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Yummm…A Halloween Candy Bar Cart

A Halloween Candy Bar Cart

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you know I love a SET UP. A themed table is so my vibe & this Halloween candy bar cart ticks all the boxes.

I’m very much feeling it.

This candy bar is so easy to recreate IT’S INSANE. Naturally we had to discuss on the blog.

A Halloween Candy Bar Cart

The Skinny Confidential's Halloween party.
The Skinny Confidential's Halloween party.
A Halloween Candy Bar Cart

First off, Home Goods is always a nice place to start if you don’t have a plan or idea for your Halloween candy bar cart.

Oh, & sidenote: you don’t need a bar cart. A table set up works just as well.

Anyway, so much inspo can come from Home Goods around Halloween. Walk in, grab a bunch of shit, go home & set it all up. Fun !!

Before we get into some of my favorite decor items, let’s go over some tips you should keep in mind when setting up:

Tips For Styling a Halloween Candy Bar Cart:

♡ choose a wide variety of heights to keep things interesting.

♡ a color theme is always fun, but you do you – black, white & gold is always fun.

♡ candles are a must !! Personally I like real candles but if you have kids, they make amazing flameless ones these days to make sure things stay safe.

♡ speaking of kids, get them involved – let them decorate one layer of the bar cart.

♡ place items from biggest to smallest ( large candy dishes, big candle holder, then smaller dishes ). Lastly, sprinkle the tiny stuff ( toy spiders, sparkles, cobwebs ) last to fill in the gaps.

Ok, now let’s get right to it. Here are all my favorite items to add.

My Favorite Halloween Candy Bar Items:

Yum Earth Sour Beans or Sour Skittles – you can’t go wrong !

Yum Earth Halloween Candy Corn & Gummies

Smart Sweets Worms

Hu chocolate covered almonds

Black licorice

apple O’s ( so vintage LOL )

These days I tend to go for the healthier candy & chocolate options out there. But I still love an old school apple O! You do you, but I love to mix in super nostalgic candy with the lower sugar ones.

Now, let’s discuss decor:

♡ candy dishes – depending on your vibe –> plain or detailed or all out WITCHY !

black candle holders

spiders & cobwebs

white & gold pumpkins

mini skulls

flameless candles

& if you’re interested in getting a bar car, here are some cool ones I found.

gold & clear glass

silver & glass

black & grey

There you have it! Some fun tips & tricks to style your very own Halloween candy bar cart or table scape. You could go classy, spooky, super scary or all out witchy magical potion vibes. Just so many options.

Halloween party candies

The Skinny Confidential's Halloween party.
black licorice
The Skinny Confidential's Halloween party candies
Halloween party decor
Home Goods Halloween party essentials

Ok before I go I have to tell you guys about ‘the black licorice fiasco.’ A few years ago I was INTENTLY working. Totally in my zone— a little Bossa nova on Spotify, a lot of emails, & working on a post. So, out of my peripheral I see BLACK X 10.

And there sits T.Boone Pickens…he had individually dragged half of the black licorice twists ( one by one, I might add ) across the floor from the lower bar cart area. There he sat, in his white plush bed, casually sucking on a long piece of licorice.

And naturally measly pieces of black licorice were stuck between each tooth. Let’s just say I immediately pulled out the ‘doggie toothbrush’ & a Swiffer.

By the way, Pixy was sitting perfect in her bed, clearly annoyed. Miss her so much.

Anyway, what candy am I missing?

x, lauryn

+ check out these all natural candies you need in your pantry. 

++ scope this smoking cocktail cloche for some spooky Halloween drinks.


  1. This is a wonderful idea. Halloween isn’t such a big deal over here, but I love it! It’s my favourite time of year. I do have a tray full of sweets just in case I get Trick or Treaters, but people don’t really do it here, and I’ll probably eat all the sweets myself while watching Tim Burton films – It’s Halloween, it’s allowed, right? I am worried that the temptation of a cart full would be a little too much, as it clearly was for your dog! 😉
    Aimee xx

  2. Such a cute idea if you’re having a get-together or a party! I agree on the different heights, looks a lot more stylish. And lovin’ the candles of choice here (especially the white ones in the back!)

  3. Love this! I just did a post on Halloween Chic and now I kinda feel like featuring some of your great pictures and ideas. I am so in the market for a gorgeous bar cart but my man isn’t really into the idea. What is it with boys and home decoration? We are on a total different wave length sometimes. Thanks for these great ideas Lauryn! 🙂 xoxo

    1. You can for sure feature anything with a link back! Enjoy!! I just do it and then distract Michael when he comes in…shove candy in his face! Hahah.

  4. I love it! Just one more reason for me to add a bar cart to my dining room!!!

    506 Miles: from Detroit to Nashville

  5. That bar cart is this shiz! The yummy candy is just icing on top. Love the setup!

    Happy (almost) Halloween! | Carly

    1. I know, I die for them! I am going to use them after Halloween too. Plus they’re $1.99 at Rite-Aid. Score!

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