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Drunk on Juice + Other Ramblings

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and fashion blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss and cleansing.

[ Juicing! ‘Sex Kitten’ tee found here ]

Day 2!!!

Annnnddddd baaaa! I’m buzzed off Suja.

This is the easiest detox ever. I had one measly hunger pain so I ate an avocado with cayenne powder ( thx for tip, Weslie ) & a bunch of lemon. Now? I feel like a million bucks x 10.

Let’s talk exercising on a juice cleanse:

Annie ( << the cleansing guru ) said light exercise is fine. She’s done yoga for the past two days + some light walking- & it’s working really well for her.

Weslie & Sam have ran + weight lifting.

Casey has been playing soccer & that’s working for her schedule/her body.

Cody has done a little skateboarding + some ab work.

Do what floats your boat. Obviously, you know your sexy bod better than anyone.

In my opinion? Hot yoga ( while detoxing ) doesn’t work for me. I faint ( literally, faint ) at the sight of a needle. Also hot temps get me. Hot temperatures + a juice cleanse = me fainting. So far, I’ve done some traditional Pilates & strengthen training on the detox…I’m feeling fantastic.

Again: do what works for YOU. Not your dad, not your boyfriend, not me, not your dog, not your creepy, weird neighbor…you.

So on that note, I’ll leave ya all with a lil tippy-a-de-tip: have a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar each morning while you’re cleansing. Why? Because it stimulates the GI tract + it’s alkalizing after a night of sleep.

The giveaway winner, Kimberly is loving the cleanse too- check out her Suja experience here.

I la, la, love hearing about your cleanse experience; feel free to share below. MWAH!


P.S. Happy birthday to my amazing stepmom, Julie. Check out her insane/cute/DIY blog : ). 

[ A peak inside our weird group text ]

  1. I’m doing the at home juicing and so far I’m loving it! I haven’t been following it to a T. I’ve had extra whole vegetables and a little less juice because drinking every hour doesn’t work for my schedule. Buuut my sugar cravings are much lower and I’m SO energized. I’m not doing it for weight loss but I’m hoping after the 3 days I can keep things in check and not turn back to ultra-carbs and sugar that were creeping in around the holiday. Thanks, Lauryn!

  2. Day two of cleanse and I love it so much!!! Suja juice is the best cleanse I have ever had, thanks for introducing us to this amazing cleanse.

  3. I wish I could find something like this in the UK. We have lots of smoothies over here but day-to-day I find the texture of them too heavy and juice much more refreshing. I’d love to know if you hear of anything similar on my side of the pond!
    N xoxo

  4. This sounds amazing! I just checked the Suja website and it says the juices are sold here in Las Vegas at Whole Foods. Stopping there on my way home from work!

  5. I was wondering if there is any other juicing I can do besides the Suja? It’s so expensive! Thanks!

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