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OMFG where have you been my whole life. These cauliflower thins. Let me tell you aaaaallllllll about them..

You guys have seen them making cameos on my Instagram Stories left & right. To anyone whose listening: I can fully recommend these because I’ve been eating them for 3 months almost every day.

One of these MFers has 2 grams of carbs & 1 one gram of fiber WHICH MEANS there is only 1 net carb per thin!

They’re big, they taste like bread, they’re delicious with everything & only have 4 ingredients: cauliflower, nutritional yeast, egg & parmesan cheese. That means no artificial ingredients which we are always very much about.

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You should also know that these cauliflower thins are:

♡ gluten free

♡ low carb

♡ low calorie

♡ nut free

♡ soy free

♡ keto friendly

♡ non-GMO

WAIT there’s more…. They also:

♡ contain one serving of vegetable per thin.

♡ have 4 grams of protein per serving.

♡ have a low glycemic index.

I like to enjoy these very specifically ( as you can imagine ) in a few different ways:

♡ peanut butter & jelly TSC style

I toast 3-4 cauliflower thins, then put some raw almond butter on the thin. & then I mash raspberries on top with a squeeze of lemon.

♡ prosciutto egg sandwich a la Kristin Cavallari

This recipe is from Kristin’s cookbook True Roots & I’m absolutely obsessed:

You take a lightly toasted cauliflower thin & spread on a bit of mayo followed by 1/4 of thinly sliced avocado. Add a slice of tomato & a slice of prosciutto to the cauliflower thin then put an egg on top. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, micro-greens & hot sauce.

♡ avocado toast

Let’s get basic bitch here-avocado, squeeze of lemon, chili flakes, fleur de sel ( you absolutely need to get this French salt – find out why here ).


Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado oil mayo & some jalepeño if you like it hot like me.

♡  cream cheese & lox

Greek cream cheese, fresh wild salmon, red onion, some capers, slices of cherry tomato, tons of lemon & some Cholula hot sauce.

If you’ve been long time TSC reader you know this is a REAL GEM – a diamond in the rough if you will. They’re life-changing & one of THE BEST modifications I think I’ve ever found. In fact, I’m adding them to TSC Master List right now.

I’m telling you, if you love a modification this is your jam. Would love to know what you guys have found in the way of insane modifications. Leave me any of your tips & tricks below.

Hope you all had a productive Tuesday. Be sure to load up on these cauliflower thins because I might buy them all.

Before we go, I want to say that I’m absolutely in love with Morgan Stewart’s active wear line. Scope it here.

x, lauryn

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