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You Asked!

First of all, can we talk about how chic I look in the default pic of this video?

So Gisele, right.

HA aka the worst picture on the planet.


You guys asked me a bunch of questions via Instagram so I answered some of them via video.

Obviously this was filmed a few weeks ago because TSC Bombshell Body Guide has launched now!!

If you have any other questions, leave them below & I’ll shout you out in my next Q & A video ( leave your blog name too if you want ; ) ). ASK AWAY, everything & anything, guys.

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All the product links I mentioned in the video (like my absolute favorite dry shampoo!!!), can be found on my channel.


Happy weekend, x lauryn
{ sweater | jeans | lipstick | phone case | ringschair | castor oil }

  1. Hi Lauryn!

    I would like to know, how you got and how you maintain your beautiful white teeth this white. They look incredible? Did you bleach them? I know you do teeth pulling with cocnut oil. I tried that however, it barely makes a difference. Sure every one has diffrent teeth. If you have a any more beauty tips for how to get white teeth, I would loooove to hear them.
    x, Flora

  2. Have you always known you wanted to start your own business? What advice do you have for young women just starting out?

  3. Gurrrrrrrrrrrlll I passed out when you answered my question and I heard my username! Thank you so much! Your advice is so helpful!

    BTW I have chocolate every single day. 😛

  4. Hi Lauryn! I have a question about green juices. If you work out in the morning, should you be drinking your green juice before or after you work out? If it’s after, should you be eating something before you workout?

    Thank you, thank you!! <3

  5. Lauren you may be interested in this dry shampoo by Kevin Murphy! You can buy at at salons/blow dry bars or on Amazon. (I like Pssst as well…)

  6. Hi Lauryn! I was wondering what sunscreen you use in the morning? I also like to protect my skin from the sun as much as possible, but I find my skin is always oily after using sunscreen and my makeup suffers because of it. Thanks so much 🙂

  7. Thanks so much for doing this, I really enjoyed the video! I do have a question: did you ever have acne? and if so what helped you get rid of it and what did you do for acne scars? Thanks!!

  8. SO many great tips, you’re inspiring me to start a youtube channel. I’m going to muster up some blogging ???’s for your next one 🙂


  9. Love, love, love your realness, Lauryn! I personally LOVED hearing all about the beginnings of TSC, the work going on behind the blog scenes, the work behind the videos, and one thing I would absolutely love to know is how you stuck to your dream/vision, while working full-time, and mustered the courage + faith to pursue TSC full-time, and taking the leap from your job (stability) to developing TSC (which was obvs the right decision). It was super neat to hear that you constantly studied online (for free!) about blogging. Your passion is contagious and I just want to know MORE (because I am creepy?) – you are very inspiring. PS – you are SO gorgeous, and look totally flawless constantly.

  10. Hi Lauren – Don’t be afraid of Latisse turning blue eyes brown. I used to be too, but I found out Latisse is actually a version of a glaucoma drug. As a side effect, people were noticing longer lashes and that’s how the drug came about. The warning came from people who were actually using the glaucoma product by putting the drops directly in to their eyes. It’s very rare that the small drop on the exterior lash would cause that, but they have to still put it as a warning.

  11. Yay!! Love this and hearing more about your blog and the work it takes, which after launching my own blog, it’s pretty obvious how hard you work! Loved hearing it though, motivating for sure!!

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