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Zaza’s Nursery Reveal

Voila !

Today we have Zaza’s nursery on the blog. Could not be more excited about this post. You can expect a full tour of the baby’s nursery, with all the juice. Like all the details & tons of pics.

Ok let’s get into it.

The vision for the nursery was very clear & specific in my head. Flamboyant, but at the same time very calming. You should know that Zaza’s nursery was initially my glam room when we moved into this house.

Ya, that’s right. Before the baby I had a chaise lounge, a martini bar, & a bell all ready to go so that Michael could come make me a cocktail while I got my hair done. ( To be totally transparent that was all inspired by Patricia Altschul from Southern Charm. She has all that stuff in her dressing room, so I needed to have it too…naturally. I mean, her butler’s name is Michael, so I was halfway there already. LOL )

Those days are over though, because Zaza has moved in & she means business. Nothing from my glam room is the same. It used to be painted this eggplant color & now it’s baby pink. However, there is one thing the same: the wallpaper. The wallpaper in that room is MAJOR. It’s honestly the sickest wall paper I’ve ever seen. When you feel it it pops off the wall, like it’s 3D. I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it, so we kept it.

But let’s start with THE LAMP.

When I was 4 weeks pregnant, but didn’t know it yet, we were at Bergdorf Goodman’s enjoying a few mimosas. We walked by this lamp & I absolutely fell in love with it & NEEDED it for my office. Then I found out I was pregnant!! If I was having a girl, I knew this lamp had to be in her room. The entire nursery was based off of this lamp, you guys.

It has this beautiful, gorgeous body & huge pink ostrich feathers hanging off of it. It’s glamorous, loud, flamboyant ( of course ) & just so stunning in person. It screams drama in the best way possible. If you follow along on Instagram, you know that one of my best friends ( & Zaza’s godfather ) designed & built her bassinet off of this lamp.

So yes- the lamp has completely inspired Zaza’s room & all her stuff.

As much as I love pink, & we certainly do have pops of it in the nursery, we toned things down with a lot of black & white too.

So backing up here: I was connected with Jada Neoni who is a celebrity sleep training expert & nursery designer ( you can get acquainted with here in this post ). She helped me curate that flamboyant, calm space that I had in mind.

Another thing I knew is that Zaza needed a lucite crib to really open up the space. Jada found me one with gold at the bottom & it really helped pull in the wallpaper. We also chose to go with the Nook organic, breathable mattress because Jada raved about it.

As far as the delicious, comfy nursing chair, Jada helped me find one that was really comfortable, but also really chic. It’s kinda got a Yeezy vibe to it, & if you saw it in person you’d see it has a very ‘Yeezy’ type of fabric.

We kept the diaper change table super plain, opting for white, but made sure to have very specific organizers in each drawer. Everything needed to have a place from the diapers, to the wipes, to the creams, to the gripe water, to the pacifiers- EVERYTHING needed a home in her change table. Our night nurse is also very knowledgeable so she helped me put things in place where they made sense. It’s all very organized- just how we like it!

The change table is in the corner of the room because I didn’t want it to be a ‘main event’ in the nursery. On the wall near the change table we put a cute print that we discovered 5 years ago at the BG Restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman. It’s this little cartoon picture of a woman in a big fur coat standing by a table of friends & it says “She got it by going ‘br-r-r’ in front of Bergdorf’s.” It made me laugh so hard because it really reminded me of myself. LOL.

The cartoon was even in Playboy, but we couldn’t find it anywhere. Somehow Michael found it & had it printed & framed for me. It’s so perfect for Zaza’s room & it reminds us of all the fun times we’ve had in NYC.

Pulling in some little personalizations like the Bergdorf’s print was really important me. In saying that, another personal touch was this beautiful gold frame that Jada & I found from Framebridge. It’s this magnificent, huge, out of control frame that reminds me of something vintage, but it’s avant-garde at the same time. We used it to frame our pregnancy announcement, which is a pic of Michael & me at the Beverly Hills Hotel, recreating the famous photo of Faye Dunaway after she won an Oscar.

Highly recommend Framebridge for any kind of room whether its a nursery, hallway, living room, etc. Working with them was amazing, seamless, & streamlined. I got this print within a week & it could not have been more smooth. This is such a good company to use for any type of frame or print, especially if you’re designing a photo wall.

Speaking of frames, we also decided to frame another fun memory that Zaza will love as she grows up. Her cousin Daxton painted me a finger painting in bubblegum pink about 2 years ago. I wanted to use it for something but didn’t know what. Then, for my birthday, Michael wrote me this hysterical card, so I took the card & put it on Daxton’s painting so it was like the background for the card.

You know those things that you want to hold onto, maybe they’re in a drawer or a box somewhere, but you don’t really know what to do with them? Getting creative like this is a really fun way to use them & have them on display.

To pull in the crib, Jada found this really fun book shelf. & again, the books on the shelves are really specific & curated. You’ll find Principles for Success ( which is Michael’s favorite book ), Angelina Ballerina ( my favorite childhood book ), This Little Piggy Went to Prada ( it’s hot pink, we needed it ), & Flora The Flamingo.

Auntie Erica of Fashionlush, my best friend, & her mom got us the cutest ‘little golden books.’ Do you guys remember those ones with the gold spine? They found the cutest ones from thrift stores called Very Busy Barbie & Barbie & The Spotlight. They said that I could use these books to explain to Zaza what her mom does for a living. I thought it was fucking hilarious. It’s so cute to have ‘a little golden book‘ collection for her because those are the books I remember reading when I was little.

The other shelves in the room are MAJOR! Jada found them & they have pops of gold that really pull the crib in. The shelves are filled with some personal details:

battery operated candles that I used during labor ( for ambience ).

