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So I Cut Dairy For A Month & Here’s What Happened

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Ok so I’ve talked about this a little bit but let’s really elaborate today.

Actually the idea of this post came to me because of THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP.

…Which can we take a second to acknowledge because OMG IT IS SO FUN. It’s like being on a group text with all your friends. What I’m specifically obsessing about is there’s so much real talk. Like we go from talking about books to yeast infections to boobs to anxiety to home decor to…vibrators. It’s kind of a medley. Also there are no Judge Judy vibes in the group- everyone is very open-minded. The group is girls only ( sorry boys ). Although Michael has been peering over my shoulder whenever I’m engaging in the group. The other day I laughed out loud at something one of you said about sex & he was trying to snoop. I told him to butt out. LOL.

I was kind of crying over the group the other day because I’m so happy to see you guys connecting- sharing your own tips & tricks. This is why I created The Skinny Confidential in the first place. So ya, it’s pretty rad.

Anyway, if you haven’t joined, you should. It’s a safe space to discuss anything & everything with no judgment & lots of positivity. To join simply search THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL & press ‘group’ & click ‘join.’ Hope to see ya there.

Ok so let’s discuss DAIRY…shall we?

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Full transparency: I’ve been wanting to discuss dairy FOR A WHILE. There’s so much to say but I’m not an expert on the subject so I decided to be a guinea pig instead. That’s right, I did one month NO dairy. Like no dairy. No cheese, no milk, no parm, none.

Clearly not a scientist here but my first reason for cutting dairy was simple: what’s the point of it?

What does dairy do that’s so magical?

If anyone can provide some insight on dairy benefits, please do so because I can’t find too many. It’s sort of an irrelevant food group.

Not only did cutting dairy HELP ME, I actually didn’t miss it.

It’s kind of a yawn if you think about it. Of course cheese is fun but it’s not something I need every single day.

After a month of cutting dairy I can definitely say I had more energy, lost 5 pounds, tightened up, & was LESS BLOATED. Plus my skin was glowing more than usual.

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( For the record a lot of celebs like Khloe Kardashian & Megan Fox are fans of cutting dairy for weight loss…they swear by it to tighten up ).

If you’re thinking of trying the whole no dairy thing, here are some tips that really helped me:

BUY THIS. In fact, get it even if you like dairy. It’s this nutritional yeast that tastes like cheese. It’s crazy really. I make this lemon-y, chili flake filled pasta dish with lentil pasta & this “cheese” a lot & it’s so damn good. Also you can use it as a delicious seasoning- sprinkle it on everything: salads, vegetables, potatoes, rice, pasta, zoodles, soups, & even popcorn! Thank me later for this gem.

♡ Almond milk FTW. Unsweetened almond milk goes in my smoothies, oatmeal, & cereal. For coffee, I prefer unsweetened coconut milk with cinnamon because I like a healthy fat with coffee for some reason- it just feels…fuller? I don’t know. Coconut milk is also so good to blend with espresso & pumpkin pie spice with ice. ENJOY. I love this organic canned coconut milk!

♡ BUTTER. I love grass-fed butter ( Kerry Gold, unsalted- specifically ). But for the month I did Ghee & it was all cool. This brand ROCKS. Highly recommend. I like to use it to cook eggs or on toast with avocado. Ghee is full of healthy fats & vitamins.

You should know I also like cooking with coconut oil ( really into the protein pancake that was just shared on @tscbody Instagram & I always cook it with raw/organic coconut oil! ).

♡ Make ‘nice cream’: simply blend a banana with coconut milk & a little maple syrup with a splash of vanilla extract. Then freeze. Enjoy later with some mashed berries. YES PLZ.

♡ Eat coconut yogurt, instead of regular yogurt. Add pomegranate seeds for some flair!

♡ Skip whey powder. I hate whey protein. I like plant-based! If you’re cutting dairy, stay away from whey.

** by the way: not a fan of soy at all- but that’s a whole different post. I like coconut or almond milk WAY better than soy.

Since I feel like TSC BYE, BLOAT MEAL PLAN isn’t heavy on dairy, I’m going to give away 15 meal plans to 15 of you! One lucky winner will ALSO win a 3 day Suja juice cleanse too. I think you guys will love the meal plan I created.

