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Yummm: Rolled Oats with Homemade “Five Second Jam”

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and healthy cooking.


Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and healthy cooking. Oatmeal is rad…but I feel like it’s sort of the forgotten breakfast food.

Lately I’ve been reallllllll into rolled oats.



Here’s the deal: I’ve noticed that if I wake up & eat an oatmeal break I don’t want carbs at night. Oatmeal gives me that satisfied-I-don’t-need-to-stuff-my-face-with-pasta-and-shit-later feeling.

Ya know?

It’s filling, delicious, & welp, it also happens to be one of the world’s healthiest foods.

Say what?

According to, “oats are harvested in the fall but are available throughout the year and can add extra nutrition to a variety of healthy dishes. Oats, known scientifically as Avena sativa, are a hardy cereal grain able to withstand poor soil conditions in which other crops are unable to thrive. Oats gain part of their distinctive flavor from the roasting process that they undergo after being harvested and cleaned. Although oats are then hulled, this process does not strip away their bran and germ allowing them to retain a concentrated source of their fiber and nutrients. Oats, via their high fiber content, are already known to help remove cholesterol from the digestive system that would otherwise end up in the bloodstream. Now, the latest research suggests they may have another cardio-protective mechanism. Antioxidant compounds unique to oats help prevent free radicals from damaging LDL cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease”

Don’t be fooled though…make sure you’re buying rolled oats that are non-GMO, gluten-free, MSG free, wheat/dairy free. Trader Joe’s carries this kind & they’re amaze. Check out my latest obsession:

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and healthy cooking.

Ok, so let’s talk about this lil dime of a recipe: I use my favorite berries, a squeeze of lemon, a lil raw honey ( << read more here ), & some cinnamon/pumpkin pie spice to create a jam-like substance. Squish it all together with a fork to make something similar to this mixture.

Then I cook my rolled oats on the stove ( not the microwave, stove. Not a micro-fan, sorry ) in fluoride-free water. Once the oats are cooked a bit ( I like to keep them a little raw instead of cook them ALL the way through ), I add them to my jammy jam. Sprinkle chia seeds on top &…yummmm…OMG…die.

A lil AM party in my mouth.

If you’re a milk person, try adding a little unsweetened almond milk

FYI: just because oats are freaking phenomenal, doesn’t mean to shove the whole bag down your throat— practice portion control & you’re in the safe zone.

How do you eat oatmeal? Any creative tips? Share!


{ More skinny oatmeal recipes found here // here // here }.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and healthy cooking.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and healthy cooking.

  1. So awesome!! Oatmeal is my favorite meal! I literally wrote a blog about it two days ago!! Great minds think alike ; )

  2. Oatmeal and berries is one of my favourite breakfasts! So delicious and it makes you feel amazing.

  3. I like to put homemade almond butter in mine and local organic honey. So good! Talk about adding some protien. It lasts me all morning. No sack or sugar cravings.

  4. I eat a similar breakfast at least five days a week. Oatmeal is so versatile nad yummy! To get some more protein I often add a raw egg and let it all cook on really low heat until it reached desired creaminess.
    It’s to die for I promise!

  5. Love this! I’m a huge oatmeal fan. So healthy and filling. I’m like you – I need some form of carbs to keep me going or I’ll splurge later. I usually switch it up from fruity to savory – one of my fave savory options is pumpkin oatmeal! It tastes like pumpkin pie in a jar 🙂 If you want to check it out, you can read about it here:

  6. oats with cooked apples (Cook apples before on your meal prep day or whatever as thy need longer than the oat itself) and a lot of cinnamon! alternatively add an uncooked apple after cooking, graped. Oats go really well with grapes and nuts. This way its often served at yoga retreats mid- morning after an early morning practice and it usually lasts until supper.