♡ fresh pink roses.

pretty, girly candles ( that probably won’t be lit ).

♡ some sage to clear the energy.

♡ her favorite book, Claris Goes To Paris, on display ( I don’t know if it’s her favorite, I’m just being annoying ).

♡ two diaper bags – one is vintage & the bubblegum pink one is from her French Auntie Ingrid.

♡ & then I have my baby scrapbook that my mom made on there too.

Other things to note:

♡ her Zsa Zsa Gabor book How To Catch a Man, How to Keep a Man, How to Get Rid of a Man. ( If you want to know what inspired her name, stay tuned for the podcast about my birth story ).

Barbara Sturm skin care for babies, thanks to Pellequr.

♡ a purse Michael got me for Valentine’s day which will be Zaza’s one day.

♡ tiny white shoes from Vandevort in San Diego.

♡ baby perfume from her godmother, Gillian.

♡ a diffuser filled with K’pure calming oils.

♡ her baby book.

♡ an energetic, healing Rose Quartz crystal.

We also added little touches like having her baby bracelets from the hospital pour out of her silver cup, Michael’s actual baby rattle that his mom gave to me, special stuffed animals, tiny pink patent leather shoes & a comb with her initials on it from her Auntie Mimi.

There’s also this specific nightlight that I like to turn on when I walk into her room. It’s the Casper Glow Light. You just pick it up & flip it over to turn it on- it’s so efficient & produces this super nice glow in her room- it’s so sweet. It doesn’t up her cortisol, ya know?

Two of my guy friends came over & hung up these beautiful curtains & also did the lights which are so major. They hang from the ceiling & swoop down on pink silk.

As for the rug, Jada & I fell in love with this particular one because it doesn’t get dirty easily. You can walk all over it, it can handle spit up well, & it can be washed easily.

We’ll get into the closet in another post, but it’s worth mentioning we opted for pink velvet hangers.

We also went for the Miku camera which is great because it doesn’t actually touch the baby & you can watch everything through your phone. It’s also aesthetically pleasing which is VERY important to me. I’ll do a post & get into this more, but I just wanted to share that we love it for the nursery.

There you have it. That’s just a broad explanation of the nursery right now. But don’t worry, Jada is coming back on the blog to do a 3 post series on designing your own dream nursery, the baby accessories you need to know about, & sleep training 101. Also be sure to check out her podcast episode coming out on Friday March 6. Oh, & in the meantime stalk her Instagram here. Also be sure to listen to Zaza’s birth story on the podcast.

So yes, I just really wanted a calm but flamboyant space for Zaza. One that fit her name & my personality too. When you walk into her room it’s very extravagant but the energy is very calm- everyone says that. It could be because of her energy ( she’s a very calm baby ), but I like to think it’s because of the fabulous nursery.

Let us know if you have any questions below, & get excited !! Because Jada & I are giving away almost a WHOLE nursery to one lucky mom on Instagram in the next week & a half. Hope you guys loved taking a peek inside Zaza’s nursery.

Actually…. I think I’m going to steal the lamp for my office after all….I kid, I kid. But really, how major is that lamp?!

Hope you guys are all having a great day .

x, lauryn

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{ pics }


  1. so beautiful!! I couldn’t wait to see ZaZa’s room! … Also, I tried sending you this exact floral lamp!!! so funny. Can’t wait to hear about ZaZa’s name. God Bless.

  2. Well , I completely fell in love with the lamp and I have it saved in my cart for the day I can afford it. It’s dramatic, beautiful and a obvious choice for me. And the acrylic touches in this nursery are MAJOR. I love it.

  3. Absolutely stunning! I don’t know what I love most about this room, at first I thought it was the clear crib, then I saw the lamp, then the wall paper. I’m totally jealous of this space.

  4. Just finished the podcast! Love that you shared this! As a fellow designer, I really love that Jada admitted to this room being difficult for her because it isn’t her style per se, but it being one of her favorites because it took her out of her comfort zone. I always learn SO much when I have clients that aren’t exactly my own aesthetic, so it’s a win-win! Also, love that it still has your stylistic “branding” touch in it too! So sweet. Only thing I wish we could see in this blog post more is the nursery chair you guys were raving about!

    Also, while I’m here… yes, please take a stand on this mom-shamming. I’m not a mom but it also blows my mind that people have the audacity to comment on it.

    If you ever need help with a space at a reasonable price, feel free to reach out! @sablexhavenly xoxo

  5. So gorgeous Lauryn!!! This is THE perfect room. The attention to detail is incredible! I can’t stop looking at it! ?

  6. Where can I find the wallpaper?! My little girls nursery is butterfly themed and that wallpaper would be perfect!

  7. This nursery is TDF!!! Where did you find the amazing wallpaper! Everything is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Obsessed with everything about this nursery!! Can you share which drawer organizers you used? Looking for some for mine!!

  9. LOVE how unique and personalized your nursery is! Would you mind linking the pillow that is on Zaza’s changing table? We would like to avoid our baby getting a flat head too! Thank you!!

  10. Such an absolutely stunning nursery! Everything about her room is glamorous really reminds me of “Auntie Mame” one of my all time favorite book/movie characters—definitely check it out!

  11. Amazing! I love the pic of you and Michael, the wallpaper is Hollywood glamour to the max and that lamp is to die for!

  12. I am in love with this! it makes me want a baby girl. Where can I find that Peter Arno print? I need it for my glam room!!!


      It’s the coral hermes avalon one!

  13. So beautiful. Lauryn, your attention to detail mesmerizes me. I would absolutely hire you to set up my baby’s room vibe when I have kids.

  14. I love everything about this! Expecting our first baby, a girl! I am extra with the details and the amount of options are overwhelming. Wondering if you’d share what fabric you went with for the Merced glider? I hear breast milk can be oily…

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