There are so many delicious, easy recipes like my favorite, go-to salad dressing, lemon/broccoli soup, skinny banana bread, & a probiotic drink! You can read all about here.

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Here’s the thing about me: I’m not the “cut something out forever” type. Like next time I’m in Venice, you will find me with a huge-ass cheese plate sipping rosé, stuffing bread down my throat. And Florence? Well duh, I’m for sure getting some fucking heart-shaped pizza. Also I love me some grass-fed butter in my almond butter cookies, OK?

AND just very in love with goat cheese to be real.

So I’m just sharing what happened when I cut it out for a month. Maybe it will inspire you to try it? In any case, after this little experiment I will 100% be cutting back on dairy BIG time. I’ll save it for travel & my butter cookies.

Currently in bed, listening to meditation music on new noise canceling headphones Michael surprised me with. Imagine us in bed with matching noise canceling headphones- yah, not the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen. I’m going to get off the computer because my eyes are literally burning & watch the finale of The Imposters. Anyone seen it? So good.

We will be on INSTAGRAM LIVE tomorrow doing a Q & A at 11:30 am PST- come hang out. Also don’t forget to enter the meal plan giveaway.

Hope you all have a very productive weekend!

x lauryn

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  1. I’m also not eating dairy for a month on the Whole30 and I’m 5 days in and see a difference, it’s insane. I would LOVE to win a meal plan. I love the idea of yours because the recipes seem easy enough for busy ladies like myself. I work full time and also side hustle. I’m usually running around and the easier the recipes, but with the right nutrition, the better!

  2. I’m so glad you wrote this post! I’ve been wanting to give up dairy for a while to see what would happen & this post just gave me the motivation to do so. The benefits sound amazing! Also, what coconut yogurt do you recommend? I find so many of them high in saturated fat?! xx

  3. Ok so first – OBSESSED WITH YOUR OUTFIT GIRL! Secondly, I would looove your bye bye bloat meal plan for several reasons:

    1. Been eyeing it for a while but I’m currently a super broke college student who had to cut down on some work hours to focus on school so every. dollar. counts.

    2. I’m soooo close to my weight goal. It’s taken me years to feel good about myself, and I’m truly almost there but I have yet to feel confident in a bikini. Not to be pitchy, but it’s seriously the just the bloat I’m looking to get rid of. Not looking to lose a bunch of weight – just the bloat. Your guide is exactly what I need.

    3. I’m a true TSC fan. Once I discovered TSC, I got hooked. I listen to your podcasts, follow your posts, snapchat, fb group, everything. Love how real and unfiltered you are + love your business advice. I’m a true fan! ?❤️

    – Karla

  4. I need your meal plan because I’m getting married in 4 months and I need help getting back on track! ??

  5. I stopped all dairy about 6 years ago for rheumatoid arthritis, and it worked wonders for my inflammation. My husband lost his colon about 10 years ago now, and he he discovered a few years ago that dairy was irritating everything, so he stopped it too. It has helped him so much! I specialize in dairy-free baking just for him so he doesn’t have to miss out on his favorite treats…because he is a total sweet addict lol. I’ve experimented for about 5 years on the best dairy subs for baking, we shared it in this post:

    I love that you shared this! It is something very important to us, so I love how well it worked for you:)

  6. Thank you for this post! I love it because I need a real perspective as to what it means to cut diary, as recently all signs have been pointing towards me cutting out diary in order to clear up my skin issues. In the recent months I have had flare ups of really dry/red/bumpy skin, something I have never dealt with so severely ? So I have been researching my issues and I have realized that diary may be the #1 culprit! I have been mainly lactose-free for years, but it’s no longer enough. Would love a meal plan to start me off ? But either way thanks for the tips, as this is what I will need to do!
    P.S. Been subscribed to your podcast for months & joined the FB group, thanks for a platform to help me resolve all of life’s issues & try to be my best self ?

  7. 3 weeks away from trying wedding dresses on for the first time and I think this might be the perfect way to help me feel less bloated!

  8. I’m in need of a health plan because I’ve been having a ton of digestive issues ever since I had to have my gallbladder removed and I really hate how my doc first response to anything is “here take this medicine” I want to try to heal my body in the most holistic way possible! I’m in need of help to do so!

