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Everything You Want to Know About AirSculpt

Everything You Want to Know About AirSculpt

Are you  ready to dive deeper into my experience with a little something called AirSculpt? We just released my solo episode with all the juicy details on the entire process.

If you follow on IG and TikTok, you saw that I took you along for the ride and gave daily and weekly updates. You’ll find a q&a with Dr. Rollins on my IG highlight, but surprise, surprise – he’s here today to answer all our burning questions about AIRSCULPT.

We also recently had him on the podcast and it’s a fun one. It was so cool to talk to him and get into how it all works, the cons of liposuction, surgical trends, I mean we really covered it all. Be sure to listen to it when you’re done here to know more.

Before I let Dr. Rollins take over, my experience was AMAZING. As I said, you can listen to my entire take in this podcast episode, now that’s it’s been a few months since the procedure.

Everything You Want to Know About AirSculpt

Michael and I flew into Miami for my procedure and I went in thinking I was just going to do my arms & love handles. Well, I ended up getting my chin and jawline done too. There are tons of treatment areas you can do. And before we go any further, I just want to say I did this for me. A lot of you were DMing me saying I didn’t need this, or why would I do this – because I wanted to. There’s a way I want to look and feel that only pertains to me and I’ve been looking into AirSculpt for a long time. Just want to always share the journey because so many people don’t talk about it and pretend they just naturally look how they look. Dr. Rollins can confirm the celeb secrecy!

Everything You Want to Know About AirSculpt

Things are just a bit fluffier after 2 kids. I still eat right and workout and live a healthy lifestyle but let’s just say things on the body can get stubborn after kids.

Anyway, before the procedure there was this gift bag all laid out for me. It was branded, useful, thoughtful and perfect. You guys know I love a detail. It was full of everything I needed for aftercare and was just such a nice touch.

The procedure was kinda painless?

And I have vasovagal so I’m not into needles, but it honestly didn’t feel like anything. Afterward I recovered at the hotel, bossed Michael around like he was my butler (so annoyed I forgot my bell), and suited up in my compressionwear.

The next morning I woke up at a normal time, did a little walk on the beach (had to get the positive ions and lymph system moving), and then we sat around the pool and relaxed. Advil was the only pain killer I took the whole time. Basically the level of soreness just felt like I did a super hard workout.

The compression wear was probably the most uncomfortable part. Love a bit of compression over here, but while I was sleeping it was getting really uncomfortable and cutting into my skin. A necessary step though. Yes, I was puffy in the places I had the procedure but really, it was all so seamless and easy. Every day I was shocked how pain free it was AND the results. I started really seeing them after about 2 weeks. Even Staci, the best facialist in San Diego, said after a lymphatic face massage she could see that my jaw line was way more contoured.

Michael was such a trooper, always is, and is never embarrassed by the things I do. This pic of me with champagne is floating is around but I swear, I only had a sip. I didn’t drink for a while after the procedure.

after AirSculpt procedure

The Hot Mess ice roller helped a lot with the swelling and I tried to walk whenever I could. Really wanted to always be moving my body to remove toxins and get blood pumping – it helps with healing.

Alright, enough from me, let’s get into a little q&a with Dr. Rollins.

Everything You Want to Know About AirSculpt


Introduce yourself and tell us how you got into cosmetic procedures.

Aaron Rollins: I’m Dr. Aaron Rollins. I’m the Founder of AirSculpt Technologies. I have always loved art and in particular, sculpture. I actually studied sculpture in school but then decided to pursue medicine as a career. Then I discovered cosmetic surgery combined my love of art and science in a unique way. I think the best cosmetic surgeons are the ones who are not only highly skilled medically but have the right aesthetic ‘eye.’

The question we’re all dying to know – WHAT IS AIRSCULPT? Can you really break it down for us? How does it work?

AR: AirSculpt is a one of a kind minimally invasive body contouring procedure. AirSculpt is more than just a procedure; it is an experience. From the moment a patient comes through our doors to the moment they leave, the “AirSculpt Experience” is exclusive to Elite Body Sculpture.

This experience includes; our patients being wide awake with no needles, no scalpels, no stitches. Our process is intended to remove fat through a very small entry point that is the size of a freckle, transfer fat safely and proportionally if wanted, while being awake, and tightening skin simultaneously with minimal to no downtime.

Our cannulas are designed to oscillate inside to essentially pluck fat cell by cell – similar to plucking berries off a bush as opposed to liposuction which uses patented, proprietary cannulas that are large, sharp and manually powered by the surgeon, similar to a cheese grater for the skin. 

What are the most common places people get AirSculpt?

AR: Our motto is if you can pinch it, we can take it. Anywhere chin to ankle. Common places include chin, tummy and outer hips and thighs.

For men, chin, abdomen and chest. We’re also seeing more and more patients who love our fat transfer option where we can take stubborn fat from the areas you don’t want and enhance the areas you want to augment like breasts, hips and butt. All the benefits of a BBL or breast augmentation but without introducing foreign substances like saline or silicone.

Are there any places you cannot get AirSculpt? Why?

AR: Above the chin on the face. There are a lot of nerves and different things on the face that you don’t want to disrupt or cause damage to. Removing fat from the face is also not suggested for long term since it only accelerates the appearance of aging since fat on our face is what keeps the youthful appearance. 

♡ Describe your ideal candidate?

AR: Our ideal candidate is honestly anyone who has stubborn body fat they want to get rid of. As long as they are medically qualified by our surgeons, they are most likely a candidate. Understanding that this isn’t a weight loss procedure but a body contouring procedure is key. After an AirSculpt procedure, we always emphasize living a healthy lifestyle. 

Walk us through the recovery process?

AR: Our recovery is very short compared to other procedures on the market. Usually, our patients are back to work and normal life in 24-48 hours depending on the areas/procedures completed.

Patients do need to wear a compression garment for 2 weeks ( and we want our patients up and walking the same night of the procedure and continuing walking and exercising during recovery. )

How long does it last? Is it something you have to keep doing?

AR: This is a one and done procedure. It’s permanent all in one session.

What is the average cost?

AR: The cost is dependent on the patient, the procedure and how much fat needs to be removed. It really is a very individualized procedure.

Are there clinics who do AirSculpt all over the world?

AR: AirSculpt is offered exclusively by Elite Body Sculpture, the clinic I founded in 2012 in Beverly Hills. Since then we’ve expanded to 22 locations in the US and Canada and our London clinic opens later this spring 2023.

♡ Where can everyone find you and learn more about AirSculpt?

AR: It’s easy just go to


If you want to know more be sure to check out my recent solo episode, IG highlight, TikTok, and Dr. Rollins’ podcast episode. And follow @elitebodysculpture for some unreal before & afters. Like, you’re gonna be blown away. I had no side effects and highly recommend this fat removal procedure as a tool for skin tightening and body sculpting. It was such a good experience from start to finish.

x, lauryn

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  1. I haven’t heard of this before. It certainly is interesting!

    Danielle |

  2. I want to enter to win neck/ jawline sculpt procedure. I found your show tonight on YouTube and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all the info.

  3. Loved watching the interview with Dr Rollins. It’s the very first time that I actually believed everything a surgeon said. He was so real, down to earth and left no stone unturned. I’ve always wanted to get my neck and jawline done ever since surgery from a motorcycle accident left my chin pretty messed up looking and now with age my jawline has just disappeared. And looks like a fat neck . It’s left me so self conscious I never go out anymore and want more than anything to get this done. I know it would improve my self esteem greatly

  4. Who is the physician that performed Vicky Gunvelson (housewife of Orange County)procedure? she looks great!!!

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