  7. Oatmeal is my fav breakfast ever! Always fills me up after a hard AM workout. I have lots of different variations I make but my favs are: oats, a tablespoon of peanut or almond butter, a super ripe banana and cinnamon. I’ve also been replacing the peanut or almond butter with coconut butter (<<<yum!!!) and then adding some shaved coconut on top. So good!!!

    1. I don’t understand the overnight oats. Do you warm it up in the morning or eat it cold?

    2. I don’t do overnight oats. I make them in the morning because I don’t like them too mushy. I like thicker texture! X

  8. I had not realized that about not craving carbs at night when I’ve had oatmeal that day but I think you’re on to something!! It’s my favorite mid-morning snack at work, especially if I’ve had a smoothie in the morning that doesn’t quite tide me over until lunch. I add walnuts, blueberries and the cinnamon totally does the trick. So warm and comforting!! It’s like a big hug!!

  9. I love oatmeal!! It’s my every day fav breakfast. I usually cook it a little with water an cinnamon spice, and then add some Flax seed & Apple pieces (The Gala ones are the sweetest!!) and top it with a lil bit of unsweetened almond milk. Delish !

  10. Try cooking the chia seeds in with the oats instead of adding them after. It’ll plump them up!

    Another amazing oatmeal tip is to cook banana slices in the oatmeal. It cooks the bananas a bit and gives your oats that amazing bananas foster flavor. So good.

  11. YES! Oatmeal is so my jam (haw). I make that same recipe but overnight-oats style, and cook ’em in the morning. I find soaking in lemony water (or a splash ACV) makes my tummy super happy. Something about breaking down phytic acid for optimal digestion 🙂

  12. This sounds delicious! I am pregnant now and my doctor advised against eating raw honey (boo!) so do you think I could substitute maple syrup instead?

  13. I normally put peanut butter and raisins on my toast but I’ve ran out of raisins and my breakfast for the last two days has been pretty bland.. 🙁
    So, I’m totally adding this homemade jam tomorrow!

  14. Obsessed with oatmeal, literally a daily thing for me. I like to add any kind of nut butter and let it melt on top then add my berries on top of that. Reminds me of pb&j a little bit. YUM.

  15. I mix my steel cut oatmeal with Chai flavored Vega raw protein powder. It makes the oatmeal thick and gooey and sooooo tasty! Plus it adds 14 g of vegan protein and keeps me full until lunch!

  16. I go through phases with what I eat for breakfast but oatmeal is definitely a favorite and always in the rotation. I love to add 1/2 of a sliced banana while cooking the oats — it gives them a creamy texture and a hint of sweetness. I like to top them with a little almond butter.

    I love your 5 second jam idea! I make something similar with chia seeds and frozen berries —

  17. What program do you use for your picture editing and adding text? I love the feminine feel of the first image!

  18. Oh yum. This looks so darn good. I love love breakfast but always find myself wondering around the kitchen having no idea what the heck to have.. im so excited to switch it up and try this! Thanks xo

  19. Jam is good with pretty much anything so this sounds super delish. Plus, anything new to add to oatmeal is always worth a try. I loveeee cacao mixed with banana, chia seeds, coconut, and topped with bee pollen. super cute blog. xx

  20. Lately I’ve been putting DATES into my oatmeal. One of my many tricks and attempts to get rid of my sugar cravings by eating natural sugar! Of course, loads of cinnamon and almond butter are always present!

  21. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE oatmeal for breakfast! My favorite recipe is (approximately, I don’t measure) 1/3 cup rolled oats lightly cooked (stovetop, yes!) a handful of washed organic blackberries, 1 tbsp of organic almond butter, a smidge of organic honey, and a dash of ground flax and chia seeds – yum!

  22. Can’t wait to taste it.. Looks so Delicious.. Now it’s time to make it in real.. 😉 though I’m not good at kitchen. 😛

  23. This looks so good. Sadly gluten free problems kill me when I see stuff like this.
    But I’ve been loving Chia seeds recently, made this seeded yoghurt earlier which was incredible.

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