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YOU ASKED!!! Blogger Tips, Detox Drink, Tricks For Washing Your Hair Once A Week

ask me anything on youtube | by the skinny confidential
{ white scalloped dress | sunglasses | watch | ring }

You guys asked me some GREAT questions via Instagram.

( I’m in love with Instagram & Snapchat because they’re platforms where we can connect one-on-one & I can see exactly what YOU GUYS WANT TO SEE ).

Anyway, I tried to be as thorough as possible with my answers but if something isn’t clear or you have other questions, just leave them below & I’ll make sure to get them answered tomorrow or in the next video. I never want to be the kind of blogger that stops answering questions. It’s very, very important to me to maintain a connection with you guys because without you…I’d have ::CRICKETS:: reading The Skinny Confidential. You guys make the blog! So my point is, if for some reason you’ve asked me a question & I haven’t answered it, always re-ask because most likely I didn’t see it!!

Oh, & do yourself a favor and check out this off the shoulder sweater because it’s under $45 bucks AND soooo, soooo comfortable. Ok, press play:

♡ Products:

TSC Pink Detox Drink
Favorite rosé: Whispering Angel & Miraval
Spray tan deets
More blogger tips
The Wet Brush ( BEST brush EVER )
Mini Wet Brush
Eyelash primer
TSC Bombshell Body Guide
Drybar dry shampoo
Pssssst! dry shampoo
The Sleep Bun
More hair tips
MAC setting spray
My blog design company, blog-doo
TSC Lifestyle Guide

♡ Wearing:

Black sweater
Black jeans ( OBSESSED )
Red lipstick
White kicks
Nail polish
White 6+ cell cover

SO! That was fun! I love doing Q & A’s. Again, let me know if you have questions below.

Wish me luck, I have a follow-up doctor’s appointment tomorrow & I may get crazy and venture out into society for a mani/pedi and a green smoothie. Follow along on Snapchat for more realness ( like me working out in flip flops, lol ). Username is: laurynevarts.

Chat soon!

lauryn, xx

+ More tips/tricks like these can be found in The Skinny Confidential Book.

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  1. I was just reading your positive affirmations post, and I remembered in a few of your snaps you’ve mentioned audiobooks. I was wondering if you listen to podcasts too, and what your favourite ones are?

  2. I love this Lauryn! I really love all your blogging tips, they are so helpful & have really brought me inspiration. I definitely need to get that wet brush too 🙂 Have a great day!

    Alexis @

  3. LAURYN PLEASE DO A POST ON DEODORANT! ALL OF THE MAINSTREAM BRANDS HAVE ALUMINUM AND THE ORGANIC ONES DONT SEEM TO WORK WELL… what do you use and what do u suggest??? smelly = ewwww. I want to be fresh all summerrr!!

  4. We know you’ve talked about getting dark spots around your lip and face during the summer… what do you do to get rid of them (or at least hide them with makeup?)

  5. Im going to San Diego on my honeymoon in October, Any good places we should hit up!
    we like hiking and just being outside in general really, we also have a great love for craft beer.


  6. I loved this Q&A. A great way to keep your readers/followers engaged across multiple platforms and always so many useful tips:)


  7. hey mini4e!!!!!
    I have tried so many natural deodorants and most don’t cut it. As a hairdresser, I cant be subjecting my clients to my stank so I finally discovered Herban Cowboy. They make a Blossem scent for ladies and a few for guys thAt my man digs. I found it at whole foods. The runner-up is dermalogica, but it’s spendy. Hope u see this! Putting nasty aluminum on is so not worth it! Xo

  8. Yay I love watching these videos!

    Buying the black jeans now, and glad you’re feeling better. I also appreciate how your staying up on your posting when you’re feeling unwell!

    Have such a good weekend!

    xx Krista

    1. You will LOVE them. I am still so swollen, this video was taken before I had jaw surgery. Thanks for the well wishes, Krista! x

  9. Hi love! Could you do a tutorial for your eye makeup? Love how it looks here, not overdone, but makes your eyes pop!

    Thank you!!! xoxox

  10. I love the way you blog honestly and you don’t pretend to be perfect. I am so bored with fashion/beauty bloggers who portray this perfect magazine editorial life. My husband has a very successful business and I live a blessed life, but I still cannot even remotely relate to some of the big bloggers. Keep up the good work and don’t change!

  11. Hi Lauryn! I love your blog! I didn’t realize people were asking you questions on snap chat. I think that’s really awesome and I might try that now.
    Do you have any great hairstyles to wear while working out?

  12. hey Lauryn – i just love love LOVE the white chair you’re sitting in. Can you please tell me where you found it ?!

    Thanks sooo much

    1. Hi Cosima! It’s from a vintage store in Palm Springs :((

      Have you seen this peacock DIY chair??

      Thanks for reading

  13. The wine you like is Miraval! I work for Vineyard Brands in Birmingham, AL and we are actually the importer of their wine! We are the ones getting that beautiful bottle to you:) So fun that you mentioned their Rose in your post! I work in graphic design/marketing and create the promotional material for them that you see out in Whole Foods, Restaurants, Etc. Yay! I love your blog and I’m kind of freaking out right now haha 🙂

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