  9. I’ve been cutting dairy as well and I agree that it doesn’t do anything for you – having cheese as a once in a while treat instead of a main food group – it’s definitely helped my skin and I just feel better without it!
    I can say having a meal plan sets you up for success! Without one, by Tuesday I’m already off the mark nibbling on something that probably isn’t great for me, but with a meal plan I know what’s on the menu for that day and I can meal prep so I have no temptation to stop by Chick-fil-A!
    Btw Lauryn, you should get blue light blocking glasses for when you’re on your computer before bed (blue light before bed messes with your melatonin and isn’t good for healthy sleep cycles!) Plus blue light strains your eyes, and these glasses will seriously help with eye strain. I have just a cheap pair from Amazon and I love them! But they have ones that aren’t as queer looking too!

  10. I would love to have your book, I need a reset so bad and my best friend is getting married in a month ? It would be just that extra motivation I would need! Ps. How good is cauliflower rice? I know you make a turkey bacon fried rice with it, if you like buffalo you’ve got to try a buffalo chicken or turkey fried rice, it’s my #1 go to. Also, cauliflower crust pizza ?? I’m cauli-obsessed lately!

  11. I would love to receive the meal plan because I’ve been having a hard time staying on track lately. I’m in a wedding in june & could really use it!

  12. i need the meal plan because i have been faithful in going to the gym 5/6 times a week but haven’t seen great results because of my eating habits! i would also LOVE the meal plan to lose my bloat before bikini season is in full swing AND i’m graduating in a couple weeks and want to look my ABSOLUTE BEST for my family and friends (and myself) during these fun times!!!

  13. I need the meal plan because I have the working out part down but need to hone in on my eating so I think this would be perfect!!

  14. I NEED the diet plan. Newly single (not by choice) and need to get my revenge body for this summer! Moving to a new city with lots of young hot singles ?

  15. Why I need a meal plan… my sister’s wedding in a year! I know that’s far away, butttt my sweet tooth is way out of control 🙂
    Great post and love the fb group!

  16. Why do I need a meal plan?! Bc I have finally gotten off of my ass & decided it is time for a change! I’ve got the working out down….. but have been struggling w getting the diet- I’ve tried several different “diets” & im ready to find something that worlds!!! Help me!

  17. I would LOVE a meal plan to really tighten up for my wedding in 2 months!! I’ve been hitting the gym/healthy eating hard but something just still isn’t working the way it should be! Def cutting out dairy starting now!

  18. I need a meal plan because I work all day and having my meals planned out for me would make my days so much easier! Also, I struggle so much with disciplining my food choices (I have a huge sweet tooth) but I have a major WANT to be healthy… I struggle so much internally.

  19. Love this post- definitely might consider doing this as a 1 month experiment!

    I would LOVE a meal plan- I’ve been on a weight loss journey for about a year and have done so well but am stuck on the very end of it. I feel like the meal plan could really help me lose those last 5 lbs that can’t seem to come off!

  20. Love your outfit in this post! I want to win the meal plan because I’m a busy career girl on the lookout for new, easy recipes that will make me look and feel great!

  21. You look sooo good! I never would have thought of getting a red bomber jacket but now I kind of want one! 🙂 Joined the facebook group the second I saw you made it on snapchat haha and it would literally be my dream to win a meal plan because I used to subscribe to it a while ago and I loved it but then I couldn’t afford it anymore (student life and all) anyways, I’m always trying to cut out dairy but alfredo sauce is my weakness…do you just forgo that kind of pasta altogether? Xx,Grace

  22. Hey Lauryn! I would love a meal plan! I’m graduating in a few weeks and then going to Hawaii!!! I’m so excited but definitely think a meal plan right before would help me tone up a bit! Also, I am loving the secret Facebook group! My boyfriend keeps asking why I am laughing so much. It’s amazing, hands down! Also, I have been dairy free for a little over a year and feel better than ever! Thanks so much!
    – Marilee

  23. I would love the meal plan so that I can kickstart a new healthy eating lifestyle! ❤️❤️❤️

  24. One of my good friends is dairy intolerant so no dairy for her… she said it really helps & I know I should really probably try cutting at least some out because of my stomach issues…. but I love cheese SO MUCH. lol.

