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Bryony Deery’s AM and PM Routine for a Chill, Productive Day

Bryony Deery's AM and PM Routine

Bryony Deery, the founder of Pilates by Bryony (use code LAURYN for 2 months free) and host of Beyond the Mat, is here today to tell us all about her routines.

Lauryn is obsessed with routines, so we had to have Bryony on to give us her morning and evenining routines. Bryony is a powerhouse – an entrepreneur, Pilates instructor, girlfriend, dog mom, entrepreneur (co-founder of Cloudcha) and Dior Beauty’s wellness expert – the girl is busy. But if you follow her on Instagram or do her workouts you know she is always calm, cool and collected, all while looking incredible.

If you have yet to meet Bryony, go listen to her episode on The HIM & HER Show. She gets into her incredible health journey, from an insane car accident that affected her body in so many ways, how she fell in love with Pilates, how she discovered what healthy habits work for her and the business ventures she started before finding her platform today, it will give you so much insight into what Pilates can do for you.

With that, let’s get into Bryony’s routines.

Bryony Deery’s AM and PM Routine for a Chill, Productive Day


I’m such a routine girly through and through but in the past year I’ve been leaning more into a fluid routine that’s not so regimented and I’ve found I’ve slept better and felt more calm because of it. Saying that, I always allow an hour of calm before I have to do anything for the day. This includes:

+ tongue scraping

+ washing my face

+ taking probiotics

+ ice rolling – I take this everywhere with me because it’s completely changes my skin and instantly sculpts 

+ drinking Cloudcha matcha (don’t burn your matcha with boiling water, keep it at 175F/80C for maximum taste and health benefits)

+ listen to a relaxing jazz playlist with candles

+ meditate, do breathwork and a sound bath using Pilates by Bryony app

+ visualize the day ahead with exact scenarios of goals and dreams by writing them down 

After that, I’ll get to work filming a workout or a live class, walk while I take calls then hit the sauna for 20 minutes with my legs up the wall, and finish with an ice bath as long as I can tolerate that day. The combination of Pilates and hot/cold therapy has almost completely cured my arthritis symptoms. If you suffer with inflammatory symptoms, try hot/cold therapy.

Once all of this is done, I head into the office to meet my team and start the day. I get so excited to go into the office. It’s genuinely always a ‘pinch me’ moment that I even have an office and the funniest most inspiring people to work with.

Bryony Deery's AM and PM Routine


A solid morning routine always starts the night before. I don’t eat too late into the evening but as I said, I try not to be too hard on myself as social dinners are part of my wellness philosophy too.

I love setting the tone at home. Dimming the lights, burning my favourite candles and incense is great for that. Since getting a puppy we are definitely at home a lot more in the evenings which I’m loving as it makes me look forward to being out even more.

+ dry brush the Butter Brush

+ bath with Epsom salts (so healing after a day on your feet)

+ body sculpt with my Rain CBD massage oil (so good for lymphatic drainage feels like a spa treatment)

+ take supplements: gaba, apigenin and magnesium.

+ have my WelleCo Evening Elixir (it’s this creamy, healthy, light hot chocolate with super clean ingredients)

+ when I’m not travelling I’ll wear my Oura ring and get into bed and read (I’m a non fiction kind of girl so usually it will be mindset, self development or business focussed)

+ lights out between 10-11 and I always wear a silk eye mask

Bryony Deery beauty routine


Hope you loved reading about Bryony’s daily routines. Like we said, she is alwasy so calm, cool and collected so if you need a little zen before you start your day try some of her tips. Be sure to check out her app and use code LAURYN for a 2 month free trial. Lauryn’s favorite workout is the 20 minute sideline series. You’ll feel the burn.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

+ Listen to Lauryn on Beyond the Mat.

++ Lauryn’s specific habits and routines here.


  1. Wow, Bryony Deery’s dedication to her routines is truly inspiring! From her calming morning rituals to the innovative use of hot/cold therapy, she’s clearly found a balanced approach to wellness.

    Her journey from a challenging car accident to becoming a wellness expert and entrepreneur is incredibly motivating. Looking forward to learning more from her on The HIM & HER Show! sunnyweight

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