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You’re Invited to Become a TSC Community Member

TSC Community Member

We have the most exciting news. Our team has found the perfect platform for us to connect.

Who is ‘us’?

YOU, The Skinny Confidential community – Like-minded beauty, wellness and skincare fanatics who are obsessed with all things TSC.

This is your chance to take your love of The Skinny Confidential to the next level AND earn rewards for it. YES, rewards. Like coins that equal cash that can be redeemed in our store. Amazing, right?

So if you’re constantly elevating your self-care routine, love connecting with others about beauty, wellness and skin, this is the space for you. 

We’re so happy to have you join our space, but here’s the thing: we’re joining YOU. We want to hear from you. The community is at the core of all our products and becoming part of this platform means that you can tell us what you want to see more of and give us feedback on tools and formulations. 

Lauryn is constantly creating new products out of necessity with you in mind and this space will allow you to interact with our team so you can tell us what new TSC products you’d like to see in your routine.  

Ok, so how does our new space work? Let’s get specific.

You’re Invited to Become a TSC Community Member


+ download the TYB app.

+ join our space by clicking this click.

+ claim your first TSC membership collectible and have fun. 


+ Exclusive Content: First access to new launches and sales.

+ Sense of Community: Connect with like-minded TSC self-care fanatics through chat & Q&As. 

+ Earn Rewards: Get coins by completing challenges and making purchases then redeem them on

+ Major Perks: By completing challenges and surveys you’ll earn rewards to get you even more exclusive experiences. We wanted to create this dedicated space to connect more closely with you, and we’re so excited about it. 

TSC Community Member benefits

You should know that our Ambassadors have already been selected, but stay tuned for opportunities to apply in the future. 

So sign up, play around, have fun, make new friends, earn digital collectibles and SHOP. 


TSC club

Sign up to be a member of the TSC community and earn rewards for your love of beauty and wellness.

We love the way you love The Skinny Confidential, so this is your chance to get rewarded for it. We’re so excited to see you there. 

x, The Skinny Confidential team

+ Learn how Lauryn uses every single TSC product.

++ Stalk Lauryn’s updated skincare routine here.


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