  25. I would LOVE an anti inflammatory meal plan. I feel like I eat pretty healthy but my body is def inflamed. It’s like I feel my muscles but they’re buried under my puffiness…wtf?! Will they ever make an appearance?! I feel like I really need some guidance on what food is going to help me. Also, where is your outfit from? SO hot!! Thanks for this awesome community you’ve created!!!

  26. Hello LAURYN 🙂 I would really like to win and be able to try the meal plan you prepared. I am not overweighted but not happy with my body at all. In some of the parts a bit chubby you could say. I’ve tried dieting many times but can’t resist because I literally love food (and wine) way to much. With my job and blogging never have time to plan for a proper diet or meals that is why this would come in handy for me. I gladly subscribed to your Facebook group, is definitely something I would love to be part of and followed you on Youtube. Happy Easter!

  27. LOVE this post! I have gone without dairy every so often and every time I do, I immediately feel more energy, less bloated, and overall happier. But then, you know, cheese fries exist so there’s that. I would LOVE (/NEED) the meal plan because I’ve been vegetarian for about 6 years now and drumroll please, I am DONE. I need fucking meat. That sounded wrong, but honestly I feel SO much better when I have eggs, fish, chicken, SOMETHING. I went vegetarian back in college and then it kind of became a habit but I’ve realize since then, I’m always tired, my skin isn’t as youthful, my hair isn’t as shiny, and honestly through some research (i.e. Google), I’ve realized that meat is something that is missing from my life. I think the meal plan will get me right on track to continue with my goal of getting in shape in general, but will also provide me with a guideline of healthy recipes/meals so I don’t just go to In & Out like, “Hi yes, I’d like 10 burgers. And I’ll be eating in the car.”

    PS- LOVE the TSC FB group. I literally log on every 5 minutes. I’ve never been more obsessed with a group of girls since the Spice Girls.

  28. I’m in dire need of an anti-inflammatory meal plan – just moved to L.A. from NYC and the stress of moving cross-country took a toll on all my good eating habits (think lots of self-soothing fro-yo, tacos and margs, in n out…comfort food!). I’m here to pursue an acting career, and staying fresh to be on camera is difficult when you haven’t developed consistent meal plan habits yet as you’re adjusting to an entirely new environment. I would love to get back on track!

  29. Def going to try to cut out milk even though my bf just brought me donuts and choc milk… that’s probably the hardest thing for me, eating healthy around him. He is a pretty healthy eater but is always ordering a dip esp. queso, and even when I try not to eat it, he usually insists – it’s really hard for me to say no!

  30. Lauryn, I love this! I really really want to try cutting out dairy. When you come back to New York, come to Brooklyn, and go to Screamer’s Pizza – they have a TON of different kinds of vegan pizza and it honestly is SUCH a treat – you don’t even realize you’re missing out on regular cheese. <3 <3

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Emily! Will definitely put that on our list : ) xx

  31. I feel the same way you do about the FB group! I swear I only check it now to see what new things have been posted and to engage with all of my new friends! I am so thankful that you have provided this for us all! Truly, AMAZING! To provide a space for us all to collaborate and share with each other all of our tips and tricks about anything and everything is awesome. Thank you Lauryn!! I NEED this meal plan because I feel like no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get rid of my bloating. There are some days where I don’t bloat at all and I try so hard to eat or do exactly what I did the day before but then BAM there I am bloating again. I cannot seem to get rid of it right. Also, I am looking for new, healthy recipes to try and get my boyfriend to like as well (which can be difficult at times)!

  32. I am really excited about the meal plan and want to get it so bad! Unfortunately I am just starting a new job and still trying to catch up. I have your book (which has been helping me out so much lately when I start to feel unmotivated),and I can’t wait till I am able to try your meal plan out and get my hands on those green muffins! Xoxo @candace.nicole21

  33. i’ve been thinking about cutting out dairy — or at least giving it a go — for a while, and i think giving it a 30-day shot makes a ton of sense. now, i think i’m officially inspired to try!

    life in draft

    1. You should! We felt so much lighter and clear headed. A nice little reset. xx

  34. YES! I gave up dairy 4 months ago for good and I’m thriving. Every once and awhile I will have goats milk because its easier to process. There is a whole theory:

