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A Year In Review: Notable TSC Moments

Well, well, well, it’s the end of January & 2019 is long gone, but here I am, sharing ‘a year in review.’ Better late than never, right ??

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my most memorable moments with you guys, & want to do one every year from now on. I think it’s such a nice way of reflecting & also can really help with practicing gratitude.

Ok, I’ll just get right to it.

Lauryn’s Top 10 Moments of 2019:

♡ We went to Finland.

We foraged for mushrooms with sled dogs, saw the northern lights, & tested out the hot/cold saunas. It was minus 10 degrees, we slept in a glass igloo, rode snow mobiles ( I drove, Michael held onto my tits ) & saw some reindeer.

Tero of Four Sigmatic set this up for a whole group of us. It was me & Michael, Tero & his team, a ninja, a kickboxing champion, a chef, a mobility expert, a pro snowboarder, writers, poets, & photographers. It was truly an unreal, unforgettable trip.

♡ Finally met Patricia Altschul’s & toured her house in Charleston.

If you know me you know I constantly am professing my lasting love for Ms. @pataltschul. She is everything I aspire to be & more.

I first became acquainted with Pat via Southern Charm ( heard of it? I’m sure- how could you not? Arguably the best show on TV ). She REALLY got me with the white breakfast tray + newspaper side holders. Then I saw she had a silver egg coddler & it set me over the edge. Immediately I researched.

When I found out she wrote a book, I took my own tray to bed & perched up in my caftan ready to read all her fab tips. AND WHAT A BOOK- a resource really. So specific. From her bitter orange potpourri, to her flamingo glass cocktail stirrers, to even the way Michael the Butler makes her Beefeater gin martini ( no olive juice tho- too much salt ), I fell in love.

♡ Did a meet up in NYC with Elemis.

The trip was a total whirlwind because we flew right from Finland, but it was so fun to connect with you guys in person & hear about your jobs, hustle & families. Social media is great, but it’s also really nice to get out there & connect & meet people in person.

The whole event was filled with facials, a Q&A with me & Noella Gabriel ( founder of Elemis ), & a very festive, flattering photo booth.

Elemis products are a staple on skin care shelf these days. They just get it. If you’re looking to get more into skin care with Elemis check out these posts on: cleansing balm, camellia oil, superfood oil.

If you went & you’re a blogger, leave your blog below so I can stalk it.

♡ I spoke twice at Create & Cultivate, once with Hello Wellness & once with The Wrap.

If you haven’t heard of Create & Cultivate, it’s a really powerful event that brings creative women together to share & to learn from each other ( this conference always sells out because it’s THAT good ).

Being asked to speak at Create & Cultivate is always so much fun & I get to meet a lot of you !! Not only do I get to speak on a panel & share my story, but I learn so much from the other women too.

If you want to know more about Create & Cultivate, be sure to check out the podcast episode with the founder, Jaclyn Johnson.

The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast had some amazing guests on:

+ Jessica Alba & Cash Warren
+ Dr. Barbara Sturm
+ Indy Blue
+ Molly Sims
+ Gabby Bernstein
+ The real Wolf of Wall Street
+ Ryan Holiday
+ Sophia Amoruso
+ Bob Forrest
+ Mark Sisson

♡ Plus, we hit 50 million downloads on the podcast.

50 MILLION+ DOWNLOADS!!! We couldn’t have done it without YOU. The community makes it possible for us to show up on the mic each week. & the community has grown because of you guys.

We have done over 200 episodes, are now over 50 million downloads & Michael’s female-focused podcast network Dear Media has a ton of amazing podcasts. Let’s reflect for a minute, shall we?

4 years ago Michael 7 I were buzzed in Cabo, stuffing our faces with chips & we had the idea to launch a podcast. All we had were 2 shitty mics that we shared in our living room. We had no idea what the fuck we were doing, but that’s where the magic happens, right ?!

Hopefully this inspires anyone out there who also has no idea what the fuck they’re doing to just go for it. Do it anyway. Execute, rinse, repeat. Michael & I have had 278456 fights but it’s been so worth it. LOL.

♡ I made my own TSC pink lipstick at the HONEST headquarters with Jessica.

Jessica Alba took me on a tour of the HONEST headquarters & I even got to make my own TSC bubblegum pink lip balm !! The HONEST office & lab was very impressive, yes LAB. They do all their own formulas & Jessica is so clear & true to her mission- create clean beauty products that work. Check out the whole video here.

♡ We went to Cabo where I told Michael I was pregnant.

….Or as Michael liked to say, “we’re pregnant” ( eye roll ). It was a really special moment & I filmed the whole thing for you guys. It’s all broken down in part 1 & part 2.

By the way, we kept it a secret for 5 months !! Not sure how we pulled this off- lot’s of big sweaters I guess.

♡ We spent a month in France.

The South of France is easily one of my favorite places in the world. It covers every spectrum! Great weather, beautiful people, awesome beaches, incredible food, & the most relaxing places to read & rest.

I could stay in the South of France forever. During our trip we went to Antibes/Cap Ferratt, St. Tropez, Monaco ( to visit Ingrid of course !! ), & Capri. There are actually micro-travel guides for each place on my Instagram:

+ Antibes
+ St. Tropez
+ Capri

♡ We threw an epic alligator & pastel themed baby shower.

The inspo for my baby shower came from Patricia Altschul. She even sent us some of her alligators to use- she really is the sweetest.

The whole event was amazing & such a day to remember. We had man servants serving up cocktails ( plus they helped with our gender reveal ), incredible goodie bags with personalized BABY BOSSTICK candy & so much more, & the most incredible event planners to make my whole vision come to life. From the tables & chairs, to the flowers, to the music, to the guest book, everything was perfect.

You can get aaaalllllll the shower details here & here. ( Stayed tuned for posts on invites & the playlist too ).

…..& then we rounded it out with a fun Christmas card.

So there you have it, my top moments of 2019. 2020 should be eeerrr….interesting. LOL.

Michael & I are so excited to be parents & are excited to bring you guys along. In the meantime, would love to know some of your top moments of 2019. Let me know below, I love reading what you guys are up to.

x, lauryn

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++ be sure to listen to the latest on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast.


  1. So much happened in 2019 it was an adventure that started the long journey of my double jaw surgery. First had to have SARPE done and in researching jaw surgery came across your video, YouTube channel, and blog. Thank you for keeping it real and honest!

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