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Lauryn’s Latest Fashion Tips and The Best Lounge Set You’ve Ever Seen

Lauryn’s Latest Fashion Tips

You may have noticed that Lauryn’s style has changed over the years. And thank god for that! (Her words, not ours.)

Over the last few years she’s really elevated her wardrobe to be more timeless, refined, classic and chic. Think tailored looks with clean lines and lots of neutrals that harness Caroline Bessette-Kennedy.

Recently she was on Liv Perez’s podcast, Let’s Get Dressed, talking all about her style evolution and what she’s learned after years of not quite getting right – again, her words not ours.

In this post we’re going to go over Lauryn’s tips and share her latest obsession – a lounge set she purchased in every single color.


Find a good tailor.

Clothes that are fitted and tailored to your body will be the most flattering. Makes sense, right? A lot of mid-range fashion brands (like Zara) are not produced to fit any certain body type – they’re made for the masses. And as Liv says, taking an affordable piece and having it tailored can make it look way more high-end than it is.

Know what works for YOU.

We all come in different shapes and sizes so naturally, things that work for others may not work for us. For instance, Lauryn and Liv talk about the sweatsuit trend and how some girls look SO COOL wearing it and others don’t – them included. When you’re curvier clothes that are baggy, or not fitting quite right can make you look bigger than you are. What looks good on Hailey Beiber might not look good on you. And that’s just life.

Everyone needs:

+ a good jean

Lauryn has found quite a few amazing pair of jeans lately. Namely, Isabel Marant, Dé Rococo and Agolde. You can stalk all her favorite denim here.

+ a good belt

The perfect belt does exist. Lauryn is really into belts by The Row and recently bought this one. A nice belt in black or brown with super simple hardware really completes a look and cinches you in at the waist.

+ the perfect tee

A good tee is hard to find, but we all need the perfect boxy white tee to wear with everything. Liv and Lauryn both agree this one by RTL is a dream. Lauryn is also a big fan of these YSL ones. Also, Lauryn bought almost every single color and style of t-shirt by Éterne.

+ classic pair of pumps

These ones by YSL are Lauryn’s go-to and everyone needs a good, chic black shoe. You can wear them with jeans, dress pants, dresses, skirts. Find some comfortable ones that work for you.

+ flattering jewelry tips:

Go for bright, white jewelry – like white diamonds and white gold, especially when you’re tired. Lauryn’s scientific explanation is that the a canary diamond or yellow gold jewelry can bring out the yellow in your skin, eyes and teeth. For her, she tries to keep things white and bright. She loves Heaven Mayhem accessories right now.

Other things mentioned:

Olivia Von Halle robe

La Perla pajamas

Victoria’s Secret Satin

Heaven Mayhem jewelry

YSL Manhattan bag

And last but not least, the matching set that Lauryn is obsessed with, the Air Essentials sets from Spanx. She walked downstairs wearing the one in ‘stone’ and Micheal thought it was Brunello Cucinelli. And he’s right to think so because it’s high-quality, the fabric falls right, it’s so comfortable, but it still makes you feel put together. It’s really the best, especially if you’re a mom who is working from home, in and out doing errands, drop off, pick up, activities etc. You’ll be comfortable and casual but still look like you have your shit together. Check out some of her favorites here, and more recently she’s loving the onesie. Use code LAURYNXSPANX for 10% off and free shipping.

Lauryn’s lounge set
best lounge set

In this post we also wanted to share some great recommendations from Lauryn’s friend Hannah Eve, founder of The Current Agency. Below are the items she swears by, and now Lauryn does too.

Khaite Danielle jeans with stretch in bryce.

Dé Rococo straight in white

R13 bootcut jeans

Leset tee

As you can see, Lauryn likes what she likes and gets it in every color – just like Liv Perez always says.

Sometimes you just can’t go wrong with a clean girl aesthetic – white tee, classic jeans, throw on some lip gloss and hoop earrings with a slicked back bun and you have a model off duty look that’s easy.

Those are the latest fashion tips that are working for HER. You do what works for you but these are all things she’s discovered over the last few years. What are some of the fashion tips you’ve learned over the years? Let us know below.

In the meantime, be sure to checkout Liv Perez’s episode with Lauryn where you’ll get even more tips like: specific ways you can tailor your clothes, picks for maternity wear, why your hair style matters when it comes to your outfit, and more ‘scientific’ approaches that Lauryn takes to fashion.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

+ this way for some closet organization tips.

++ stalk Lauryn’s storefronts and shopping codes.


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