    I do not even crave dairy anymore! Sometimes I want pizza but I always get a veggie pizza with no cheese and I bring my own vegan ranch (i’m annoying). I didn’t do it for weight loss reasons, it was for my healthy but I have lost 6 lbs in a month so that good! I loved this read though, Lauryn. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Love this post! I’ve switched to almond milk, earth balance vegan butter, etc and I love to see others make the switch
    The dairy industry is pretty nasty and I it’s very unnatural for humans to drink cow milk meant for baby calves if you start thinking about it

  36. Hi Lauryn,

    I really want to win this skinny confidential meal plan because I am in my best friends wedding in august. I just recently started training with a personal trainer, I just need to fine tune this eating to keep me on track and I know that yours wouldn’t be boring or unbearable to swallow lol. Also, I cut dairy, and I noticed the same benefits as you did. I mostly noticed an increase in energy and some weight loss. Thanks for the post Lauryn! xoxo – Olivia

  37. Love the post Lauryn! Cutting out dairy has seemed so “scary” but the way you described your mission didn’t make it seem so bad. Cheese isn’t going anywhere! haha My birthday is coming up and I would LOVE a chance to start this new year off right with your newest meal plan and the juice cleanse. Hope you guys are having fun at Coachella! xoxo Angela

  38. I’ve always wanted to try your meal plan! I eat yogurt like 2 times a day so a little meal inspo could be helpful!

  39. Lauryn, I’ve been trying to take a month off from dairy but it’s not going so well.. any tips on how to stay on track with it?! As a graduate student, I need the meal plan to help me to stay away from constantly eating out or craving junk food during finals which are coming up very shortly!
    x Marguerite

  40. You look stunning! I’ve never thought about cutting out dairy! Sounds interesting! I definitely want to join that facebook group as well!


  41. Quite a few years ago,I was told I was to limit dairy.Had a shitbag/ileostomy at the time and no large intestine.(got rid of said shitbag just over 2 years ago,so I poop like normal people,but very frequently due to being a colonless wonder,lol).Anyway,oh;So was super strict about it,since I had been sick in an ICU and was glad to follow what they said,since,well I was ALIVE!!It sucked BIG time!Not due to the limitations,but due to the lack of choices in Bum F*** USA Wisconsin,where I lived at the time.Live in Phoenix area now,and am a blog addict,so I know EVER so much more now!Agree with a lot of what you said.At times the sodium in cheese as well as what we put cheese on and in,bloats too.Find I need other fat sources also.The ghee,all the different milks.The yeast I literally eat plain,my bad!Am only on Pinterest or would so join your Facebook group! Am almost 56,but always like younger friends.Sex,boobs,(on my second pair of “store bought”),lol!Got a flat tire years ago!?For real!Anyway,great read today,Happy Easter!??season here!!??

  42. I”m lactose intolerant but I kind of ignore it and quitting dairy makes such a difference! It makes me feel so, so much healthier!

  43. I’d love to try your meal plan … I love all your health tips and utilize a lot of them daily !!! ❤️

  44. Here’s some research I’ve done:

    I think it’s best to eat as little dairy as possible, to think of it as a condiment. Quality is key, as high quality as possible (obvi). For those that do eat dairy, I think raw dairy is good to have in the repertoire on occasion.

    Thanks for this post, it inspires me to do an elimination diet soon!

    You ooh amazing, as always.


  45. Anyone with phlegm and sinus problems should cut dairy out too……weight lost is guaranteed too…….Win..Win

  46. The only dairy I really eat is cheese but I find it hard to cut because I also eat mostly vegetarian and it feels like such a staple (crutch? lol) – definitely going to have to give nutritional yeast a try again because I literally put parm on everythinggg.

  47. I’m with you on the Kerrygold & the coconut oil/milk for sure. Also LOVE ghee (but it’s dairy–curious why you didn’t cut that out?)

    For me, the main benefits of dairy are the calcium (taking isolated calcium supplements has been linked to increased risk of heart disease, but getting calcium from dairy hasn’t), and the CLA (super healthy fatty acid) and vitamin K2 in pastured milk. I don’t go out of my way to eat dairy, but love few things more than a cold glass of whole milk. Except for maybe a slice of aged cheddar. Or a milkshake. Ha!

