YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED!!! ♡ TSC Bombshell Body Guide Q & A

The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body guide | by the skinny confidential

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You guys have asked a lot of questions about the Bombshell Body Guide and Membership program, so the purpose of tonight’s post is to answer them all in one.

The rad thing about my guide is that all of the workouts, meal plans, nutrition info, & tips are designed for the babe on the go.

My workouts are 27 minutes long, the recipes & meals are quick/easy/delicious, and all of the tips can easily be worked into your crazy schedule.

Anyway a few of you guys sent me questions on social media, so I decided to answer them in a little video just for you + provide a little summary of the Membership & Guide below:


TSC Bombshell Body Membership:

The Bombshell Body Membership is the most INEXPENSIVE option, but it packs a serious punch.

Consider the Bombshell Body Membership, The Skinny Confidential blog on steroids.

The membership gives you access to:

♡ a nutrition guide, exclusive recipes

♡ the 7 day meal plan

♡ tons of workouts targeted to specific areas of the body

♡ cleanse tips

♡ & SO much more.

++ New exclusive content is added EVERY SINGLE MONTH, by yours truly.

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Last month I added:

♡ new targeted workout called ‘Peace Out Pooch Hello Flat Abs’

♡ a spotlight on my absolute favorite protein powder

♡ & tons of new recipes!

The month before that, I added:

♡ two new targeted workouts ( The Back Of The Thigh Cellulite Blaster & Bye Bye Armpit Cleavage )

♡ a suggested supplements guide

♡ & TONS of recipes.

sweaty betty | by the skinny confidential

{ pink sports bra }

There’s also a discussion board where you can chit chat with me & other TSC members directly.

The discussion board is super fun because it’s the most effective way for me to answer your questions directly, share all of my favorite workout & eating tips, and help you guys kickstart & ultimately maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The membership is a flat monthly fee of $19.99 per month.

Everything is accessible via any smart phone, computer, or tablet device. You can also print all of the pages out, if you’re old school ( like me, LOL ). More video here.

The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body guide

On to TSC Bombshell Body Guide:

The full Bombshell Body Guide is 28 weeks, however you have the option to purchase either Phase 1 or Phase 2 separately. Each phase is 14 weeks. Expect to kick your body into gear during phase 1, and to seriously tone every little nook and cranny during phase 2.

All of the workouts are 27 minutes, 3 times per week. Plus there are tons of extra tips to help you get the most out of the program and track your progress. You can access the guides via any computer, smart phone or tablet device, & print them out if you want.

If you purchase phase 1, phase 2 or the entire Bombshell Body Guide, you receive one FREE month of the Bombshell Body Membership! You just have to remember to cancel your membership within the first 30 days if you don’t want to continue the guide.

If you do choose to cancel, you’ll still be able to access your guides since you purchased those separately. Hope that helps!

If you’re interested in trying it out, use BBGREADY for 10% off!

OH!! AND I’m giving out 5 free guides. Leave your e-mail below & comment on my latest Instagram to win FREE access to TSC Bombshell Body Guide.

Watch me explain more here.

Happy Friday,

lauryn x

+ FOLLOW @tscbombshellbody on Instagram.

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186 replies to “YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED!!! ♡ TSC Bombshell Body Guide Q & A”

  1. Thank you Lauryn! Email is stephaniegettingfit at gmail dot com. I commented on Instagram too! <3

  2. Would love to win the guide! Recovering from knee surgery and need some good at home workouts

  3. I really enjoyed these workouts, they were doable even with RA so I am thrilled about that! It is so hard to find workouts that aren’t so time consuming too. Entering the giveaway 🙂 and commented on your instagram (alexis.roch) picture. Love Brussels sprouts btw, they are my favorite! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I would love to win your guide! My email is I also commented on your Instagram, and I would like to win because I am getting married in July and I need something to kick my butt and get my body looking good!

