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You Guys Asked! Pre-Workout Tips & Tricks

pre and post workout tips | by the skinny confidential

Ever since The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide launched, I have received tons of questions about pre-workout tips.  I decided to break it down into a couple of easy steps.  Get ready!  Wear your favorite sports bra, open your Bombshell Body guide and follow your fitness routine. Let’s go!

Pre-Workout Tips & Tricks

Drink water:

Before, during and after a workout. It’s totally been my thing lately. Before I workout, I add Zicam Total Immune Crystals to my water bottle for extra support of my immune system. Many people don’t realize this, but immunity function actually starts in the gut and these crystals have probiotics that are so important for your digestive health, so you can get a little bit more out of your water.

pre and post workout tips | by the skinny confidential


I’m a big fan of stretching before a workout session to be able to prepare your body for working out.  Water and stretching are something that every nutritionist and trainer will recommend, so I try my best to do both. They both make a huge difference in the way I feel, look and perform during a workout.

Warm Up:

Aside from stretching, you must do your warm-ups as part of your pre workout routine to raise your heart rate and let your blood flow to prepare your muscles in a series of range of motion-  prior to your exercise routine to prevent injury.


Take your pre workout supplements to give your body an extra boost and energy as you exercise.

One good supplement is Beta Alanine.  Beta Alanine is a popular supplement among athletes and fitness enthusiasts.  It is most effective in exercises lasting one to several minutes. It can help reduce fatigue while increasing exercise capacity and muscle endurance. (Source: Healthline)

Check with your Doctor or Nutritionist before taking such supplement.


I’ve been loving raw almond butter before I workout– I’m on a real kick. It sort of feeds my engine.

Not going to lie: I’ll sneak a couple of spoonfuls of almond butter ( typically after lunch ) for a little boost.


If I don’t have almond butter, I’ll go for something quick like Zicam’s Total Immune Melts. The amino acids & electrolytes in these tiny, delicious orange drops are awesome and paired with your favorite post-workout drink and make replenishing after a sweat session easy, peasy.

pre and post workout tips | by the skinny confidential

pre and post workout tips | by the skinny confidential

Find a workout buddy:

A scheduled workout ( aka working out with a babe ) can be a game changer. I started making my workouts a meeting/priority on my calendar. And by inviting someone along, I’ve eliminated any excuse not to work out! It also helps that TSC Bombshell Body effective workouts are 27 minutes: A good workout that is quick & effective. And you can do them anywhere!


Cooldown is also as important as pre-workout so your heart and muscles cool down slowly.  While stretching is a good way to cool down, You can make use of foam rollers as foam rolling works on loosening the muscle tissue plus the connective tissue better than just stretching.


I am not one of those people that can push through a workout without quality sleep. Sleep is my number one beauty tip and without it my workout is just not the same. If I don’t get at least 7 hours, I won’t workout.

Jewel once said, “If it’s between sleep and the gym, I’ll choose sleep.”

YES. Me too.

Sleep is always my main priority. Especially between crazy workouts.

Working out has been found to be beneficial for our nervous system as well.  So, make it a habit!

What’s your favorite energy-boosting workout tip?

x lauryn

+ this post is in collaboration with Self Magazine | check out TSC x Self here.

pre and post workout tips | by the skinny confidential

  1. I love your tips! Especially the tip woth sleep. A good nights sleep is crucial to performing well during a workout but its often a forgotten point in a healthy lifestyle!

    1. Hi Anna, I seriously can’t function without sleep. It’s the most important thing for me.

      Thanks for reading

  2. Amazing tips! I am the same way with water and stretching. Some days, I will just stretch instead of working out. I really enjoyed your TSC Bombshell Body workout! I have RA, so I am very limited what I can do to work out. I stay in shape by mainly diet and walking, but I was able to do most of the workouts you created! Thanks again for all your inspiration! 🙂

    1. Hi Alexis! That is seriously so great to hear that you are loving the Bombshell Body Guide!

      Thanks for reading

  3. Great tips, I’m so with you on the almond butter! I think its also so important to figure out the best time to workout for you. Do you have more energy in the morning? At noon? If it’s morning, love a big cup of coffee first and fasted cardio.

    Also, for girls doing super sweaty spin classes, replenishing potassium helps. It’s super hard to get enough from food, but Vega has an awesome hydrator mix with 400mg! xx

  4. Thanks for sharing these tips, and for making such awesome guides! And I totally need to follow the sleep tip, grad school has killed my sleep schedule.

    1. Hi Mackeznie, ugh work and school definitely put a damper on sleeping patterns. Just do the best you can! Thanks for reading. xx

  5. Love these tips! One of my favorite pre-workout tips is to get fuel in your body before working out. My favorite thing to eat is a Quest bar because it’s full of good carbohydrates and protein, but not jam-packed with sugar so you will not crash.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  6. I’m on my best game when I feel slightly hungry. There’s research done on working out on an empty stomach, and just working out in general is good for you so really you should do you, but I’m better having not eaten within an hour before a w/o.

    Dana – a success blog

    1. Hi Dana, thanks for sharing your tip! What research? I want to see! I love learning about this stuff! Will you email me any info on this? Thanks babe. xx

  7. I think a good tip to add is to make sure you don’t overdo it! Muscle injuries are a huge no no. I am currently bedridden from over doing a work out (barre, if you can believe it) and did something to my back!


    1. Hi Mariam, oh no! So sorry to hear you’re hurt. That’s no fun. I hope you’re okay. Take lots of natural inflammatories like turmeric! Definitely a good tip, thanks for sharing

  8. Love the tip about sleep!! Sleep is totally key to making me feel overall healthy and like I’ve had a productive day, workout or not! 🙂

  9. Ahh SLEEP! So important and I too feel like a fool if I don’t get enough of it! I find that as I’ve been doing more and more advanced yoga moves my body needs more sleep to keep up!

  10. Multiple-vitamin supplements provide all the basic micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals) your body needs. These multiple-vitamins are generally safe because they contain only small amounts of the each nutrient.

    1. Most dietary supplements are safe as long as you follow the label instructions, but large doses of certain nutrients can have strong biological effects on the body. While that may be beneficial in some cases, there are times when taking large doses of individual supplements can be dangerous.

  11. I’m seriously OBSESSING over your blog, you’re so real and raw, keep doing you girl!!!! I’d love for you to check out my blog!! You rock!

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