    1. That’s true, though I’m under the impression that Lauryn was aiming to cut out all dairy, not just dairy products that also contain casein… That being said, I LOVE ghee and think it’s healthy/beneficial AF 🙂

  48. Thanks for this post – I personally cut dairy out about a year ago based on my doctor’s recommendations for dealing with digestive issues, and it does help so much. I lol’d at the “irrelevant food group” comment – so true! 😛 I would love to win the BYE, BLOAT meal plan because I am getting married June 10th (so soon!) and due to stress, poor planning, and a lot of indulgences the last month I’m just not where I’d like to be. I think the meal plan would help me get back on track to look & (most importantly) feel my best on the big day 🙂

  49. As much as I love cheese, dairy makes me feel like crap. I never drink regular milk and only use butter very rarely, but I love cheese so much. I’ve gone through periods before where I’ve cut out dairy entirely too, and it’s crazy how much better I feel and how much flatter my stomach is. From literally changing nothing but cutting out dairy. But like you, wine and cheese plates are my favorite and pizza is the best so I’ll never give it up entirely, but it’s a nice reminder that when I’m feeling gross that simple fix for a couple weeks can make a world of difference.

  50. This post is great.. I have been wanting to cut dairy for a while but struggled with alternatives etc. You’ve inspired me. I do need a bit of help with recipes… that is why I need a meal plan. I have about 15 pounds that need to go.

  51. I’m cutting dairy right now too!!! Gah it’s been harder for me- but I’ve even cut Ghee because it still contains the protein Casein, which is also what our body has trouble breaking down. Anywhoooo I’ve been using coconut butter but can’t wait to try the yeast!

    And I’m the WORST at meal prepping so need some fast, yet yummy ideas because I’m always on the go and need healthy ideas to keep me properly fully

    xoxo thanks for always being you

  52. NEED the meal plan because I’m getting married in 54 days and you’re def my #weddingbod goals

  53. I had to cut dairy out for almost a year because I as bfing and my daughter had a dairy intolerance. While it is hard when you go out to restaurants, let me tell you it helped me tighten up and lose those pesky last few pounds of baby weight. I now do not crave it and while I do enjoy pizza every once in a while, I was a daily half and half coffee drinker and I find I much prefer the dairy alternatives instead! I would love to win a meal plan because I am always looking for new plans and recipes to keep things right. My daughter has been on and off sick with gi issues and sometimes it is easy to fall off and grab whatever for dinner and then I feel terrible. Having a set plan out in front of me means I have no excuses!

  54. I need the meal plan and juice cleanse because I have been trying to lose weight and this big old bloatness Iv got going on ?even with working out everyday and eating healthy, it’s been a struggle, maybe this will switch it up and be key to helping me reach my goal and I can share my great news once I try the meal plan ?❤

  55. I eat a plant based diet so I don’t eat any animal product period, BUT I will say this about dairy and my husband feels the same as a lover of meat which is obviously from animals haha …

    Neither of us believe dairy is meant to be consumed by humans. The main reason being that it doesn’t make sense for us to eat/drink milk that is meant to provide nutrition to an animal born 3-4 times larger than humans at birth. A calf grows to be MASSIVE, and yet we continue to drink the same milk they do? Not to mention the fact that we are the only species to continue drinking the milk from another animal throughout our lifetime. Interesting.

    That being said, I am not the “preachy preachy plant eating” type. If you love milk, do you boo! All the boos. Haha. Just offering up a different perspective 😛

    1. I also would like to go plant-based. I am a diabetic and I had some troubles with pain and such inside and when they looked in my stomach it was all red and my doctor did a test for milk and told me that I should cut milk out completely because of the test results.

  56. I’d love to try your meal plan! Anything to cut the bloating during bikini season is a must-try!

  57. This is awesome! I’ve been slowly cutting back on dairy (when I say slowly, I mean it’s been a multi-year process) and I 100% agree that it helps tighten EVERYTHING up. Plus I have more energy and my skin is way more clear. There are so many amazing substitutes out there that you really don’t even miss it.
    However, we’re going to Italy this summer and in the true spirit of moderation, I plan to bury my face in cheese and pizza for 3 straight weeks 🙂

  58. My fav dairy quote is “not your mother, not your milk”… even though we’re able to process dairy (that’s even debatable!) the older we get, the harder it becomes. As we age we have less of the enzymes in our digestive system that are able to break down casein. People will also assume they’re lactose intolerant, when really it’s usually a casein issue. It’s a good thing to look out for in processed foods, they add it to A LOT (pancake mixes, etc). I have the occasional cheese plate with wine, but in general I stay away from dairy… esp with all the crap & hormones we loooove to pump into our livestock. There’s so many plant based options now to really miss dairy much.