  5. Hi there! I would love the chance to win! We have been emailing back and forth… I want to start the program but this has been a tight month money wise (building a music studio for my husband 🙂 I have hard time spending money on myself no matter how much it is. My email is and I’m on instagram as mrsraimey

  6. Love it <3 I've been dying to try your guide since day one (always trust your advice) but am currently a broke ass student ha! Would looove to try your guide! Keep working hard and inspiring us, I'm already so much healthier because of you xo

  7. I would love to win, I need to know how to eat healthily without getting bored. I need to get back to prebaby weight and be a good rolemodel to my kids

  8. I would love, love a subscription!! I suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome, and exercising is a crucial way to combat my symptoms! This would be such a blessing to have.

  9. I have been wanting your guide since I first started following your blog!! Things keep happening with our house and we have needed all of our funds to go towards that so I don’t really have much extra to spare at the moment. I would loooove to win the guide!!

  10. I commented on your Instagram! And I’ve got to say I would be so thankful if I got the opportunity to try all things TSC! Love your book and your blog. I basically check everyday for new posts and check out all things you talk about. My end goal is to live a life similar to yours (except it will be mine… obviously). You just look so happy and are so passionate about what you write about.

  11. I’m a nurse so I feel like these workouts would be great to get in a quick workout after my long shifts. I love that they are quick but sound very efficient. Thank-you Lauryn! Headed over to comment on your insta now 🙂

  12. would love to win this! Just moved to San Diego from Detroit and could use some help and tips to get healthy and toned so I can enjoy all the awesome activities and great weather Cali has to offer 🙂 email:

  13. Hi – I woud love to try the guide, I recently moved to New York and am already worried about what I will do once the winter arrives! This guide seems like it could help me stay fit while also staying in my apartment 🙂 my email is

  14. Love love love bombshell body guide! Recipes are amazing too! Made the stuffed peppers last night ?. Your makeup and fashion tips are also on point! Thanks Lauryn!

  15. I read TSC daily. It’s literally part of my every day routine. I NEED to get my hands on this bombshell workout! Looks a-mazing!!!

  16. Long time reader and I’ve wanted to try your guide for so long. I just commented on your latest Instagram as well. Because I live through you’re Instagram and Paris was beautiful!!

  17. I read your blog on a daily (more than once per day?) basis & would LOVE the bombshell body guide to kick my ass into gear. fingers crossed!!

  18. Ah! Snapchatted you earlier about how excited I was for the meal plan. Love everything else you do so this sounds awesome


  19. Ah!! This giveaway is such a wonderful opportunity! I would love nothing more than to get the chance to try out TSC Bombshell Body Guide. I’m in a senior in college and need to start cracking down for spring break 😉
    Please please pleasssssse let me be one of the lucky babes to win!!

  20. Hi Lauryn,

    I’ve followed your blog for awhile now and would love to kick into gear with one of your Bombshell Guides! I’ve recently gotten into a slump after a rough breakup and would love to focus on me and get into the best shape I can using your guides and clean eating plan. Thanks!!


  21. Hi Lauren,

    I purchased the guides but canceled my membership. How do I access the guides now since I didn’t save the PDFs and just assumed I would still be able to log in but with limited function (without seeing new content that the membership provides?)

  22. I would love to win your guide 🙂 I just finished up training for a bikini competition a few weeks ago and I’m really getting bored with my training routine… I feel like this would be perfect for me to switch it up! 🙂

  23. Ahhh would totally love to test out the guide L! Putting myself on blast but I totes need the Peace out Pooch :/ especially after I make your SLUTTY BROWNIES for halloween x

  24. I am looking for workouts that I can do while traveling and I think yours might work! So I need the guide! Ill comment on Insta next.

  25. Hi Lauryn! I am a sophomore in college at a large university and feel like I’m currently feeling the same way you did when you really started exploring your fitness journey… trying to find something that works but limited on time & options! I’m sure you remember college budgets are tough also so I would love nothing more than to try this out & share with all of my friends/sorority sisters here at school!! My email is (not gmail) Thank you so much for the consideration – you are the coolest 🙂 xoxo!!

  26. Lauryn! Love love love the look of these guides, I can’t stay motivated with any others so far.. is it just me? Would love to win a cheeky free one, too.
    Thanks girl!
    Ellie x