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Le Spoon: Your New Body Sculpting Tool is Here

Le Spoon Body Sculpting Tool

Le Spoon: Your New Body Sculpting Tool

The body sculptor of your dreams, Le Spoon, has ARRIVED. 

You may already know that after horrific jaw surgery and giving birth to Zaza and Townes, things were just PUFFY for me. I was retaining fluids more than ever, with some extra cellulite sprinkled in, and I needed something that I could take on the go to get my blood moving and my collagen pumping. There are body sculpting tools on the market of course, but I couldn’t find any that were curved and shaped right to hit the specific spots I wanted.

AH-HA moment.

Creating this pink and lilac body sculptor for the next product in The Skinny Confidential lineup made so much sense to upgrade your routine (and MINE- clearly I created it out of necessity for me too, lol). You’re already chiseling with the tools on your face so now let’s add the body!

Le Spoon Body Sculpting Tool
Le Spoon the skinny confidential

Think of it as a counterpart to the ice roller and facial massager, but for the legs, arms and stomach. We’ve been so ready to get into the body space, and here we are. I created the latest tool with a structural designer that’s specifically for a woman’s body, making sure it’s effective AND beautiful. We took the standard flat body tool design and made it 3D so it’s easy to hold and glides perfectly over the body’s silhouette. It’s unique and different and hits those spots.

After using Le Spoon for the last year, my body feels tighter and I notice less cellulite. My diet and exercise have a lot to do with it, but I’ve noticed such a difference in how I look and feel after sculpting my body. What I especially love is using it after weightlifting. It works so well on sore muscles and helps stretch out your fascia, relieve tension and get knots out.  But let’s get into the nitty gritty:

Le Spoon the skinny confidentialLe Spoon Body Sculpting Tool


What is Le Spoon, and what are its main benefits?

Le Spoon is a versatile body sculpting tool, custom designed to help boost circulation, reduce puffiness, relieve muscle tension, break down fascia, boost collagen production, reduce inflammation, promote blood flow, and help with lymphatic drainage. It can help you look and feel sculpted and rejuvenated.

How to use Le Spoon

How to use Le Spoon?

Prepare the area you’ll be massaging with your favorite oil or moisturizer to avoid traction. 

Press the lymph nodes on the back of your knees and under your armpits 5 times to optimize your body for detoxification. 

Using gentle pressure, glide the curved edge up the legs, down the torso, up the arms, and down the neck — this sequence will help toxins make their way to the lymph nodes for drainage. Repeat each stroke 5 times. 

How does Le Spoon work on different parts of the body?

Le Spoon features distinct sides for various body areas:

+ The longer sides are ideal for larger areas like the arms, shoulders, and back.

+ The grooved side is perfect for deep massage, targeting areas such as the calves and thighs.

+ The pointed section allows for precise massage and pressure point therapy.

What makes Le Spoon easy to use?

Le Spoon is designed with a silicone handle that ensures a secure, non-slip grip. Its aluminum structure naturally feels cold to the touch, providing an additional depuffing benefit during use.

How should I prepare before using Le Spoon?

To optimize your body for detoxification and enhance the massage experience, it’s recommended to prepare the area you’ll be massaging with your favorite oil or moisturizer. Additionally, press the lymph nodes on the back of your knees and under your armpits five times before starting your massage routine.

What is the suggested massage sequence with Le Spoon?

For an at home lymphatic massage, use gentle pressure to glide the curved edge of Le Spoon up the legs, down the torso, up the arms, and down the neck. Repeat each stroke five times for optimal results.

Can using Le Spoon result in mild bruising?

Yes, mild bruising may occur due to increased blood flow to the skin’s surface during the massage. This is a normal response, and users are advised to use Le Spoon 2-3 times per week for best results.

How often should I use Le Spoon

How often should I use Le Spoon?

For best results, we recommend using Le Spoon 2-3 times per week. You can adjust the frequency to suit your personal preferences and needs.

Does Le Spoon need to be used with specific oils or lotions?

Le Spoon can be used with any of your favorite body oils or moisturizers. We recommend this for a nice glide. This allows you to customize your massage experience according to your preferences.

Is Le Spoon suitable for all body types and lifestyles?

Yes, Le Spoon is suitable for everyone! This tool was designed for anyone who wants to enhance their lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness, and improve overall body health. 

the skinny confidential le spoon
Le Spoon Body tool

How does Le Spoon compare to other body tools on the market?

Le Spoon’s unique design sets it apart from other tools on the market. Its distinct sides were designed to fit each area of your body with ease. Its effectiveness and aesthetic appeal also make it a valuable addition to elevate your beauty and wellness routine.

When should I use Le Spoon, and how often?

You can use Le Spoon at any time of day that fits your routine. Use it before/after an invigorating cold morning shower or for relaxation in your evening wind down. 

Feel free to use it at any time of day- BUT after a freezing cold shower in the morning OR at night after a hot shower (+ your favorite body oil) is THE MOVE. Trust me.

Personally I like to dry brush, shower, apply a nice body oil then use Le Spoon to sculpt and boost circulation. It’s so invigorating.

The ideal tool to add to your pretty collection. Be sure to follow @theskinnyconfidential for tutorials and how to seamlessly add this ritual into your day.

x, lauryn

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