  59. NEED your meal plan because I eat healthy but need some new recipes to liven it up a little!

  60. Spray tan on fleek sisterrrrrrrr!

    I cut out diary two years ago and never looked back, it feels nasty af when I think about it, and makes you super inflammed.


    Great post sistah.


  61. I seriously need to try cutting dairy. I didn’t think I ate that much because I HATE milk until I realized that it is in so much! Also my skin has been so blaahh lately– I think cutting cheese and yogurt would help so much.

    I would love to try out your meal plan! It’s so hard to find good, HEALTHY recipes on Pinterest. Everything is full of carbs or requires 2 sticks of butter. not about that.

    Thanks for the great post!

  62. Love this post! I’ve been considering cutting out dairy for stomach issues and to clear up my skin. Thank you for this! I think I’m gonna try it 🙂 And love the outfit!

  63. Girl, I am desperado for this meal plan. Summer is just around the corner and I am about 6 steps behind where I should be. For the past month I started a new job..bartending (flash back for you) and the 65 hours a week shocked my body hardcore. I need a guide and some plans that I can follow so I can be back to the unbloated lean self that I am craving!! Also a nice three day reset that I can sip on at work sounds hella good to me!

    Ps. You hundred percent need to write another book updated with everything now a days. Just saying..

  64. I really need this meal plan because to be honest…. I don’t have one!!! 😛

  65. I would love to win the meal plan! Honest reason? My husband of 6 years (together 14 years) got a 20-year-old pregnant and left me for her. And it’s taken me a few months to come out of my depression and I’m ready to take my life back and get healthy. I need a kickstart and I know this would be perfect. ❤️

  66. I need the diet plan because I am a college student trying to figure out easy and healthy meals I can prepare to keep me energized and full without the bloat! Also, I am going to mexico this summer and need a rocking beach bod to make my ex bestie jealous (is that wrong? lol)

  67. I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years (next week). I have fallen in the love chub stage, big time. He can eat whatever and whenever he wants, I started to adopt his eating habits which don’t fare well for me 🙁 I have gained almost 40 lbs since I met him. Its absolutely horrible. How did 40 lbs creep up on in me 6 years. I would love to win a meal plan that I could sit and look at an actual grocery list, and have it there to eat. I am so motivated right now and am down 2 lbs this week. Not a lot but I did it the healthy way. Love you and Susan <3

  68. Yesss dairy sucks and there is NO need to consume it (except for when you come across a good cheese board haha) but nutrition-wise, nothing! I would love the meal plan bc I’m dying of food boredom and need some new recipes to get excited about food again!

  69. Lauryn,

    I have IBS, something I’ve never admitted in public but what can I say? You’re an inspiration, Lauryn. I’ve been teetering on buying your Bye, Bloat meal plan. Inflammation is a huge issue with for me and I need focus more reducing it to help with my condition. It looks like your meal plan would definitely help me with that! Let’s face it, I’ll probably break down and buy it away… but for entered your giveaway for now! Thanks for doing it! (You have the best giveaways! Actually helpful for readers rather than giving away a third party’s junk! ??)

    P.S. I fucking love the FB secret group, thank you for starting!! ??

  70. After trying Whole 30 several years ago, I realized dairy wasn’t so good for me either, nor do I really miss it! Now I barely have it (except for some feta in my chopped salads and the occassional pizza.) Huge fan of almond milk, cooking with coconut oil and ghee and banana “ice cream”. I’d love to win the meal plan as I’m trying to slim down for summer – you can very easily add some padding during cold Midwest winters!

  71. Hi Lauryn!

    Been following your blog/instagram for just over 2 months and LOVE all of it. You already have me hooked on TSC pancakes, gelatin, ice rolling, rosehip seed oil, and It Cosmetics cc+ Cream. I recently was diagnosed with PCOS and cutting dairy has helped so much! I would love the meal plan to help me get more organized with my meals and help me finish my last semester of Interior Design healthy.

