YouTube Announcement <3


Oh, hiiiiii!

Remember the amazing Jacqueline/Jackie Nicole Brown [ read more on JNB here ]…? Welp, we have an super exciting announcement:

We’re launching a YouTube channel together {!!!!!!!!! }.

Think skinny meets fashion in a va va voom, sex kitten-kinda way. Our style will be similar to the above video, which features Jackie as herself rocking her handmade arm candy.

We’re sooooo excited.

Some ideas for the channel:

  • Easy, effective workouts
  • Styling tricks
  • Quick skinny tips
  • Everything jewelry, fashion, purses, shoes, etc.
  • Beauty, skin, hair, blah, blah
  • Healthy lifestyle advice
  • And moreeeee…

So. The ‘and moreeee’ part is where all of you babes come in. I’m seriously, serious.

Jackie & I are ba, ba, beggggging you babes to take one second & comment below. Tell us exactly what you want to see. For instance: “I want to see how get rid of my bat wings.” Or you know, something like that. Anything goes, lovahs. Puhhhhllleassssseeee share!!

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend, xx.


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  1. AvatarKat

    this is AMAZING! i am so excited. i have a ten month old daughter soooo anything FAST and effective (and targeting the tummy bloat!) i can do while entertaining her is awesome!
    Kat recently posted..Family Time!My Profile

  2. AvatarLeianna

    Easy healthy tips for people who don’t live in a big city like you. I live in rural Iowa. I’m a runner and health nut but I don’t have a whole foods, trader joes or anything like it with in two plus hours from me! Thanks!!!

  3. AvatarAshley

    At home workouts (I can’t afford a gym membership anymore..)
    Skincare & make up!!
    Healthy Meal plans… ? If that’s possible, I don’t know!

    This is very exciting! I am looking forward to it!

  4. AvatarMaddy

    Oh how great! I would love workouts for the bottom half, so butt, hips, upper thighs, I’m stuck. Best of luck!

  5. Avatarolivia clement

    Quick and healthy meals for college students/constantly on the run peeps! Grab and go foods that can be made ahead AND meals that can be made over the weekend to be eaten over the week.

  6. AvatarRachel

    Hi Lauryn and Jackie,

    I have these emerald green skinny pants. Can you give me some fashion inspiration for what to pair them with?

  7. AvatarShelby

    A short, daily work-out to lift – but not shrink – my ghetto booty!

    I am a skinny girl with a naturally HUGE bum. Also, ways to decrease bloat for those living away from big cities (I am currently living abroad teaching English in China!).

    LOVE your blog. Can’t wait. (:

  8. AvatarRachael

    Some easy healthy recipes that aren’t too expensive to make! Cheaper alternatives to all the fun goodies you always have.

    LOVE e blog!

  9. Avatarmiladybowen

    Ditto to the at-home workouts

    healthy snack and meal ideas

    product reviews

    Tips for fat loss, weight loss, and how to fake weight loss, i.e. slenderizing your legs with self-tanner, etc.

  10. AvatarCrystal

    Lots of food ideas! Healthy cooking tutorials. Or real-time filming of what you two eat in a typical day. Nutritious snacks, advice, tips, etc.

  11. Avatarzuzu

    soo excited for u!!

    I would love too see more tips to stay healthy and active, while allways on to go(what to bring allong,…) i allways travel and it s soo hard for me to eat healthy at times!

    i would also like too see some tips on getting ready for the beach, for haircare,skinproducts,foods ,excercise and even fashion.

    much LOVE from Belguim! Xx

  12. AvatarMarikken

    What a fantastic idea ! Now Im really super exitied! I would love quick skinnytips , and hair tutorials , and haircare. Also some pilates workouts would be fab ! Wish you the best of luck πŸ™‚

  13. AvatarMartie @ Spunkyrella

    This is AMAZING news!!

    Actually I would like to get rid of my bat wings. Puh-lease!!! And IΒ΄d also love to see kind of an day of your diet. What to do and how to do it when youΒ΄re working full time, need an energy boost and help with that afternoon slump and what to eat for dinner/after the workout!

    This would be tremendously helpful!

  14. Avatarcecilia

    i would like you to bring up the question of bad conscience when eating something unhealthy. since i “started” my healthy life and feel soooo bad whenever i eat something less healthy. i panic when i’m supposed to go somewhere where there will most likely be dessert or less healthy food… how can you reach a balance?


