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Combining Hot Yoga and Weightlifting for Insane Results

Combining Hot Yoga and Weightlifting

You may remember Emma from her first blog post where she told us how her debloating leggings came to be and how she started her company. Today Emma is back to share the best workout combination she’s found – Hot Pilates and weight lifting.

Lauryn is also all about Pilates and weight lifting these days so we thought this post from Emma was a perfect fit.

With that, let’s welcome Emma back to the blog.


Hello TSC readers! I’m Emma, the founder of Emma Lou the Label and the Emma Lou Hot Pilates studio.

In my first TSC blog post, I dive into the journey of starting a brand and the inspiration behind our debloating leggings, also known as the Glow Band. 

Throughout my time as a personal trainer, I developed close relationships with my clients. Bloating emerged as a consistent concern during our conversations. It became apparent that they sought a lasting solution beyond fads—a product that could alleviate stomach bloating seamlessly into their daily routines.

I noticed there was a gap in the market for a product, devoid of waist trainers or ingestible supplements, that specifically addressed women’s stomach bloating. A few years later, the Glow Band was born—a garment designed with textile technology targeting the lower stomach area. Scientifically proven to alleviate bloating and water weight.

Learn more about our beloved Glow Band here.

I’m always game to explore anything that aids in decreasing stomach bloat and enhances that snatched feeling. My daily essentials include wearing Emma Lou jumpsuits or our Glow Band leggings. Which work wonders in reducing bloat and boosting confidence. And pairing a cute outfit with movement is always a win-win, so let’s dive in.

Being naturally inquisitive and passionate about movement, I’ve also been on a mission to find the perfect regimen to look and feel my best.

I’ve tried spin classes, run clubs, HIIT workouts, boot camps—you name it. While these activities induced a good sweat, I noticed heightened inflammation with frequent high-intensity workouts. My cortisol levels soared, often leading to post-workout binge eating to compensate for my lack of energy. These workouts started taking a toll on my body and left me depleted.

Despite teaching and practicing weightlifting and Pilates for years, I found myself caught in the allure of fast-paced classes, forgetting my initial fitness journey purpose.

It was time to get back to basics.

After saying goodbye to strenuous boot camp classes, I dedicated the past year to gentle, low-impact movement in the gym, hot Pilates studios, and outdoor activities. And I can proudly say—my body has never felt more toned, snatched, and relaxed than it does now.

Here’s why I swear by the combination of Pilates (specifically Hot Pilates) and weightlifting. 

Combining Hot Yoga and Weightlifting for Insane Results

While reformer Pilates is fantastic, I craved a change—a little heat, to be exact. Hot Pilates classes, conducted on mats, lets you have complete control over movements. Depending on the session, you’ll incorporate dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls, and body weight, all in a heated environment ranging from 85-100 degrees, courtesy of infrared heaters.

Infrared heat boasts numerous benefits, including detoxification, weight loss, and improved circulation. Sweating naturally eliminates toxins, and with the addition of the infrared heat allows seven times more detoxification compared to traditional heat sources. I fell head over heels for the cortisol–lowering, heated sculpt and never looked back. 

Now, onto the classic realm of movement—weightlifting. A timeless practice, weightlifting is accessible to everyone at all levels. You don’t need to aim to deadlift or bench press beyond your body weight (though kudos if you do!). The focus here is on compound movements—upper body, lower body, and gentle full-body exercises, gradually increasing weights every 4 to 6 weeks. 

Combining Hot Yoga and Weightlifting

Here are some examples of low-impact exercises that I incorporate into my gym routine: 

Dumbbell Squat to Upright Row:

Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and bend your knees and bring your hips back as you descend into a squat while allowing the dumbbells to hang between your legs. At the top of the extension, raise your elbows straight up to your sides as you keep the dumbbells close to your body. Bring your chest up high and then elevate the dumbbells up to shoulder height.

Dumbbell Bicep Curl:

Stand by holding a dumbbell in each hand with your arms hanging by your sides. Keeping your upper arms still, exhale as you curl the weights up to shoulder level, rotating your wrists outwards, and repeat.

Dumbbell Suitcase Crunch:

Lay on the floor with your legs straight and your arms stretched out behind your head. Engage your core by squeezing your abs to lift your arms over your head and towards your legs. Lift your legs off the ground slightly and bring them towards your chest, bending your knees. Your torso should be in a curved position. Hold for a breath before extending your legs and arms back out to the starting position. 

Dumbbell lunges to shoulder press:

Stand with your back straight and feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the dumbbells either side of your head with your palms facing forwards. Brace your core muscles and step forwards into a lunge, lowering until both knees are bent at a 90° angle. Your back knee should end up close to the floor and your front knee shouldn’t go past your front toes. Stay in the lunge position and press the weights overhead until your arms are straight. Bring the weights back down to your shoulders and push back up to standing, then lunge forwards on the other leg. 

hot yoga

Weight training not only builds muscle and bone density but also boosts metabolism, improves posture, and lowers the risk of various diseases. Convinced yet?

Pairing Pilates (preferably hot!) with compound weighted movements is the ultimate recipe for body sculpting. I firmly believe this blend of stretching, sculpting, and muscle refinement provides a long, lean physique.

My weekly routine includes two days of hot Pilates, focusing on small muscle movements and core work, and three days in the gym, engaging in slow and controlled full-body movements with dumbbells. Plus, I make it a point to walk outside for an hour daily to clear my mind and get some Vitamin D. 

Since implementing these mindful workout practices, I can confidently say that I have my body, and my mind back.   

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What is your favorite workout combo?

Be sure to follow @emmalouthelabel and if you’re in need of some debloating leggings (who isn’t?) then be sure to check out all of Emma’s styles. Lauryn loves her leggings and has about 3 pairs. You’ll love them.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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