    Thanks! Xx

  72. I’m Italian so I pretty much grew up consuming dairy every single day. A few years ago I developed IBS and a dairy allergy so I had to cut dairy out entirely from my diet. Since then I’ve never felt better! My acne breakouts stopped, I’m hardly ever bloated now (except when I have my period, obviously), I’ve lost weight and I feel a lot more energetic.

  73. I’ve cut out dairy and gluten for the most part due the digestive issues and feel so much better! But yes also curious about the ghee as that’s still dairy. Some say it’s easier to digest but my mom uses it in Indian cooking all the time but it doesn’t suit my stomach. Love all the other recommendations, but I’d be careful with ghee if anyone is more sensitive like me!

  74. I so want the meal plan! Fitting back into my clothes from last summer (and getting clear skin) is priority #1 right now ?

  75. I need your meal plan bc I seriously never know what to cook especially since my bf is Italian always wants pasta! ha

  76. thank you for sharing your no-dairy experience! i can’t seem to quit cheese but i love your reco for the nutritional yeast. heading to aruba in 2 months so i will definitely be trying the no dairy for a month! would LOVE your meal plan to help with some other easy and fun ideas. XO

  77. I need this so I can drop my last 20 lbs and look skinny AF for my move to a new city!! Recently got dumped (super sucked) and now I’m reclaiming my life and my body!

  78. I’ve been cutting out dairy, too and it’s done so much for my skin! I NEED your meal plan because I’m getting married in less than two months and want to look amazing in my wedding dress! And also in my bikini on our honeymoon 😉

  79. It’s insane how it impacts your skin! Check out the @TSCBombshellBody Instagram page. There’s a surprise there you’ll enjoy : ) xx

  80. It’s funny how you say dairy doesn’t do anything for you, and has no real benefits, yet proceed to tell us how ghee is great and contains a bunch of healthy fats and vitamins. I’m not pro-dairy or anti-dairy, just please don’t give nutritional advice, when it’s clear you have no idea about the topic.

  81. Exploring your sexuality and keeping yourself satisfied generally makes you happier and less stressed out. Set aside a few minutes of your day when you find yourself swamped in one of those insanely busy weeks and you just may keep your sanity afloat.

  82. I literally cut dairy out two months ago and it was the BEST decision I’ve ever made! My skin looks completely different and I lost a TON of weight (in conjunction to working out, of course).

  83. I the only issue I have with do dairy is milk. For some reason, I crave skin milk and drink it straight up. It “fixes” me unlike anything else. If I get low blood sugar or feel bad, I have a glass of milk and it is so miraculous. I have tried flax, hamp, almond, rice, soy, but nothing does the trick. Those milks are great for cereal, smoothies, protien shakes etc, but for a straight up glass, I feel like I need real cows milk. Any suggestions? I would like to be non dairy completely, but the milk is a life savor. I have read it has opiates in it. Could that have something to do with it?

  84. I need your meal plan bc i have hashimotos and food allergies and have a difficult time trying to find good healthy good tasting meals and when i cant then i eat junk and things that i shouldnt just to satisfy my taste. So i need some much needed help

  85. Need this meal plan! I’ve been trying to find something I can really stick with. Being a senior in college it’s hard for me to say no to going out and enjoying my last few months as a college girl, ya know. So, I need something that’s easy and will work!

  86. Butter & ghee are still dairy. Try vegan butter instead. It tastes the same as regular butter.

  87. I love this post bc I have been thinking about doing the same since i have been feeling extra bloated and seem to have broken out this month way more than normal. I would love to win the meal plan and juice bc I have set some goals recently to get my body ready for summer and need a big kick start !

  88. I need the meal plan to get back to myself! I’m a mom of two that I essentially raise alone(husband works away) I work full time, I run a blog, and I’m a university student trying to get my degree in psych! I am really struggling to lose the baby weight after my daughter ?

  89. Lauryn,

    You are seriously the best! This article is so eye-opening, as we get older a lot of food we used to eat doesn’t agree with us anymore. I’m transforming my whole life around by eating healthy and losing weight and finding what food works for my body.

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