  15. AvatarSierra

    So exciting! Please do a segment on how to keep fit when you sit alllllllll day at a desk job! Any tips on stopping mindless snacking and incorporating exercise would be great!

  16. AvatarBrittany

    I want to know how you get your skin looking so tan! Is it a spray, do you go to the tanning bed? How do you make it smooth, even, and pretty??

  17. AvatarKayce

    Love this idea! How to slim hips/ legs without adding bulk would be amazee-ing!! πŸ™‚

  18. AvatarCarly

    AHHHHH super stoked! Would love home remedies/beauty product suggestions… like how to make your eyelashes grow faster (waterproof mascara is crippling/ripping out my lashes!), how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes, etc…

    Your health/nutrition tips are always perf. At home workouts are a plus too… stuff that focuses on leaning out muscles… not bulking up. Rip Cord workouts, etc.

    Love introductions to companies such as Klutch Club (saw your instagram and now am a huge FAN and member), and Suja, etc…

    Lastly, anything motivational. All your selfies/fitness pics are the


  19. AvatarKiley

    This is awesome!! Congrats! I would like to see staples that you buy at the grocery store when on a budget – fast&easy meals to make when you’re constantly on the run – DIY yourself tips and tricks to reduce bloat/beauty remedies/decorating ideas maybe??!!

    Congrats again and good luck!!

  20. AvatarAnja

    i’d love to see some more styling tips like the video above. so easy – so cool.

    in winter, i often struggle with dry lips and skin. maybe you have a good tip for solving this problem.

    easy hair styling and hair care tips

    i love love love your snacking ideas cause i have a big sweet tooth. so give me some moooore.

    and some full body workouts for at home.

    thank you lauryn. you are amazing, girl….
    and i’m so excited about your cooperation with jackie. yay!

    greetings from switzerland

  21. Avatarhan

    Fun and cute hair styles.
    Healthy and quick recipes.
    Natural skin care tips and beauty tips.

  22. AvatarRachel

    All of the above! LOL.

    Plus….I live in England, and would like to know about items/brands of food/drinks that you mention that can be bought here or shipped internationally. That would really help as we don’t have many Whole Food stores or a chain like Trader Joes.

  23. AvatarNicole

    makeup/hair/skin care reviews!! & tips on how to stay inspired and how to keep at your diet/excercise goals when your tired/lazy/not seeing results. cant wait!!! xoxo

  24. AvatarAshley

    I love your interviews!! Maybe you can interview friends & ther skinny tips. Also any new food finds & foods you can’t live without! Maybe a grocery hall for what you buy for the week? This is so exciting!! Thank you!!

  25. AvatarCatalina

    Ahhh this is so great, super super excited!! I’m a college student so I need quick and easy recipes for foodies when I’m on the go and healthy eating tips when I’m out with my friends! And also menus/workouts to prepare for big events like spring break would be amazing (it will be upon us before we know it.. planning ahead)

    Thank you!! πŸ™‚

  26. AvatarMARY

    SO AWESOME! I would love to see workouts you can do at the gym on equipment that are effective! to lose that belly and tone that butt and legs! πŸ™‚

  27. AvatarJenny

    Ouuuu SO excitedddddd

    1) Great kick off idea would be “your fitness/skinny journey” like what prompted you to get so into health and fitness / skinny lifestyle? Could be a fab intro video!
    2) Vlogs with Michael???
    3) Day in the life of your eating
    4) How to “cheat” smart (Fitness is like a relationship, you can’t cheat on it and make it work <3)
    5) Carbs 101 !!!!!!!! How to be skinny and eat carbs / not eat carbs?? What do you do??
    6) Cleanses 101 – different cleanses you have done / what is your slim down plan for a big event? (I feel like you blogged about this around Halloween)
    7) How to fight cravings?
    8) How to get naturally muscular legs to slim out

    loveeee xxxx cant wait!

  28. AvatarPaige

    definitely make up and fashion tips! lower body workouts to trim and tone thighs, and how to get a lean stomach but without the six pack look! not cute… thanks! So excited to see it!

  29. AvatarMathilda

    I’d like more like mealplans or how to eat healthy and balanced throughout the day! Like breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks inbetween.