, & an overall sense of elevated self.

♡ How important is lymphatic drainage & why?

AM: Lymphatic Drainage helps rid the body of toxins & waste materials….in essence it purifies & helps the regenerative process of the body. This, in turn can help normalize organ function, metabolism, & your overall immune system.

Without proper lymphatic drainage, we get stagnation. Picture this….you are going hiking & you run out of water…you see a pond. As you approach the pond you notice the water is very still, & kind of green, with bugs on top of it. Further down you notice a stream of flowing water….it looks clear, has no bugs & just seems healthier. Well, the same can be said of our body. 70% of our body is made up of water, so wouldn’t you prefer free-flowing water & blood?

To continue this thought process then, without a free flowing lymphatic system, the stagnation inside us can often lead to build up of toxins, impurities, swelling, & less efficient bodily functions. In turn, increased aging symptoms, aching, pain, stress, etc.

♡ Talk to me about facial cupping.

AM: Suction cups gently pull the skin away from deeper layers of fascia/tissue. This increases blood flow to the area & rejuvenates the skin without leaving cup marks behind.

The Benefits of Facial Cupping:

♡ increase oxygen-rich blood circulation

♡ strengthen/tighten skin and connective tissues

♡ stimulate collagen production

♡ relax muscle tension

The Effects of the Benefits:

♡ brighter skin glow

♡ minimize scars, fine lines, & wrinkles

♡ decrease puffiness

♡ regulate oil production

♡ improve nutrient delivery & product absorption by the skin

What are your 3 tips for healthy skin?

AM: 1. Change your pillow case every 3 days!  ( More on why silk pillowcases are all the rage here ).

2. Makeup wipes are not formulated to actually clean your face. They are formulated to break down makeup .Please wash your face with a cleanser.

3. Exfoliate! No one likes  buildup

♡ What are the benefits of a Korean scrub?

AM: Improved circulation, exfoliation ( allowing for fresher skin & better nutrient/product absorption ), stress reduction, relief from muscle tension. Much like the benefits of lymphatic drainage, but on a more superficial level to the body – the skin.

♡ LET’S TALK CBD. You end the scrub with CBD. What are the benefits?

AM: The benefits of CBD are pain reduction in soft tissue, reduced anxiety by calming the central nervous system, reduced inflammation ( like skin irritations & muscle pain ).

To this day they are finding more & more benefits to CBD. Some studies even find a reduction in cancer related symptoms.

♡ What would you recommend if you’re hungover & puffy?

AM: Ice rollers! If your skin is super inflamed, whether it’s alcohol, traveling or it’s just acting up , an ice roller is the BEST way to help it recover. It stimulates blood flow, helps speed the recovery process & reduces redness.

♡ 3 tips to wellness?

AM: I keep it very simple. I don’t want to stress over bullshit! I love good food! Good company & a good home! The rest will come along.

Be self aware – know when you need a moment. By taking a moment for yourself, you can provide others with a better YOU.

Take care of your insides – lymphatic system, your gut, your mind.

Take care of your outsides – exercise, skin care, be around people & family that bring you joy.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received about skin care?

AM: Don’t follow the hype, & know your skin type! This is very important & the only way you can choose products appropriate for your skin.

What’s your golden skin care tip?

AM: Sleep! But this is LA, who sleeps?!?

I would say a good, simple skin care routine.  Exfoliate 2x a week…Wash & moisturize every day. And a good mask is a must !

Be sure to follow @pellequr on Instagram & visit their website to book your Korean scrub or facial.

You can read all about my Korean spa obsession in this post that I wrote when I first started seeing Anna. You have to try scrub from a Korean bath house, you won’t be sorry. Trust me.

And you guys…if you’re into lymphatic drainage & how to depuff that bloated wine face then the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER. It’s the number one thing that helped me after jaw surgery.

Oh, & Pellequr now has Woo coconut oil lube lining the shelves too. LOL.

x, lauryn

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  1. I love lymphatic facials! I’ve been getting them every other month since hearing about it on TSC!

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